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Mayank AgarwalOct 25, 2020 12:00:00 AM23 min read

Black Friday SaaS Deals: A Comprehensive SaaS List for 2023

Black Friday 2023 is upon us! 

We're also making a brand new list for all the Cyber Monday SaaS Deals! Want to get your name added to that? Just reach out to saying that you want to get added.

There are different stories associated with the origin of Black Friday. One of the earliest pieces of evidence suggests that the term originated in Philadelphia, which use to get heavy and disruptive traffic on the day after Thanksgiving.

In 2005, Ellen Davis, former senior VP of research & strategic initiatives for the National Retail Federation (NRF), who coined the term Cyber Monday, had also noticed a recurring spike in online sales on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

Fast forward to 2023, Black Friday is expected to generate $6.8 billion in sales, up nearly 18% from last year, which would make it the biggest online shopping day in the U.S.

Intrigued by this we at SendX thought to do something special on this historic day. We went on a mission to collect all the Black Friday Deals happening in the SaaS world.

Everything (well, almost) has been compiled and the top SaaS Black Friday Deals of 2023 have been chosen!

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Black Friday SaaS Deals-2
Black Friday SaaS Deals 2023: A Definitive List by SendX 

Are you running a SaaS Deal this Black Friday? Get yourself listed by filling this form.

Black Friday 2023 SaaS Deals

1) SendPostunnamed (1)-4

SendPost is an email delivery service. It provides developers, businesses, and ESPs with a solution to reliably deliver, measure, and optimize emails. They have API SDKs in 14+ programming languages. You can use their API to send and validate emails, measure stats and manage domains/IPs. You can get detailed deliverability stats to keep an eye on your deliverability and fix it before it dips down. Over 413+ million emails are sent via SendPost per month, and their average deliverability is 99.23%

CTA: Signup 

Validity: 24 November 2023 - 28 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

2) Ring4

Ring4 offers a simple business phone system in the cloud where you can get a full-fledged virtual number setup running in 30 seconds for you and your team. Their online console account is a business admin center that allows you to dial local and international numbers, add teammates, assign new numbers, manage shared company contacts, and capture call recordings and transcripts.

Validity: 24 November 2023 - 28 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

3) Taggg

Taggg helps schedule group meetings by allowing you to privately connect your calendar(s) with people on your team and outside your company to find available times and book instant meetings that work for everyone. Taggg automates your scheduling process by booking the best available slot of the group.

Validity: 24 November 2023 - 28 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

4) Idea Buddy

IdeaBuddy-Final-Horizontal-Full-Color-TransparentIdea Buddy is an all-in-one business planning software that helps you turn your great idea into a successful business.

Deal - Our Black Friday deal in 2023 offers a 50% discount on all Annual and Lifetime plans.
Coupon code - FRIDAY2023

Validity: 20 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday



SMSAPI is a bulk SMS messaging platform for companies. We make mobile communication more accessible for global corporations, small local businesses, startups, and public organizations.

Deal - Receive up to 15% off your first payment between €30-500 at SMSAPI. The promotion is for users registered in November and applies to new customers only. Sign up at
Coupon code - 15BLACK2023

Validity: 02 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

6) Advanced Coupons


Advanced Coupons is the ultimate tool for extending coupons in WooCommerce. Run BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals, free gift coupons, store credits, gift cards, loyalty programs + more to grow your store.

Deal - 60% off on all plugins

Validity: 13 November 2023 - 01 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

7) Wholesale Suite

_Wholesale Suite LogoWholesale Suite is the #1 rated wholesale plugin in WooCommerce. It helps you reduce admin work, ditch the spreadsheets, and bring your entire wholesale operation online seamlessly.

Deal - 60% off on all plugins

Validity: 13 November 2023 - 01 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

8) WC Vendors


WCVendors is the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin for hassle-free multi-vendor marketplace setup like Amazon and Etsy. Integrated vendor tools, extensive shipping, 100+ payments, and more.

Deal - 60% off on all plugins

Validity: 13 November 2023 - 01 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

9) VisserLabs


VisserLabs is the top WooCommerce export/import tool with scheduling, smart filtering, and robust controls. Handles 10,000+ products effortlessly!

