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What Are Responsive Email Templates?

As a marketer, it is hard to design an email that looks great and works across all email clients and devices.

Now, with 40 different email clients and 5 different screen sizes this is only getting harder. As high as 34% recipients might mark your email as SPAM if it does not display properly on their device. That is where responsive email templates come to the rescue.

Free Responsive Email Templates for Email Marketing


Finding the right template for your exact requirements is the biggest challenge. With this guide, we want to solve that problem once and for all. We have created the most exhaustive resource for all the free responsive template that are present on the web. You no longer have to google and try out various keywords to find that free email template that fits your need.
We have already spent 100+ hours doing that and compiled this resource so that you don’t have to do it.

So, here you go: Presenting the planet’s BIGGEST free responsive email templates resource.

free responsive email template resource
If you know of a responsive email template that is not included here yet, please drop a comment and I guarantee that we will get that listed here right away.

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Other Email Template Resources created by SendX:

  1. 20+ Free Original Templates handcrafted for you
  2. 5 Free Original Email Newsletter Templates handcrafted for you
  3. 15 Free Original Holiday Newsletter Templates handcrafted for you
  4. 4 Free Original Black Friday Templates handcrafted for you
  5. 3 Free Original Cyber Monday Templates handcrafted for you
  6. Search Utility to discover 1500+ Email Templates Collection
  7. Abandoned cart recovery email templates
  8. User templates in email editor

Litmus (39)

Litmus helps you design, build and test emails quickly and easily. You can blindly use these templates without worrying about whether they will work for a specific device or not. They are battle tested for all scenarios. In total, Litmus offers 39 free responsive templates that can be used for various use cases. Just pick the right category and go with it.

1) This has templates (5) for the following use cases:

  • Newsletter
  • Product Announcement
  • Receipt
  • Simple Announcement
  • Stationery

Files included: HTML Email Template
Download Type: Email required.
Sample Image:

2) These are 7 generic templates that come with HTML + PSD file.

In case you are just getting started with email marketing I highly recommend checking them out. This has 7 different themes for various use cases like:

Files included: HTML, PSD
Download Type: Email required.
Sample Image(s):

3) 27 free templates based on use cases

  • Product Launch Templates
  • E-Commerce Email Templates
  • Account Management Templates
  • Marketing Templates

Files included: HTML, PSD
Download Type: Free sign-up required.
Litmus will ask you to create a free account in order to get a copy of these templates. Don’t forget to click on the skip the trial checkbox at the bottom of the sign-up in case you don’t want to go for a paid plan.
Sample Image(s):

99designs (45+)

99designs is a marketplace of designers. If you are looking to get your design work outsourced I would strongly recommend checking them out. They have crafted beautiful free HTML email templates for the following use cases.

  • Email Newsletter Template
  • Personal Notification Template
  • Promotional Email Template

There are 3 themes and 5 colors (blue, green, orange, red, violet) for each use case.

Files included: HTML Email Template
Download Type: Email required.
Sample Image(s):

SendWithUs (120+)

SendWithUs offers a set of beautifully crafted free HTML email templates under The SendWithUs Open Source Template Project. There are 14 themes and each has 9 uses case templates. This makes it to a total of 126 different emails are ready to use.

Free HTML Email Templates

The use cases include:

  • Invite - Invitation
  • Invoice - Invoice or receipt
  • Ping - Notification
  • Progress - Highlights a step in a multi-step process
  • Reignite - A "win back" email, offering a coupon or discount
  • Survey - A survey template with Net Promoter Score buttons 0 through 10
  • Upsell - Upsell or Upgrade email
  • Welcome - Standard Welcome email

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Direct Download

Sample Image(s):

Side Note - Since this is an open source project, anyone can contribute new themes and templates, or make updates to the existing ones.

Template Monster (200+)

We will break a rule here since we are really impressed with these email templates. TemplateMonster offers a modern collection of newsletter and email templates designed for multiple purposes.They are tested for quality, speed, and accuracy on all popular browsers. In addition to this, these ready-made solutions support major email clients and include pre-designed MailChimp and Campaign Monitor versions. You are free to work with different blocks of content, change pictures, and edit texts as your soul wants.

