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SendX Blog - Email Marketing & Growth

SendX Blog on email marketing & growth. Learn about email marketing software and their alternatives, email list building, email deliverability, email marketing metrics, and more.

SendX Blog - Email Marketing & Growth

SendX Blog on email marketing & growth. Learn about email marketing software and their alternatives, email list building, email deliverability, email marketing metrics, and more.

Trevor HatfieldApr 24, 2024 3:26:49 AM7 min read

How to Drive Conversions With Evergreen Emails

In digital marketing, maintaining engagement and driving conversions through email ...
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Ashley GrantApr 22, 2024 9:12:42 AM8 min read

How Email Marketing Platforms Help Authors Sell More Books

So you’re an author and you want to sell more books? Well, you’re in luck because that’s ...
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Priya NainApr 19, 2024 5:12:36 AM8 min read

Email Marketing Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

It's no secret that physical stores today are up against significant challenges. With the ...
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Ashley GrantApr 16, 2024 6:33:28 AM8 min read

How Email Marketing Platforms Help Increase Shopify Sales

If you’re on Shopify, odds are you’ve got making money on the brain. The question is are ...
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Priya NainApr 11, 2024 5:48:24 AM6 min read

Nurture Real Estate Leads With an Email Marketing Platform

In the world of real estate, nurturing leads is crucial for success. This process ...
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Priya NainApr 4, 2024 9:37:17 AM8 min read

Use Email Marketing to Drive Business for Car Repair Shops

Think about the last time you received an email from a business that genuinely caught ...
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Eliza MedleyApr 3, 2024 4:40:57 AM7 min read

5 Tips to Maintain Great Email Etiquette and Impress Your Subscribers

In 2022, the number of email users worldwide was forecasted to be 4.3 billion. This ...
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Ashley GrantApr 2, 2024 6:38:35 AM8 min read

Increase Podcast Downloads With Your Email Marketing Platform

Everyone and their brother seems to have a podcast these days. But, you know what most ...
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Divyesh BhatasanaMar 28, 2024 11:01:01 PM12 min read

How to Craft a Great Webinar Email

Given their unique ability to connect with audiences in a fun and dynamic way, webinars ...
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Juwaria MerchantMar 28, 2024 5:11:47 AM8 min read

How to Use Email Promo Codes to Great Effect

Who doesn’t love being on the receiving end of a great email discount code? For most of ...
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Priya NainMar 27, 2024 6:21:46 AM9 min read

How to Build a Community With an Email Marketing Platform

Building a community is about more than just gathering people together. It's about ...
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Niamh O'ReillyMar 25, 2024 7:37:17 AM7 min read

5 Great Email Signature Examples to Follow

On average, more than 300 billion emails are sent and received on a global scale every ...
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Ashley GrantMar 25, 2024 6:57:42 AM8 min read

How Email Marketing Platforms Increase YouTube Views

If you’re anything like most content creators, you want to know how to increase YouTube ...
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Burkhard BergerMar 21, 2024 10:10:39 PM13 min read

5 Tips To Craft Great Email Greetings And Closings (With Examples)

Have you ever wondered why some emails receive prompt responses while others just get ...
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Priya NainMar 21, 2024 6:59:44 AM9 min read

How to Use Emojis in Your Marketing Emails (With Examples)

In the world of emails, where every message is fighting for a moment of your attention, ...
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Ainsley LawrenceMar 19, 2024 11:17:56 PM8 min read

The Best Email Marketing Tactics to Attract Gen Z

Generation Z is filled with tech-savvy, native web users. This means they know a great ...
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Ashley GrantMar 19, 2024 7:11:42 AM8 min read

How to Use UTM Codes for Email Tracking

The most basic reason for email UTM codes? They help you track the effectiveness of email ...
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Ashley GrantMar 18, 2024 10:43:30 PM6 min read

Using Email Marketing Platforms to Make Money Online

You’ve probably heard the saying “the money is in the list.” Well, in this post, we’re ...
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Priya NainMar 13, 2024 8:19:42 AM9 min read

Email Marketing Benchmarks You Need To Know

To truly harness the power of email marketing, it's crucial to understand how your ...
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Ashley GrantMar 11, 2024 6:32:20 AM8 min read

How to Write Great Winback Emails

Have you noticed a drop in engagement from your email subscribers recently? If so, then ...
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Priya NainMar 7, 2024 7:48:43 AM8 min read

What Is An Email Nurture Campaign, And How To Run A Successful One?

An email nurture campaign is a series of emails strategically sent to guide potential ...
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Olha KolomakinaMar 7, 2024 6:24:13 AM11 min read

Email Preheader Best Practices

In emails, the little summary below the subject line is called a preheader. It's like a ...
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AnkitaMar 7, 2024 5:33:09 AM8 min read

Exploring Email Bounce Rate Benchmarks in Marketing

The email bounce rate remains a perpetual concern for professionals in the marketing ...
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Nick BrownMar 6, 2024 6:52:40 AM7 min read

Exploring CTR Benchmarks in Email Marketing

Is your email click-through rate (CTR) as good as it should be? Establishing solid CTR ...
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Ashley GrantMar 5, 2024 6:23:03 AM7 min read

5 Best Email Automation Tools for Email Marketing

Email automation tools streamline marketing campaigns with preset triggers and workflows. ...
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Priya NainFeb 29, 2024 6:37:36 AM7 min read

5 Best Practices to Maintain Perfect Email Compliance

Email marketers are constantly navigating the complex landscape of regulations and laws, ...
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SrushtiFeb 28, 2024 9:34:29 PM12 min read

What Happens if my IP is Blacklisted?

From time to time, online business owners and email marketers may find that traffic to ...
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Priya NainFeb 27, 2024 7:32:01 AM8 min read

Urgent Email Subject Lines - Do They Actually Work?

Urgent subject lines have become a common strategy in email marketing, aimed at catching ...
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Ashley GrantFeb 26, 2024 6:05:51 AM8 min read

Why is it a Bad Idea to Buy an Email List?

Buy an email list? Should you do it?
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Ashley GrantFeb 23, 2024 4:55:09 AM8 min read

Worst and Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Are you using the best practices for email subject lines? If you can’t answer this ...
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