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Tips to build an email list on word press
Nick HussJun 30, 2022 4:15:05 AM11 min read

13 Tips to Build an Email List on WordPress


Email Marketing is one of the most effective and affordable online marketing strategies to promote your brand. According to the Content Marketing Institute, about 87% of B2B marketers use email channels to distribute their content.

In addition, email marketing is more cost-effective than other marketing techniques. Also, you don’t need to spend hours setting up the tools. Everything is quite easier when it comes to email marketing. 

Subscribers are the backbone of an email marketing campaign. To use email marketing, you should have an existing audience and subscribers who are keen to read your email content.

And, getting more subscribers is the most difficult part we all come across. So, in this article, we will be sharing the best tips to build an email list on WordPress. We will mention some actionable email marketing practices to help you quickly grow your WordPress email lists. 

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What Are the Best WordPress Email List Tips?

Here are some best email list tips to get more leads and conversions. 

Tip #1. Design A Perfect Landing Page To Capture Email Addresses

One of the primary steps of getting more email subscribers is to design a compelling landing page. Designing a high-converting landing page is the most crucial part it requires professionalism and money, so you should consider the WordPress web design cost. We can’t send traffic to our desired page without having a high-converting landing page.

You can find several free and premium page builders like Elementor or AI website builders and other tools to help you create stunning and well-designed landing pages with minimal effort. 

                                                     Source: Elementor

You can face some WordPress problems related to setting up a landing page or editing it. Yet, you will find many resources to solve those problems faster. 

Your landing page should include all the elements that can compel visitors to take the required action. In our case, the desired action is to encourage users to click on the CTA and sign up for the e-newsletter. 

Yet, to get the best results, you have to design a highly-optimized landing page that should ultimately redirect visitors to your e-newsletter subscription.

Are you still confused about what you should include on your landing page? Look at the elements below to create a perfect landing page. 

  • A headline;
  • Hero image;
  • Supporting copy;
  • Subheadings;
  • Benefits;
  • Social proofs;
  • Call-to-action;
  • Lead generation form;

Plus, don’t underestimate the power of visuals on your page. Try to add images, animated GIFs, videos, and other graphic elements for a more visually appealing experience that will keep visitors engaged with what they're seeing. This can’t be complicated with easy-to-use image or video editing tools which are very accessible nowadays. 

Tip #2. Optimize Your Lead Capturing Form for More Leads

Are you not getting leads from your current lead-generation form? 

Is there any problem with the form? Quite possible. We always get confused about the fields to add to our lead generation form. To figure this out is to keep making the required changes and tracking results.  

You will always find gaps between your landing page form and a successful landing page form. 

We all love simplicity. Right? We usually evaluate a site or application based on its user interface. Design plays a massive role in the success of a landing page. You should make sure that your lead generation form is subtle and easy to fill. 

Another thing you should consider is the number of fields your lead generation form has. 5? 6? 10? Forms with fewer fields always lead to higher conversions. We aren’t saying this, but statistics are.

Conversions are reported higher when there are fewer fields in the form. According to research by Formstacks (2015), forms with 11 fields have reported the conversion of 17%. While forms with only three fields have a conversion rate of 25%.

Tip #3. Add Powerful & Actionable CTAs

We can't stress how important calls-to-actions are on our landing page.  A strong call-to-action button convinces visitors to take desired actions. To create an effective WordPress website, adding a CTA to your landing pages is a must. It compels them to fill out the lead generation form or click on a particular button. 

Your focus should always be on writing powerful CTAs for your landing pages. If your CTA doesn't insist users to the actions, it's harsh, but it's not a perfect CTA. 

You can add CTAs like these to collect more email addresses:

  • Let's Go
  • Try Our Free Trial
  • Click Here
  • Let's Begin
  • Reserve Your Seat
  • Show Me
  • Prove It
  • Take this Free Course
  • Download Whitepaper

Tip: Don’t add more than one CTA to your landing pages. It will confuse visitors before and deter them from taking the appropriate action.

Watch this video to add CTA buttons on your WordPress website:

Tip #4. Organise Free Giveaways To Lure Visitors

People have multiple reasons to love freebies. Offering freebies is one of the best ways to attract more visitors to your website and convert them. We often see brands running giveaways to gain visibility and build trust with their audience. 

You also have to do the same. 

