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how to create a crypto marketing campaign
Priya NainJun 8, 2022 11:57:33 PM8 min read

3 Unconventional Crypto Marketing Campaigns That Work Every Time

Crypto marketing solutions will grow from $4.9 billion to $67.4 billion by 2026. That means stiffer competition and a more volatile customer base. 

You can’t rely on run-of-the-mill strategies to get customer attention and retain it. 

But what’s there that hasn't already been said and done?

In this article, we’ll see 3 unconventional tips for the crypto marketing strategy to get an edge over your competitors and keep the customers hooked.

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Crypto Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

There’s a reason why many crypto businesses shut their shop and pack their bags every year. 

That’s because, unlike traditional marketing, crypto businesses thrive on a long-term approach rather than sporadic short campaigns.

It’s necessary to build awareness among the audience and break the complex product into digestible bites.

Also, the whole crypto business runs on the currency of trust. If you fail to build a connection with your audience, you can’t expect their loyalty to you.

3 Unconventional Tips For Crypto Marketing 


1. Crypto Airdrop

What is it?

Crypto airdrop is a marketing strategy where you can give away assets like crypto coins or tokens to people through a digital transaction. These people are selected from your existing followers or who chose to engage with you.

What are its Benefits?

Everybody loves free stuff!

Airdrop is a great initiative that uses this basic principle to build hype for a brand and introduce it to a broader audience.

With this, you can attract and gain new followers who will promote your brand organically. Along with that, you can boost customer retention by incentivizing their loyalty.

And since the success of a cryptocurrency depends on how many people are trading or holding it, this technique becomes even more crucial.

But all these efforts only lead to fruition if your crypto airdrop strategy is well-planned.

How to Execute a Crypto Airdrop?

There are various ways to run a crypto airdrop. One of the popular ones is:

  • Announce the airdrop on your website and social channels.
  • Mention the link the audience can use to register for the airdrop.
  • Inform the steps to qualify to receive the airdrop benefits. The steps can be a short series of things the audience can do that boosts your outreach, like, downloading and signing up on an app or retweeting and tagging some friends. 
  • Distribute the tokens or coins to eligible customers.

Some Inspiration

Here’s an example of the latest airdrop by Gagarin Launchpad.



What works here?

  • They have announced the airdrop on Twitter, a common platform for crypto enthusiasts. 
  • The tweet has been pinned to their profile for better visibility and access.
  • The tweet is easy to read with an accompanying visual. 
  • They have used emojis to catch the attention of the viewer.
  • Important information has been listed right away– the reason for the airdrop, dates, and prizes.
  • The tasks include steps that boost their outreach and engage new people.

What are the Potential Risks?

Airdrops target people who are interested in the free stuff and are willing to spare some minutes for the same. So, though it can hype your brand and product, you need to use the leads with caution.

Also, airdrops involve digital transactions to the customers’ wallets, making them a potential prey for hackers to exploit. Ensure that all security measures are done and spread awareness among your customers about identifying authentic drop prizes.

2. Community Marketing

What is it?

Let’s circle back to the observation of crypto businesses running on trust.

A successful crypto product will have the support of a strong-knit community. These can be the customers, crypto enthusiasts, subject specialists, or potential leads.

When such like-minded people gather on a public platform like Reddit, Twitter, or Telegram to discuss your product, it’s called community marketing. 

What are its Benefits?

Not everyone understands the crypto business or wishes to do so. But what about those who do? 

Building a community attracts that interested audience to your brand and engages them through content in blogs, Q&As, discussions, etc.

The right community contributes to improving your crypto product through active suggestions and feedback. They also help you maintain brand relevance with their ongoing discussions.

And referrals follow a loyal customer base. So, that’s another win.

Overall, investing in community marketing pays off in the long run with a better brand reputation, product, and organic growth.

You can consider the community members as free promoters who can spread the word far and wide.

How to Execute Community Marketing?

  1. First of all, start with choosing the platforms where crypto buffs generally gather to talk. The most popular ones are Reddit and Twitter.
  2. Next, create channels on these platforms and promote them for more engagement.
  3. Post meaningful content and reward the active subscribers.

