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Michael CrawfordDec 2, 2022 6:44:34 AM8 min read

Email Messages for Order Confirmation Page [With 10 Great Examples]

Every business finds out ways to keep customers happy and assured. Ecommerce sites use order confirmation email messages to win over their customers. These messages are sent to inform customers about the status of their order and product delivery etc. This also is a potent marketing tool to build a solid customer base and relationship.

Like most people, you might also have experienced email messages from reputed eCommerce companies such as Amazon thanking you for your purchases. Such a message also lets you know about our purchase details and delivery status. That gives you updated information about our purchase. But most importantly, it relieves you from all those worries about the product and its delivery schedule.


While an eCommerce site verifies the successful purchasing of a product on the site pages, still an email message works as a follow-up and keeps the customer engaged with the shopping site even after finishing the buying process.

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What is an Order Confirmation Email?

An order confirmation email is an email message sent by a merchant to a customer. Such an email tells that the customer has completed a transaction on that particular eCommerce store. So, the email is sent to one particular customer in response to the customer taking an action on the eCommerce store site. In this way, the order confirmation email is different from a promotional email, which targets a potential customer or a group.

We can say that the merchants use order confirmation emails as a follow-up tool after a customer has performed a buying or any other action while visiting the store. Moreover, customers too expect such emails confirming the transaction they made.

A typical confirmation email verifies the purchasing customer made, what was bought, and how much it cost with a professional email signature on the left. But these emails are not just about the confirmation of purchasing something. These types of emails are also about appointments, reservations, subscriptions, or any other type of service.

An order confirmation email is a way to tell customers that their online transaction was successful. That gives assurance to the customers and some psychological satisfaction. The customer can hope that the order process is complete or is in process. Such confirmation particularly matters a lot to first-time customers.

Why Does the Order Confirmation Email Matter?

Almost every business that sells products or services online uses order confirmation emails. This is due to the multiple advantages it has for a wide range of businesses.

Here are some major reasons why these emails matter:

A proven marketing tool

Though order confirmation email does not influence conversion rates directly, they still become a potent marketing tool. Omnisend’s research reveals that these confirmation emails perform better in terms of open rates, viewing time, revenue, and click-throughs.

Give assurance to your customers

A message for order confirmation page also is a way to assure the customers about their order or product delivery status. It builds confidence in your eCommerce site or any other company. So, they continue to have faith in your brand after placing the order. This is also an opportunity to enhance your brand reputation.

Generate positive feelings

Another benefit of order confirmation emails is that they relieve customers of anxieties related to a product or service and generate positive feelings with some nice messages with email signatures. Such emails are an assurance that they bought a genuine product from an authentic source. They can now focus on the finer details of the product.

The confirmation emails have many details that answer basic questions. So, the recipient of the message comes to know about the estimated shipping time frame and the customer assistance’s contact number.

Build long-term customer relationships

With such confirmation email messages, your brand can build a lasting relationship with your customers. People like to buy from an eCommerce site that assures them at every step. You can even invite the customer to engage with your brand on social media.

What Does an Email Message Page Contain?

An ideal order confirmation email message page contains some basic details such as unique order number, shipping details, delivery date with professional email signature. These are the product-related details that a customer has in mind all the time. So, the customer gets assurance and peace of mind when informed about the product status. 

Here is what a typical message page contains:

  • The order number of the product that a customer bought.   
  • Contact details of the person who bought the product. 
  • The customer’s shipping information.
  • Breakdown of the product’s cost.
  • Shipping method.
  • Estimated delivery date. 
  • Customer service contacts.

Top 10 Order Confirmation Email Examples

 1. Uber

This order confirmation email from Uber provides information in a straightforward manner. The customer gets the detail right away at a glance. Its main feature is a strong CTA that encourages the customers by giving them the incentive to rate the service.

The customer can see the important information right at the top and the rest of the details are at the bottom, making it an organized format. 

2. DoorDash

DoorDash is an online food delivery system. Its order confirmation email format is unique and simple. You can see that the arrival period is clearly mentioned in red. It immediately relieves the customer of worries about the delivery time of the product. The message clearly mentions the items that the customer bought and their prices. 

3. JetBlue

JetBlue’s order confirmation email presents the customer’s traveling details right away. The site’s quote “You’re all set to jet’’ instantly conveys the message that the customer’s order has been processed successfully. 

The format talks about the travelers’ itinerary, flight details, and payment on a cleanly designed page. Consequently, it helps in building customer loyalty.  

4. BigStub

BigStub is an online resale marketplace that provides tickets for sports, concerts, and theaters. The job of the company is a facilitator of the transactions taking place between the buyers and sellers of the tickets. 

Its order confirmation email message format is text-heavy. There are many details in lengthy sentences. But the intention is to reassure the customer about their ticket orders. There is a CTA that helps customers to check their order status. The site also has made good use of promoting its rebate offer of $25 at the bottom of the page. 

5. Amazon

This order confirmation email page from the eCommerce giant Amazon is another example of a simple design. It straightway provides the product details and expected date of delivering the product along with the price.

The Order detail button lets the customer have more information about the order. It also helps keep the message for the order confirmation page short and simple.

6. Postable

The Postable order confirmation message page provides the essential information to the customer in its own unique and simple way. The site’s email confirmation page looks like paper cards that the company provides printed paper cards. It gives details of the order quantity, the delivery date, and the cost.

The message for order confirmation page also allows customers to receive follow-up emails after the order is shipped.

7. Fitbit

Fitbit's order confirmation email page is known for its fun and humor, which engages customers and helps build brand loyalty as well. The page says ‘Your order has been placed’, which immediately assures the customer of the order status. Then, ‘we are just as excited as you are’, engages them with the company’s business.

8. JustBats

JustBats is an e-commerce website selling softball and baseball equipment. Its message for order confirmation page is also a way to cross-sells other related products. So, if you buy a bat, you will get an email cross-selling gloves, “Need gloves? You have a bat, now get a glove.”  The CTA also prompts you to buy gloves.

9. SoulCycle

SoulCycle is a site to book bicycles. Its order confirmation email page conveys the information in a simple way. With a big picture of a cycle rider at the top, the site then right away informs, “Good news: you have booked a bike!” which instantly assures the receiver of the email about the booking. It also tells about the time and address of getting the bike.

Then, using the page space, the site tells about its business and sends an invitation to contact the site for ‘any questions, concerns, or just want to say hello?’ The site page also provides the phone number and email address.

10. Tobi

Tobi is an e-commerce portal. Its order confirmation email page is short and simple and sends objective messages. It straightforwardly says in the beginning ‘ We received your order!’ Then, thanking the customer for placing the order, the message for order confirmation simply tells about the shipping duration and some information in the next email.

At the bottom of the page, the customer has the option to review the order. There is a customer care contact button as well.

So, these are the different order confirmation email pages of different brands that you can learn from when creating one such page for your upcoming brand. You can experiment with different formats and see what works best.

Wrapping Up 

Order confirmation emails are crucial for customers to know the status of their orders that they gave online. These types of emails contain product ordering details including price and delivery time. Cleaver marketers use such email pages to promote other products as well. These are ideal examples of order confirmation email pages due to their simplicity of design.Make Your Email Marketing Profitable


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