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PowerMTA pricing & plans
Priya NainDec 30, 2022 12:54:02 AM5 min read

PowerMTA Pricing and Plans With Its Best Alternative

The market is full of email communication tools, each promising the best results. However, even with the best tools, you are still at risk of email spamming.

And if you are an email professional, this is the one thing you can’t compromise with.

If you have been in the game for some time, you might have heard of PowerMTA. It’s an email transfer agent (MTA) built by SparkPost and trusted for its reliable email deliverability with detailed analytics.

In this article, we will dig deeper to understand PowerMTA’s pricing and the best alternatives available.

What is PowerMTA by SparkPost?

PowerMTA is a message transfer agent designed to handle a large volume of business email communication.

Its latest version, PowerMTA 5.0, was launched in 2019 with overall product improvements for better security, delivery rate, and disaster recovery.


It consistently delivers millions of emails every hour, which is why it has a loyal customer base. Here are some key features of PowerMTA.

  • Reliable for enterprise-grade email volume as it can easily handle millions of emails per hour.
  • Compatible with local servers and public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Setup configuration is easy and quick.
  • Robust analytics that enhances the data-driven decision making

Why is PowerMTA So Popular?

1. No Need to Pull Hair Over Root Cause Analysis

Many email deliverability tools just give you a number under failed delivery. But unfortunately, how it led to this remains a mystery for the user.

PowerMTA digs every failed email for detailed cause analysis. It reviews delivery failure with more than 35 metrics to identify the problem and offer the correct solution.

It allows you to handle frequent problems like bounces, blocks, and spam effectively.

2. More Returns With Lesser Resources

Often message transfer agents max out at even low send rates. But does this mean you have to deploy additional resources to sail through?

Setting up new servers every time you see a declining delivery rate would be a quick way to burn cash and efficiency.

One of the other reasons why PowerMTA is popular among email marketers is that it can give more throughput on fewer servers. 

3. Saves Errors From Turning Into Disaster

Wouldn’t it be perfect to spot the issue before it becomes an irreparable goof-up and ruins the entire email campaign?

PowerMTA monitors the SMTP responses and watches out for any deliverability errors. The real-time deliverability issue lets its built-in WebUI react and handle the issue the moment it occurs.

4. Reports that Stay Updated With Time

Any service business that considers reports a one-time activity can not be a good choice for your operations.

PowerMTA has built its set of flexible reports that are continuously improved for advanced bounce analysis and real-time campaign tracking.

What are PowerMTA’s Pricing and Plans?

PowerMTA pricing starts at $30 per user per month and offers a free 30 days trial too.


It has now introduced a volume-based licensing plan as well, where you pay only for the emails you have sent. The plan starts at $5,500 per year. 

For custom plans, you can contact their sales team for personalized quotes.

What Does This Mean For You?

The PowerMTA plans are suitable for a mid to large enterprise business. Small businesses might find the prices a little on the higher end.

Based on customer feedback, it’s best for insurance, real estate, media, advertising, and other industries, where an email management solution helps with response management, spam blocking, etc.

However, it does not provide some of the services like canned responses, archiving, and retention. So, if this is a big concern for you, there are alternatives in the market you can check out.

What’s the Alternative to PowerMTA?

If you are looking for a complete package at an affordable cost, SendPost is your answer. Even one-person businesses can use it to boost their outreach.

For small businesses

A business that is just starting out can find it intimidating to spend a high amount on any tool. And even after the purchase, if they have to deploy additional resources and teams to integrate and implement, it becomes a hassle.

That’s why SendPost empowers small businesses with simple integration with APIs available in over 14 languages so that your technical team can get started in minutes.

Also, SendPost allows a free version as well without giving away any credit card details. It boosts the confidence of new users who want to try the services before investing.

For mid to large businesses

Enterprises might spend extra but won’t compromise the performance. SendPost assures over 99% email deliverability with detailed analytic reports. It also lets you customize your alerts and notifications for email and slack so that monitoring isn’t a time-consuming activity.


Some of the key features

But irrespective of your business size, what everyone gets from an email deliverability tool like SendPost are:

  • Reliable SMTP relay with support of over 14 languages 
  • Dedicated IP pools for better email deliverability and sender reputation
  • Detailed email deliverability statistics for performance analysis
  • Validation API to clean your list and reduce the chances of bounces
  • Webhooks to create custom email alerts
  • 24/7 support for resolving any query or issues you might face
  • Reliable delivery rates with transparent and real-time reports.

SendPost’s Price Plans

You can start with SendPost’s subscription with the cost of three coffee cups; it’s that affordable.

The plans start at $7 per month and let you send 10k emails. The email volume increases accordingly, along with other features. You can even scale to bigger monthly plans running between $197 to $997. Source

In the competitive field of email marketing, you can’t take chances by switching your tools now and then.

So, it becomes critical to research and review the ones you wish to implement for your processes. SendPost is a reliable choice that major industry players trust. Try the demo or sign up for free to take your email marketing communication to the next level.

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