Your work doesn’t end with just creating a community. You’ll have to manage it as well for effective results. Ensure that no participant is violating the guidelines or misusing the platform.

Also, assure a free exchange of ideas and opinions.

Since the whole endeavor is to get results, look out for potential leads and nurture them with suitable follow-up content. 

Some Inspiration

Here is Binance’s Reddit forum, which has over 850k members.



What works here?

  • The forum is created on a suitable platform. 
  • The clear branding through community name, banner, and description makes it easy to recognize. 
  • The conversations are a mix of questions, discussions, memes, gifs, etc. It gives value to each visitor and engages them with their preferred content.
  • They announce frequent product updates, feature launches, and general news related to the crypto world.

What are the Potential Risks?

The worth of the community shouldn’t decrease with its size.

The most common challenge businesses face is that the large community often turns into a dump yard with no real value to offer. If left unchecked, it can be a breeding ground for false information and malicious activity.

That’s why it’s essential to actively moderate the discussions and fact check the statements by the community.

If you see anything suspicious, you can remove the concerned person from the community. 

Apart from that, keep posting insights and interesting information to engage the audience. You want people to exchange their ideas, not radio silence in the group.

3. Influencer Marketing

What is it?

What would you say to millions of your target audience if you had access to them? The first thing that might have come to your mind– creating such an extensive database would be a tiring task.

And it’s a fair concern. 

That’s why influencer marketing is such a big hit among successful crypto businesses. 

When you reach out to popular online influencers who have a large follower base, you can ask them to promote or talk about your product in one of their interactions with their followers. This type of paid plug-in on digital platforms is called influencer marketing.

What are its Benefits?

The biggest benefit of all is that it saves you the trouble and time of building prospect data. You can tap into the influencer's existing follower base and use it to generate leads.

Since the influencers have a strong influence on their followers, the chances of them trying your services increase. 

Even if someone doesn’t make a purchase, they will still become aware of your brand.

How to Execute Influencer Marketing?

  • Figure out the right influencers to make the most of this crypto marketing strategy. Look for the ones who frequently engage in similar topics so that you get a targeted audience. For example- asking a food blogger to promote your crypto product won’t make much sense and won’t give you returns.
  • You can find influencers like Anthony Pompliano, Layah Heilpern, or Kenn Bosak.
  • Next, choose the platform and form of promotion you want the influencer to do. It can be through a Twitter shoutout, Youtube video, or even a podcast episode.
  • Instead of measuring the marketing performance through likes or retweets, watch out for the investment and return revenue you generated from the campaign.

Some Inspiration

In 2021, FTX, one of the leading crypto exchanges which trades in crypto derivatives,  collaborated with Kevin O’Leary and made him the official spokesperson for FTX.

Here’s a video and a podcast they created during their partnership.

What works here?

  • Kevin is already a popular entrepreneur who has invested in crypto products, so FTX made a suitable choice to collaborate with him.
  • FTX knows that people will listen to Kevin, so they organized a bunch of podcasts and discussions with him for more visibility instead of just relying on Instagram and Twitter.
  • They found an influencer who matches the core values of their target audience– a family man who made it big for himself through hard work.

What are the Potential Risks?

Before diving into influencer marketing, it’s crucial to understand that it demands a lot of monetary investment.

Also, if you make any mistake in choosing the influencer, the efforts will go down the drain. So, do a thorough background check of the influencer. 

Check for their likeability among people, whether their followers are authentic, and if they really relate to the product. You don’t want to collaborate with someone who is in it just for the money.

What’s the Plan?

If done right, these unconventional tips can be a game-changer for your crypto services. 

Taking an innovative approach once in a while doesn’t let your success plateau. But no matter how promising these new strategies look, it’s equally important to understand that crypto marketing is a long game– one where you can’t reach the finish line with just the unconventional methods. 

To boost your growth, it’s vital to have a healthy combination of sustainable and new practices. And when it comes to tried and tested marketing techniques, nothing can beat email marketing. 

You can nurture your leads and guide them toward conversion with targeted emails at the right time. If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that gives you the flexibility of automation and the benefit of accurate analytics, try Sendx.


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