Deal - 60% off on all plugins

Validity: 13 November 2023 - 01 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

10) SmarterQueue


SmarterQueue is the most powerful and user-friendly social media scheduling tool. With content discovery, smart scheduling, recycling, and analytics, you can grow your business and brand faster and more easily than ever before.

Deal - Over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we are offering up to 40% off our full-pricing for new customers:
30% off your first 6 months (when paid monthly)
40% off your first year (when paid annually)
We’re also introducing a Lite plan, only available for a limited period, for new customers who sign up during BFCM weekend. Starting from only $3.50/month.

Validity:  24 November 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

11) Plerdy


Plerdy is an all-in-one website analysis tool designed for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & SEO. It allows businesses to track, analyze, and convert visitors into buyers with AI assistance. Features include UX analytics, e-commerce insights, AI-powered reports, and heatmap capabilities.

Deal - Get 50% OFF on annual plans.
Deal promo code: plerdyBF2023

Validity:  24 November 2023 - 01 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

12) Consolto


Consolto redefines the conferencing experience for customer meetings, merging the power of live chat, appointment scheduling, and video chat into one unified platform. Tailored exclusively for enriched customer interactions, imagine the best of Zoom, Calendly, and Intercom seamlessly. integrated into one transformative tool

Deal - 90% off for the first 3 months OR 50% off yearly subscriptions for the 1st year
Coupon code - BFCM2023M / BFCM2023YEAR 

Validity: 03 November 2023 - 28 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

13) Linguise

__Linguise Black friday_850 x 850

Linguise is an automatic AI translation service that offers instant translations in over 85 languages. It integrates seamlessly with popular CMS platforms on the market, including both self-hosted PHP systems like WordPress and various cloud-hosted platforms. Translating a website has never been this easy!

Deal - Get a special offer of 30% OFF for your multilingual website with our automatic AI translation service.
🎉Apply on all new subscriptions

Validity: 21 November 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

14) LearnWorlds


LearnWorlds is a powerful AI-powered online learning platform that helps you create, market and sell online courses. It is equipped with robust tools including Assessment Builder, Website Builder, AI Assistant, Mobile App Builder, interactive video, live sessions, and many more! It is suitable for content creators, coaches, educators, trainers and businesses of any size that want to deliver training for their employees, partners, associates and customers.

Deal: Get upto 39% off for a year

Validity: 23 October 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

15) Mysignature


MySignature is all-in-one email signature and email tracking platform. It allows you to easily create professional email signatures and make your business emails stand out from the crowd.

Deal - 50% off for the first payment for all yearly plans with discount  
Coupon code - BF2023MS

Validity:  20 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

16) Newoldstamp


Newoldstamp is the leading email signature management platform that empowers to effortlessly design and implement brand-consistent signatures across the entire organization.

Deal - 25% off on any plan (recurring discount for all next payments)
Coupon code - BF2023NOS

Validity: 20 November 2023 - 20 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

17) NapoleonCat

logo napoleoncat

NapoleonCat is a powerful suite designed to engage and support customers on social media, schedule posts, analyze results, connect your teams, and untangle your workflows. The tool integrates all your social media profiles from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business.

Deal - Get 30% off the annual subscription.

Validity: 24 November 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

18) Brand24

Screenshot 2023-11-09 150442Brand24 is an exceptional social media monitoring tool that uses AI-powered reports and insights to help businesses of all sizes identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors across the web. Thousands of companies trust Brand24 to keep them updated on what's being said about their businesses online, providing customer insights, engaging communities, identifying sales opportunities, improving social customer service, reaching out to influencers, and monitoring their competition.

Deal - 50% off any plan for 3 months

No promo code is needed. The discount will be applied automatically.

Validity: 20 November 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

19) CallPage


CallPage is a lead capture tool that enables site visitors to request an instant callback or schedule a meeting in just a few seconds. CallPage widget helps increase the number of leads generated from the website by an average of 35%–120%. The CallPage widget helps you gain 30-125% more leads. Moreover, CallPage is mobile-friendly, responsive, and looks great on all screens.

Deal -  Up to 40% discount

Validity: 21 November 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

20) Document360

Document360 Logo

Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base platform enabling the creation of a robust self-service knowledge base catering to both external customers and internal users. The new AI Concierge, Eddy serves as a sophisticated AI-driven search expert equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enabling users to find information quickly and accurately.