Files Included: HTML, PSD, MailChimp Email Templates HTML and Campaign Monitor Email Templates HTML
Download Type: Paid Download
Sample Image(s):

EmailOctopus (11)

Email Octopus offers 4 themes and 11 beautifully designed free HTML email templates for various use cases like:

  • Blog update (3)
  • Product Launch (2)
  • Email Opt-in (2)
  • Transactional (3)
  • Newsletter (1)

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Direct Download
Sample Image(s):

CakeMail is an email marketing software. They have some amazing templates to offer that can be downloaded right from the site without any hassle to give your email or sign-up on their platform. They also provide download stats against each template so you will know which templates are really popular.
The templates are for following categories:

  • Business (12)
  • Restaurant (3)
  • Seasonal (15)
  • Special Events (2)
  • Transactional (5)
  • Education (2)

Free Email Templates for Business

All templates come with an HTML file which can be used with any email marketing platform.

Files included: HTML, Most of the templates also include a PSD file + an HTML version for MailChimp Email Templates and CampaignMonitor Email Templates.
Download Type: Direct Download(s)
Sample Image(s):

Email Monster (25)

Email Monster lets your select responsive email templates from a list 25 pre-created designs, You can also edit the design using their drag and drop editor. Once you select the email template of your choice you need to click the Save & Download button on the top right to get your email template. They have templates from the following categories:

  • Announcement (7)
  • E-Commerce (5)
  • Events (6)
  • Marketing (4)
  • Newsletter (9)
  • Portfolio Showcase (1)

Free Responsive Email Templates E-Commerce

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Email required.
It is a 3 step process:
1). Select the template of choice.
2). Click on Save & Download (you can also edit the template here).
3). Give your email address and they will send you a .zip file. You see a 3 mins counter after which the email is delivered.
Sample Image(s):

Email on Acid(1 + 8)

Email on Acid is an email testing company that helps you test your emails across most popular clients and devices. Needless to say, all the templates they offer are responsive. Here is 9 templates they have to offer.

1). This free responsive email template supports 1-3 columns (depending on the viewer's screen size).

This ensures that the email will work across the following screen size(s):
Layout 1: Width < 480px
Layout 2: Width between 481px and 640px
Layout 3: Default dimension of 580px

Files included: HTML
Download Type: == Direct Download==
Sample Image(s):
Free Newsletter Email Templates

2). They also provide these 8 free responsive templates to their users.

You need to sign-up to access these.
Files included: HTML
Download Type: Sign Up required
Sample Image(s):

HTML Email Templates

Bee Free Templates (77)

Bee Free is an Email Editor that lets you create and design responsive free email campaign templates using their amazing drag and drop editor. The awesome folks at Bee have put out 77 really good and high-quality templates for free. These templates are beautifully crafted and we can't recommend them enough.

Here is quick sneak peak at few of them:

Free Email Templates Non Profit

They are in total of 77 high quality free responsive templates across categories like:

And almost all email uses cases like:

  • Events
  • Newsletter
  • Notification
  • Personal Note
  • Product Launch
  • Product Promotion
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • Service Promotion
  • Transactional
  • Download

Isn't this amazing? Now let me tell you how you can grab the HTML file
1). Clear the BEE PRO from the filter (so that you only see their free templates)

Free Newsletter Email Templates

2). Scroll down to explore all the free HTML email templates OR simply use the USAGE, Industry or use the search box.
Newsletter HTML Email Templates

Events Email Templates by industry

3). Select the one you like and click on GET STARTED

Select an email template

4). Click on the blue SAVE button at the top corner of the editor screen

5). Click the "I just want to DOWNLOAD it" button on the next screen

Product Launch Email Templates

That's it. You will have a zip file that will contain the HTML of your template :)

Files included: HTML
Download Type: No Email Required. Follow the above steps to get the HTML file. Sample Image(s):

There are 75 others like this!

