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Stella LincolnNov 3, 2021 8:30:55 AM8 min read

10 Back to School Email Subject Lines For Students With Examples, Guidelines and Ideas

It is again the time of the year when marketing departments at school are in a rush, and hustle is the teacher’s new chore.

Back to school are not happy hellos for many, but after the covid-19 shut down and due to the longest vacation, students are all set to get back to their schools and step into their new classrooms.

In such times, back to school emails play an important role. And, these emails will only have high open rates if your subject line is catchy and captivating.

Talking about subject lines, these sets of words are crucial for every email but when concerning back to school, this batch can bring high sales and outstanding conversions.

Significance Of Back To School Email Subject Lines For Students

Here are some significance of back to school subject lines that none of us can overlook.

Significance of back to school email subject lines

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Number one, reading your subject line makes the parents decide whether to click on the email or not. According to experts, 47 percent of the emails are opened after reading the subject line. If your subject line is boring or has nothing extra in it, forget that you are getting heavy open rates on it.

Two, the subject line of your email is the summary of your entire content. Therefore, whatever you write, make sure it is relevant to the substance of your email. 

Number three, this reason might seem petty to the significance but plays the most critical role, and it is that the subject line is the pillar of your email marketing. This is the foremost pier that helps to keep your audience hooked and update them precisely about your intent. 

And number four, the emails you send are the primary source for the back to school buying decisions and grows your students' related material sales up to 45 percent, and due to the restrictions on physical movements, these sales are expected to boost even more. Therefore, so are the chances for open rates. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an educational institution ready to welcome back your students, gaze down to have a look at some captivating subject lines that will help you trap the parents and get them through your landing page.

Guidelines For Back To School Emails

Before we proceed to the list of subject lines, please make sure to keep an eye on the following principles so you can measure your parameters right on time before missing one. 

  • Drop The First Email Two Months Before

It is recommended to drop your first email two months prior to the opening so parents can get ready ahead of time and start preparing beforehand. 

  • Use Emojis

Using emoji optimizes your subject line appealing and guarantees better click rates. This is one great tactic of email marketing and increases the open rate up to 56 percent. 

  • Don’t Forget The Procrastinators 

We always have parents around who leave all their chores for the eleventh hour, hence don’t forget them. Leave your last back to school email one day before the institute reopens. 

  • Help Parents In Purchasing Decisions

The email you are writing must be beneficial for parents, especially in purchasing decisions. Make sure to answer frequently asked questions so that parents don't need to reach out to your school help desk. And inform them that they can get back to you anytime. 

  • Keep The Subject Line Captivating

There’s no doubt how appealing subject lines clip us and tie us to the entire email. Therefore, to hook the parents to your email, write captivating email subject lines for students as well as parents.

  • Don’t Exaggerate

You all know that today, less is the new more. While writing the email, make sure you are not stretching your points. Keep your message precise and concise because long emails are the reason people receive fewer click rates on their next emails. 

Five Ideas for back to school Email Subject lines

Coming back to our subject lines, below are five ideas on how you can announce the reopening of school via email. Though you can always make modifications, this is a leading guide that can provide an idea of how you can craft captivating yet rewarding subject lines. 

1. General Emails To Welcome Students Back After Long Vacations

Long covid vacations have made everyone lazy, including students from every level. Therefore, for a kick-start, you must add a ready to act email subject line that can alert your students and make them ecstatic to return back rather than making them unhappy and sad. These types of emails have more than 80 percent of open rates. 

For instance, schools that have reopened have received considerable open rates using subject lines written below. 

  • Back to school after long vacations
  • It’s that time of the year; pack your bags now
  • We are missing you, are you missing us?
  • Are you ready to see your new classroom?
  • Tips for packing your school bag
  • A fresh start to the new academic year
  • Activities we are looking forward to
  • Hey! It’s that time of the year again
  • Are you ready to rule your new playground?
  • Gear up for the welcome week
  • Back to school checklist 

2. Back To School Stationery 

Wherever there’s school, there’s stationary, and according to a few dissertation writing services, stationery emails are always a winner when talking about email subject lines for students. If you have already dropped an announcement email to your students, it’s the right time to release a back to school stationery email.