Leveraging its user-friendly configuration options, you can effortlessly produce various resources like user guides, internal wikis, frequently asked questions (FAQs), standard operating procedures, and user manuals.
Furthermore, it offers Private hosting and API documentation features as optional. Document36 seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms, including Intercom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zapier, and many others.

Deal -  Save up to 50% on all annual plans.
Coupon code - BLACKFRIDAY2023

Validity: 06 November 2023 - 08 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

21) TemplateMonster


TemplateMonster is the go-to digital marketplace for all your web project needs. With a vast selection of premium and free products, this platform caters to web designers and developers of all skill levels. And here's the exciting part: this Black Friday, you can save big on website templates and services, with discounts of up to 50% available throughout November. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to make your web projects shine without breaking the bank!

Deal - Up to 50% OFF
Coupon code - auto-applied

Validity: 01 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

22) MonsterONE

1080_1080 (1)

Discover the power of MonsterONE, the subscription service from TemplateMonster that gives you access to an extensive collection of resources. With MonsterONE, you only pay once and enjoy unlimited downloads. And this Black Friday, you can save a whopping $310 on the MonsterONE Lifetime Plan. Don't wait - grab this incredible offer and unlock endless creative possibilities throughout November. Grab an impressive discount on the MonsterONE subscription plan and benefit from unlimited downloads of digital assets suited for multiple creative purposes and business needs!

Deal - save $310
Coupon code - auto-applied

Validity: 01 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

23) stands out as the go-to solution for small businesses seeking a comprehensive platform for cold email outreach and sales automation. Renowned for its versatility, offers a free sales CRM alongside indispensable features like email finding and verification, email drip campaigns, email warm-up, and myriad of integrations, empowering businesses to streamline their outreach efforts.

Deal - Black Friday Deal: 50% off on annual plan
Coupon code - BLACKFRIDAY23

Validity: 20 November 2023 - 01 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

24) Sender


Sender is an all-in-one platform that ensures you have everything you need to create successful email and SMS campaigns. Every feature is designed to boost sales, from high email deliverability to smart automation and SMS campaigns. You can build these automated campaigns in minutes using its intuitive drag-and-drop email builder and premade design templates. Then, monitor their performance through its detailed analytics and newsletter heatmap feature.

Deal - 20% off for all paid plans
Coupon code - PARTNER20

Validity: 01 November 2023 - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

25) Cheqmark

cheqmark_logo (2)

Cheqmark, an ultimate free checklist maker tool, has been designed to elevate daily routines and revolutionize your approach to productivity.

Deal - Cheqmark has a range of useful templates such as habit trackers, daily checklists, monthly calendars, goal trackers, and much more.For those looking for long-term organization, Cheqmark, a checklist maker tool offers an exclusive Black Friday discount on a yearly subscription for Premium features (all Premium templates included)

Black Friday Deal: 40% off on a yearly plan
Coupon code - BF2023CQM

Validity: 10 November 2023 - 05 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

26) Pictory


Script to Video conversion with AI voices, footage, and music.
Blog Post to Video transformation for improved SEO.
Long-Form Video to Social Media Clip extraction.
Automatic Captioning for better reach on social media.
Collaborative Teams Plan for shared asset and idea management.

Deal - 40% off Annual Standard, Premium & Team Plans
10 FREE Additional Videos Per Month
Coupon code - BFCM40GB

Validity: 20 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

27) Wpmet


Wpmet is a prominent brand that has developed iconic WordPress products, including ElementsKit, MetForm, ShopEngine, and WP Social. These versatile products help millions of WordPress users extend the functionalities of their websites.

Deal - Indulge in a spectacular 40% Black Friday discount on all premium plugins from Wpmet. Seize the finest deal of the year!

Validity: 22 November 2023 - 05 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

28) MetForm


With MetForm, you can effortlessly generate contact forms, feedback forms, subscription forms, and a wide array of other forms for your WordPress site in just minutes! Boasting over 100,000 active installations, this sophisticated form builder comes equipped with premium features and templates, enabling you to craft any form you desire.