Free Mail Templates (70)

FREEMAILTEMPLATES is a site dedicated to ofcourse - free HTML email templates. They offer 70 email templates that be used for various scenarios. All these templates have been tested for all major email clients, using Litmus. The templates fall in the following categories (by color and layout):

  • Dark Templates
  • Light Templates
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • One Column

Files included: HTML, PSD, MailChimp Email Templates HTML and Campaign Monitor Email Templates HTML.
Download Type: Direct Download.
Sample Image(s):

Zurb (16)

ZURB is a design company that helps businesses design better products and website. They offer 16 free simple responsive email templates.

1). These are 5 responsive email templates that have been tested with 25+ email clients

You can download them with a single click (no email required).

Free Responsive Email Templates

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Direct Download(s). No email required
Sample Image(s):

2). They offer another set of 11 ultra customizable responsive free HTML email templates.

These can serve a variety of use cases:

  • Basic
  • Marketing
  • Hero
  • Sidebar
  • Newsletter
  • Sidebar Hero
  • Password Reset
  • Order
  • Drip
  • Welcome

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Email required.
They will send a download link in the email.
Sample Image(s):

Sidenote - Zurb also run a master class called ZURB Master Class: Responsive Emails to help you design responsive templates. Go sign-up if you want to leanr how to design one of these from scratch.

Themezy (16)

Another set of really good email templates that are available for direct download. Just browse, select and download the template that might fit your need.

The templates are really good fit for:

E-Commerce Email Templates

Files included: HTML Email Template
Download Type: Direct Download(s)
Sample Image(s):

Sidenote - They also offer free website and WordPress templates.

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Template.net (45+)

Template.net provides templates for websites, various CMS, and e-commerce platforms. They have this amazing resource for free email blast templates that cuts across categories like:

  • Classic HTML
  • Boutique
  • Email Newsletter
  • Business
  • Typographic
  • Textile
  • Green Special Offer


Files included: HTML, Most of the templates also include a PSD file along HTML version for MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.
Download Type: Direct Download(s)
Sample Image(s):

MJML (21)

MJML is a markup language created by Mailjet to make it easy to design and create responsive templates. They also offer a set of templates across various use cases. While you might not be interested in designing email templates using MJML but the free templates they offer can be used across ESPs. The templates fall under following categories:

  • Marketing (18)
  • Newsletter (12)
  • Welcome (1)
  • Receipt (1)
  • E-commerce (11)
  • Event (5)
  • Transactional (5)
  • Travel (5)
  • Entertainment (2)
    Free Responsive Email Templates
    These are really well-crafted templates and have been tested to work across devices and clients. Now, these templates are in MJML (which you might not be using currently) but there is an easy way to get the HTMLs for these templates.

Here is how you do it:

1). Click on the template of your choice and it will open it in the live MJML editor.
2). Click on the "View HTML" link present at the top corner of the page.

Free Responsive Newsletter Email Templates

3). Copy and paste the HTML in a plain text editor of your choice and save the file for future use :)

Files included: HTML
Download Type: No Email Required.
Follow the above steps to get the HTML file.
Sample Image(s):

Email Blueprints by MailChimp (6)

These are 6 tried and tested email blueprints that can act as a foundation and starting point for your email design. You may also strip all MailChimp merge tags and use the templates on any other ESP. This blueprint contains:

  • Modular Template Patterns - Contains a single template built out of modular blocks of common design patterns.
  • Responsive Templates - Contains a collection of responsive / mobile-friendly email templates with various layouts.
  • Templates - Contains a collection of fixed-width email templates with various layouts.

Files included: HTML. May require some HTML skills to make it work with other systems.
Download Type: Direct Download

Copernica (5)

Copernica is Dutch email marketing software. They have 5 free responsive email templates to offer which are available for direct download. These are all tried and tested templates and should work across all major email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail. It also includes free email templates for thunderbird.

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Direct Download(s). Download the one without Copernica tags if you want to use these with some other ESP.
Sample Image(s):

ZippyPixels has one email newsletter template to offer but trust me this is a really good email template that should work brilliantly for a host of newsletter use cases across various type of companies.

The great thing about this template is that it can be customized endlessly. It is responsive, litmus tested, comes with a PSD, HTML and a MailChimp and Campaign Monitor compatible HTML file. If you have a newsletter use case, you should check it out. The only drawback I see with this template is that in the free version you have credit to ZIPPYPIXELS.