Back to school - Stationery

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In such emails, you can give them ideas about new stationeries and the deals your institute is offering. Via this email, you can also congratulate secondary students for shifting to fountain pens from regular pencils. 

Some ideas to drop stationery emails are right below.

  • Ten must-have stationery items for your new class
  • One-stop stationery shop
  • Have you packed your pencil box?
  • Five essential supplies for your art class
  • Would you like to bake cookies for mamma?
  • Our favourite lunch box designs
  • Three new gadgets your school has
  • Top watercolors to paint welcome cards
  • Have you bought your new course yet?
  • Five books to read in the free class 

3. Back To School Lunch Break

Do you know what most of the students have missed in all these days off from school? Let me tell you! It’s the free break time when they used to get to eat and chat with their friends. 

Back to school lunch break emails can be a great warm-up message for students to get ready and prime themselves for lunch dates with their friends. Some subject lines to attract them and obtain high click rates include:

  • Are you waiting for lunch break with your desk partner?
  • Five meals to share with your friends
  • Lunch break birthday party plans
  • After school snacks for the bus 
  • Picnic feast ideas

Apart from students, these emails can also bring parents attention. For them, write down some beneficial emails that can help them in lunch packing/preparing ideas. Such as 

  • Eat healthy, stay healthy
  • Health is your wealth
  • Are you looking for lunch box ideas?
  • Balanced lunch for kids
  • Avoid unhealthy choices
  • Tips to keep lunch box safe from leaking
  • Don’t forget your breakfast 
  • Pick seasonal fruits for your lunch 
  • Extra points for homemade lunch 
  • Get a water bottle and avoid plastic waste

4. Back To School Fashion

Our fourth and one of the most important categories for email subject lines for students include fashion lines. Looking chic and fashionable is all we want nowadays and it is essential for students to know how to groom themselves. According to marketers, fashion emails have more than 80 percent of open rates, which is definitely massive. 

Back to school - Fashion

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To help students in this regard, you can write back to school fashion emails where you can guide them about current fashion trends and styles. The subject lines may include:

  • Are you ready to come back in style?
  • Latest hairstyles for boys and girls
  • New perfumes for the new year
  • 20% of on all school shoes
  • Are you planning to buy a new uniform?
  • Essential personal grooming accessories for welcome week
  • Five watches to wear in school
  • Time to chop off your big nails
  • Don’t forget your mask and sanitizers
  • Get yourself a chic backpack

5. Back To School Discounts

Many schools offer course window-shops where students can buy all their books and stationeries at one place and get outstanding discounts. If your school also offers one, release your discount emails right after the announcement email, so before heading to any other shop, the parent can first consider the school’s own.

These types of emails also have considerable clicks rates because, of course, who doesn’t like discounts on expensive tomes? Some subject lines to bring great clicks include:

  • Check our exclusive back to school deals
  • Buy a pair of shoes and get 20% off
  • 10% off for siblings on school uniform
  • Buy any five textbooks and get a storybook free
  • 10% off shipping for early birds
  • New admissions get a 30% waiver 
  • Up to 50% off on new dictionaries
  • Buy two water bottles, get a lunch box free
  • 10% off on the shop of ten pairs of socks
  • Pick your favourite colour pencils for $5 only 

Ensuring a Smooth Return to School

Now that you are armed with the best guidelines, examples, and ideas for back to school email subject lines, it’s time to put this knowledge into action. Try SendX for your email marketing efforts in this regard. It comes with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.


1. What is the significance of back-to-school email subject lines for students?

Reading your email subject line makes the parents decide whether to click on the email or not. The subject line needs to be relevant to the substance of your email.

2. What are the general guidelines for back-to-school emails?

Here are the general guidelines for back-to-school emails:

  • Send your first email at least two months before the reopening of the school.
  • Use emojis to optimize your email subject line.
  • Send your last email one day before the institute reopens.
  • Keep the subject line an appealing one.
  • Keep your email content precise and concise.

Stella Lincoln

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