Deal - And now, with the limited-time Black Friday offer, save up to 40% by capitalizing on the amazing form-building functionalities of MetForm. Hurry up and grab the offer before it runs out!

Validity: 22 November 2023 - 05 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

29) GetGenie AI

getgenie aiGetGenie AI — the most advanced WordPress AI tool for SEO-optimised content & copywriting. It has 30+ ready-made templates and amazing use cases like SEO Keyword Analysis, SERP Competitor Analysis, On Page Optimization, Meta Description, Content Scoring, Blog Outline Creator, Blog Title Writer, Blog Article Assistant, Product Descriptions, Sales Copywriter, and many more.

Deal - Enjoy up to 45% discount on GetGenie AI this Black Friday and increase your efficiency in writing SEO-optimized content on your WordPress website.

Validity: 22 November 2023 - 05 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

30) OneStream Live

OneStream-Live-logo (1)

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution that enables users to create, schedule, and multistream real-time & recorded live streams on 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously.

Deal - 20% off on all monthly plans for the first 3 months.
Coupon Code:
Deal - 15% off on all annual plans.
Coupon Code:

Validity: 10 November 2023 - 05 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

31) TrueRanker

tr-logo (1)

TrueRanker is an alternative SEO Google rank tracker. Providing accurate SERP results in a very easy to use UI. The tool allows users to analyze keywords by areas as precise as cities and discover new SEO keywords that are not yet monitored by the user.

Deal - Black Friday plans starting from 5$ and with up to 70% off

Validity: 20 November 2023 - 28 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

32) ProofHub


ProofHub is a feature-rich, all-in-one project management and team collaboration software. It is an ultimate productivity tool that brings all of your projects, teamwork, and team communication to one place.

You can create tasks, delegate tasks to the team members, and track the progress in real-time. It allows you to create workflows to streamline your business operations.

ProofHub provides you with a centralized platform to share documents and communicate with team members in real time. It makes it easy to share information and work efficiently.

With ProofHub, you can stay on top of work management, bring everyone on the same page, and collaborate with ease.

Deal - Deal- 40% off on the Ultimate Control Plan for six months.
Coupon Code - HOLIDAY23 (To avail of the discounted offer, contact ProofHub with the coupon code at

Validity:  01 October 2023 - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

33) Turbologo

Screenshot 2023-11-15 120015

Turbologo is an AI online logo generator that will create your logo in a couple of minutes. Our logo maker allows you to create all types of logos, business cards, covers for social networks, letterheads, favicons and more. Create your unique custom logo with Turbologo for free today!

Deal - Get a 20% discount on Standard and Business packages from Turbologo. This limited offer is only available November 24-26. Take advantage of the offer!
Coupon Code - BF2023

Validity:  22 November 2023 - 26 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

34) LambdaTest


LambdaTest is a leading AI-augmented unified test orchestration and execution cloud that enables developers & testers to ship code faster.

LambdaTest is a cutting-edge platform designed for Next-Generation Mobile Apps and Cross Browser Testing in the cloud. Trusted by a diverse user base, LambdaTest empowers developers with advanced testing solutions. Discover the exclusive Black Friday specials from LambdaTest, tailored to enrich your tech offerings and provide your users with affordable access to groundbreaking deals.

Key Features:
Next-Generation Mobile Apps
Cross Browser Testing Cloud

Deal - Exclusive Black Friday Specials. During checkout to enjoy an exclusive 30% discount on LambdaTest's innovative testing solutions.
Coupon CodeBFCM30

Validity: 15 November - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

35) RetainfulretainfulRetainful is an all-encompassing email marketing automation platform, empowering Woocommerce and Shopify stores to boost sales through features like abandoned cart recovery, automated emails with dynamic coupons, and a flexible drag-and-drop editor.

Enhanced with real-time analytics, exit-intent popups, a robust referral program, broadcast and segmentation tools, Retainful delivers personalized, strategic communication to optimize customer engagement and increase revenue.
Trusted globally by over 15,000 store owners, it's acclaimed as one of the top tools for Woocommerce and Shopify stores.