Files included: HTML Email Templates, PSD, HTML version for MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.
Download Type: Direct Download.
In the free version, you have to credit Zippypixels. If you are getting started I would recommend using the free version. In case you are already doing email marketing for a while, I would strongly recommend buying this template.
Sample Image:
HTML Email Templates

Pixel Buddha (5)

Pixel Buddha is an online community that provides design resources (free and premium). These are extremely well-crafted email designs that contain HTML, PSD, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor compatible files.

Here are the 5 email templates:
1). Valentine's Day Email Template
2). Thanksgiving Email Template
3). Halloween Email Template
4). The Passion Email Template
5). Hola Email HTML Template

Files included: HTML, PSD, HTML version for MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.
Download Type: Direct Download(s).
Sample Image:
Mailchimp Email Templates

FreshMail (3)

Freshmail is another email marketing company that provides 3 free responsive email templates. These are very well crafted templates and each template comes with a PSD and HTML file.
Free responsive email templates
These are three templates they provide:
1). Vestes template
2). Nuntius template
3). Beatus template

They work well for a variety of use cases like email newsletters, e-commerce, events etc.

free responsive email template
Files included: HTML, PSD, HTML version for Mailchimp and CampaignMonitor.
Download Type: Email required.
Sample Image(s):

Cerberus (3)

These are simple responsive email patterns (and not end to end email templates). You can use these components and come up with new responsive email templates of your own. The code blocks are compartmentalized is such a way that they may be removed, combined, and nested to build an email / template.

The responsive email patterns patterns include:

1). Fluid pattern -
Fluid pattern email templates

2). Responsive email patterns -
Responsive pattern email templates

3). Hybrid pattern -
Hybrid pattern email templates

Cerberus has tested these patterns across all major email clients (using Litmus).

Files included: HTML.
Download Type: Direct Download
Sample Image:

Antwort (3)

Antwort templates offer responsive email layouts that can have a multi-column layout for desktop users and single column layout for mobile. It ensures that columns on desktop automatically become rows on mobile. All 3 responsive layouts offered by Antwort are Litmus tested.

The 3 layouts are:

  • Single Column
  • Two Columns
  • Three Columns

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Direct Download
Sample Image:
Download HTML Email Templates

Responsive HTML Email Framework (36)

These are not complete templates but responsive email elements (layout patterns). They offer you up to 36 free email parts which you can mix and use. This include:

  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Lists
  • Grid Blocks
  • Media
  • ‍Accordions

In case you fine with basic HTML then this might be a really great resource and as you can come up with really unique but well-designed template in a short amount of time.

Files included: HTML
Download Type: Direct Download
Sample Image:
HTML Email Templates Download

SendX (20+)

SendX offers 20+ free email templates. These are premium responsive email templates for various use cases like product launch, email newsletters, black friday and cyber money, promotions etc.

Files included: HTML and split PSD
Download Type: Email Required
Sample Image:
SendX email templates

Chamaileon (200+)

Chamaileon helps you create responsive email templates. They have a bunch of templates you can access by registering for their service. Apart from this, the fantastic folks at Chamaileon also offer a searchable collection of some amazing templates here. A delicious treat for email geeks!

Chamaileon email templates

‍Single email template resources: (6)

1). Really Simple Responsive HTML Email Template
2). Free PSD/HTML Responsive Email Template by Marco Lopes
3). Email Newsletter template
4). MailPortfolio, a free responsive email template
5). A flat design based newsletter template
6). Salted - A responsive email template


GitHub brings together the world's largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. Needless to say, it happens to be a great place to discover amazing free email templates. The best way to discover the templates of your choice is to use various search terms and get to the right repository. Searching for "email template responsive" and "mobile email templates" brings up a lot of really good email resources.
GitHub email template search results

ProductHunt (30+)

As you might be aware, Product Hunt helps in curating new products. It is a great place to discover the latest trends in mobile apps, websites, and technology products etc. It also happens to be a really good place in case you are looking for design-related stuff like email templates. If you search for terms like - "responsive email", "responsive email templates", "email templates" then you are sure to discover some really great resources for email templates. Don't forget to checkout the comments section, a lot of times visitor drop-in links to some great resources there.