Deal - Flat 30%off

Coupon Code - BFCM30

Validity: 08 November - 05 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

36) ContentStudio.ioContentStudio logo (1)ContentStudio is a comprehensive social media management tool that has proven to be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. Its robust features include content discovery, curation, creation, and publishing across various social media channels. With its powerful AI engine, ContentStudio helps businesses save time and resources by automating the social media management process. The tool's intuitive user interface, advanced analytics, and team collaboration features make it easy for businesses to manage their social media presence and effectively engage with their target audience. In short, ContentStudio is an all-in-one solution that simplifies social media management and helps businesses achieve their marketing goals

Deal - 67% Off Agency Max Plan | 30% Off All Regular Plans

Validity: 9 November - 9 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

37) WebliumWeblium logoWeblium is a website builder to turn your ideas and conceptions into a ready-to-use functional site. With the assistance of our builder, you can create different types of websites and edit them at any time, adding more content. While integrations with different payment systems and built-in CRM will help you bring your business online, a flexible editor will be an advantage for designers and marketers.

Deal - 30% off the annual Pro plan

Validity: 21 November - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

38) TypitoTypito logoTypito’s Template library ( is an exhaustive collection of motion templates including titles, intros, lower thirds, timers and more. With the All-Star Motion Pack, you can now customise, and download these templates with transparent / no background and use them in any video editor. The Black Friday deal gives you lifetime access to all the templates, 20 downloads a month.

Deal - Get lifetime access for $99 to Typito’s award-winning Motion Title and Timer Template Library. Compatible with all video editors.

Validity: 18 November - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

39) WooCommerce Wholesale by AovUp


Woocommerce Wholesale by AovUp allows you to create a robust wholesale system on your WooCommerce store to sell to B2B or B2C and B2B. Stand-out features include wholesale registration, tax exemptions, tiered pricing, wholesale order form, sales agent management, and more.

Coupon Code - BFCM35

Validity: 21 November - 5 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

40) Envato Elementsenvato-elements-dark-logo

Envato Elements offers an expansive universe of creativity. With over 16 million digital assets, spanning from enchanting music and video templates to dynamic graphics, presentation templates and more, there's always something for your creative projects. The best part? You get unlimited downloads for an affordable monthly subscription.

Deal - 50% off all plans for the first 12 months (excludes Enterprise solutions). The discount is applied at checkout, no codes are needed.

Validity: 23 November - 28 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

41) Envato Marketenvato-market-dark-logo

Envato Market stands as the paramount marketplace for digital creators and web developers globally. Whether you seek best-selling WordPress themes, WooCommerce stores, and web templates on ThemeForest, or plugins, scripts, and code on CodeCanyon—discover a tailored solution for every website project.

Deal - Up to 60% Off WordPress themes, web templates, code and more. Discounts will be applied on participating items from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, no coupon code is required.

Validity: 20 November - 2 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

42) ReplyreplyReply is the ultimate AI-powered sales engagement platform that helps sales teams find new leads, engage them via multiple channels, and create endless opportunities at scale. From building targeted prospect lists with its 140 million+ contact database to crafting personalized emails and multichannel sequences with AI, Reply automates the entire sales process, from finding clients to closing deals.

Deal - Get 75% off all annual Reply plans (first 4 months) + 25% off any add-ons.

Coupon Code - HOLIDAY2023

Validity: 20 November - 31 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

43) Flycart


Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a powerful dynamic pricing and discounts plugin that helps you create simple and complex discounts. You can offer simple discounts like Percentage discounts, Fixed discounts, Storewide discounts, Product based discounts to complex discounts like bulk discounts, Tiered Pricing discounts, bundle discounts, BOGO deals (Buy X Get X and Buy X Get Y), User-specific discounts, Cart conditions based discounts, category discounts, and more. 100,000+ active installations prove that the plugin is popular and trustworthy. It is a user-friendly plugin with flexible features to create targeted and customized discounts to give an enjoyable shopping experience for customers and get more conversions.

Boost sales and maximize revenue now.

Deal - Get the Plugin at 30% OFF this Black Friday.

Coupon Code - BFCM30

Validity: 1 November - 5 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

44) Flycart


Email Customizer for WooCommerce is a much-needed email marketing plugin to customize and create beautiful branded emails. The plugin can transform boring WooCommerce emails into professional, engaging emails that improve your brand value and get you more conversions. With the drag-and-drop email editor, you can quickly edit the emails completely from header to footer.