ProductHunt Email Templates

Dribbble (150+)

Dribbble is one of the biggest community of designers and is the best place to discover and connect with designers from around the world. Needless to say, it also happens to be a place where you can discover some really great email template designs. If you are looking for inspiration for your next email templates, this is going to a gold mine for you. Also, check out these search queries "mobile email templates" "responsive email template", "email template" to discover templates.
Dribbble email templates
Dribbble email templates 2

Venngage (50+)

Venngage is an online design tool that helps people visualize their ideas and simplifies complex information. Venngage makes it easy for people of any design level to create engaging infographics, presentations, newsletters reports, diagrams, social media graphics, and more. Their simple drag-and-drop canvas and single-click branding features allow for anyone to create seamless, branded designs, quickly.

Venngage offers over 50 customizable newsletter templates - with new templates being added every week. I highly recommend checking them out if you want to create:

  • Marketing Newsletters
  • Real Estate Newsletters
  • Event Newsletters
  • School Newsletters

Files included: PNG & PDF.
Download Type: Free to create and share, subscription to download.
With Venngage, you can create newsletters and share them privately using a share link. To download your newsletter design in high-resolution PNG and PDF formats, you will need to subscribe for either a Premium account or Business account (which will grant you access to their full branding features).

Venngage email template Venngage email newsletter template Venngage newsletter template

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Bonus :)

Till now we have talked about free HTML email templates. But, that is just one piece of email marketing. You sometimes need an Email Template Editor only to create your own templates. This resource will help you out in case you feel that none of the above templates suit your needs.

Postcards is an online, browser-based email template editor designed for businesses and individuals to create mobile-friendly and creative newsletters templates and emails.

postcards email template

Designmodo is a respectable name in the field of web design and online marketing. The brand has released a number of products, all offering great benefits. Postcards is one of their flagship products. It is simple and easy to use, hence there is little to no learning curve.

The 2nd equally crucial part is coming up with a well-crafted email copy that converts. So this resource is for the moments you are feeling stumped while writing your email copy.

But, how does it work? All you have to do is 1). Select your Audience type 2). Select the email use case. Once done, hit on Generate Template and contactually will generate an email copy for you :)
Go play with it!

Alternatively, you can use elink.

It's not easy to shell out good content at a fast pace, which is why curated newsletters make for a wonderful solution. You don't have to make content form scratch and can just add links to articles (handpicked by you) that will help your audience.

elink.io is a great tool for this, as it can help you create beautifully designed curated newsletters in minutes!

elink newsletter templates

With elink, you can create newsletters such as:

  1. Blog roundups

  2. Special deals & offers

  3. Social media links

  4. Resource pages

  5. Industry news, etc

Take a look at this example:

newsletter example

elink comes with 30+ distinct email newsletter templates that are responsive across all devices.You can customize your newsletter fonts, background colors, link images and much more! The newsletters you create can be sent through Gmail, Mailchimp and any other third party email service provider. You can also embed elinks on any website hosted on a dedicataed server through the HTML code that it provides.


Visme is an all-in-one visual content creation tool that gives you the power to create and store all of your organization’s visual assets in one place, and that includes infographics, presentations, social media graphics, charts, graphs, and of course your newsletters.

With more than 15 professionally designed templates across a variety of industries, Visme’s template selection has something for everyone.

Visme email template

Visme email template example

Simply take a look through Visme’s newsletter template library and start editing the one that most closely resembles your needs or your industry. Each template is fully customizable so that you can update fonts and colors to match your brand, input your own content, and edit the photos, icons, and other visual elements throughout.

Email template selection example

Visme offers both free and paid accounts with different download options for each. Free accounts can share their newsletters online or download as a JPEG, while paid accounts get access to more download options like PNG and PDF.

So, that's it folks... this post is and will always be work in progress. The goal is to keep this updated with the all free responsive templates ever created. Please share any free email templates that might be missing and I will add them right away.

Mayank Agarwal
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Mayank is an email marketing expert & co-founder of SendX. SendX is an intuitive & affordable email marketing software.

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1500+ Free Responsive Email Templates for Email Marketing
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