Add images, Logos, CTAs, social media icons, and change text style, size, and colors to create customized and personalized emails. You have flexible options like ready-made templates, shortcodes for dynamic content, mobile/desktop previews, test emails, import/export templates, custom CSS options, and more.

Make Customers remember your brand with attractive emails, get more repeat purchases, and increase revenue - Get the Plugin now at 30% OFF this Black Friday.

Deal - Get the Plugin now at 30% OFF this Black Friday.

Coupon Code - BFCM30

Validity: 1 November - 5 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

45) usermaven


UserMaven is a privacy-focused analytics platform offering both website and product analytics tools. It serves as an alternative to Google Analytics, providing real-time traffic metrics without the use of cookies and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. The platform specializes in user behavioral analytics, allowing businesses to analyze how users interact with their services.

Deal - Lifetime deals start at $69 (none)

Validity: 20 November - 5 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

46) Omnify


Omnify offers an all-in-one booking and scheduling software to businesses ranging from fitness and wellness studios, classes and camps, and aquatic centers to member clubs, recreation centers, and sports facilities and coaching, among others.

With Omnify, your business can:

- Schedule services effortlessly

- Automate client communication

- Manage memberships and subscriptions

- Set waitlists on autopilot

- Integrate all the tools you need

- Accept safe payments online

- Stay ahead with smart insights

- Manage multi-locations and more

Deal - FLAT 35% OFF on Annual Subscriptions

Coupon Code - BFCM2023

Validity: 21 November - 27  November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

47) WPLoyalty

wployalty-logo-whiteComplete your Black Friday strategy with our top-tier Loyalty Program plugin and maximize your success this holiday season. Don't miss out on this chance to boost customer loyalty and enhance your brand value.

Deal - 30%

Coupon Code - BFCM30

Validity: 20 November - 5 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

48) Jotform

jotformJotform is an all-around no-code automation solution that allows users to collect, manage and analyze data. With it, users can build dynamic forms and surveys, add conditional logic to them, create automated workflows, build auto-generated reports and dashboards as well as collect e-signatures or payments for an online store you can build with its drag-and-drop interface.

Deal - Get 50% off your Jotform annual plan upgrades during Black Friday.

Validity: 13 November - 27 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

49) Whatagraph

redWhatagraph is a marketing data platform that marketers use to connect scattered marketing sources, easily turn that siloed data into insightful marketing reports, and automate how they are shared.

Connect any marketing source with 45+ native integrations, Custom API, or spreadsheets. Create stunning marketing report in minutes using drag-and-drop builder. And it’s fully customizable with cross-channel widgets, filtering and custom calculations. Anything you create can be saved as a template, reused and edited at once + easy-to-set-up data transfers to Google BigQuery available.

Deal - For Black Friday 2023, we’re offering 20% off all first-year plans, 20% off on add-ons, and 20% on existing plans scale-ups.

Validity: 14 November - 30 November 2023

Valid for Black Friday

50) Writecream

writeWritecream is an AI-powered text, voice, and image generation mobile app and website. Generate anything from essays, stories, novels, product descriptions, articles, scripts, ad copy, social media posts, and more. Additionally, Writecream features AI-based neural voices that sound like humans. These can be used to generate podcasts and narrations for YouTube videos. Recently, Writecream added a one-click image generation function using DALLE-2. Use these images for social media, NFTs, blogs, etc. Writecream is offering 20% off unlimited plans for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023.

Deal - Get 20% off on Writecream’s monthly and annual unlimited plans.

Validity: 18 November - 31 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday

51) Kommunicate

KommunicateLogo (1)Kommunicate is a generative AI-powered chatbot platform. It allows businesses to create their own custom GPT bot that can be trained on your documents, website, and help center. These bots can be seamlessly integrated with your website, iOS, Android, React Native, Cordova, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Line, and many more. Automate your customer support with Kommunicate's generative AI-powered bot.

Deal - 2 Months Free on Annual Subscription

Validity: 11 November - 31 December 2023

Valid for Black Friday


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Mayank is an email marketing expert & co-founder of SendX. SendX is an intuitive & affordable email marketing software.