Giving away free stuff can help you grow your email list a lot. You can give away a valuable product for free, which is worth it for the visitors. You can ask them to follow certain steps to participate in the giveaway.

For instance, you can tell them to tweet about your giveaway on Twitter or sign up for your e-newsletter. This will spread some light to your website as well as help in building a worthwhile email list. 

You can offer them a free trial of your service, free ebooks, paper books, free courses, or anything that entices them to fill out the form. 

Tip #5. Offer Discounts To Attract New Users

Discounting is an excellent way to attract new users to your websites. Try to remember a purchase you made only by seeing a reasonable discount. People can't resist themselves when they see the discount. They opt for it in any condition. 

You can also offer free discounts to attract new visitors to your landing page. In return for that, you can ask them to sign up for your e-newsletter. If you provide them with a significant discount, they will undoubtedly share their email addresses with you. 

It is a win-win situation for both. 

                                                  Source: Submittable

Tip #6. Lock Your Content for More Signups

Sharing your expertise with people is good, but getting something in return is also important. We aren’t asking you to ask visitors for a few dollars. 

We are talking about the email subscription. Gated content is another best technique to collect more email addresses. 

You might have visited a few websites where they ask you to share your email address to access the full content. You also need to do the same. You can lock your content and demand their email address to access the full content using WP content locker plugins such as Bloom and others.

                                                 Source: Elegant Themes

Yet, you should create strong and valuable content that your visitors can’t stop themselves from giving their email addresses. 

Tip #7. Add Social Proofs & Statistics to Your Website

No one believes in us until we prove it to them. This applies in the real world as well as the online world. Proving ourselves has become essential to make someone believe we have achieved great things. 

And social proofs help us accomplish that.

Social proofs help in increasing your credibility with your visitors. They will start believing more in you and your content. They won't even hesitate once to share their email addresses with you. 

In the end, it's all about building trust with your audience. You can do this in many ways. But, social proof is one of the most popular and best ways to do it. 

We now talked about social proof. What did we mean by numbers? 

By numbers, we mean the actual figures you generated for your client with the help of your expertise. People will still believe in the reviews left by your clients. But the numbers will add an extra layer of credibility and trust to your testimonials. 

Tip #8. Guest Blogs Are the Best To Reach New Audiences

                                                           Source: Freepik

Guest blogging is one of the best strategies to reach a broader audience in your target industry. It gives more exposure to your blog or brand. 

Guest blogging helps increase exposure, but it also helps build your WordPress email lists. 

You can reach out to websites in your industry with the best blog post ideas. You can write insightful, well-researched, and valuable blogs for them. In favour, you can ask them to link your e-newsletter subscription page with your website or author anchor text. 

Tip #9. Collaboration Is the Key

Instead of promoting your offers and products on your website only, reach out to your fellow creators. Promoting your services on your website means reaching a limited audience. This way, you won't be able to reach a broader audience in less time. 

Collaborating with other creators in your niche will make your brand relevant to their audiences and vice versa. You will be able to reach a wide audience and be relevant simultaneously. 

The best part is this will drive more traffic to your website, and you can use that to convert them into your e-newsletter subscribers. 

Tip #10. Run Social Media Ad Campaigns To Reach a Broader Audience


A high-converting landing page and good traffic are all you need to build a massive WordPress email list. 

What is the best way to get traffic to your landing page? Social media advertising campaigns. More than half the world's population is now active on social media and it has become one of the effective ways for business growth

With social media ad campaigns, you get results faster than organic marketing. You can run social media ad campaigns and send the traffic to your e-newsletter landing page. There are numerous platforms to run advertisements, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

You can reach a wider audience and grow your email list with each platform. And then automate email marketing campaigns to promote your products, services, or any content. 

Tip #11. Write A Perfect Landing Page Copy That Converts

Your landing page copy compels users to take the necessary action. If you want more email subscribers, you have to write a killer landing page copy. We know it’s not relatively easy, especially if you are a beginner. But if you keep practising it, you will one day master it. 

You can also hire a professional copywriter to write a high-converting copy for your landing pages. A killer copy includes everything that can help users understand your intent and build credibility. 

Here are some tips for crafting a perfect landing page copy:

  1. Add social proofs;
  2. Focus on the benefits of your product;
  3. Write killer headlines;
  4. Use easy-to-read and understand words;
  5. Break down long paragraphs into short sentences;
  6. Include a CTA;
  7. User numbers to show results;
  8. Think like a human;

A perfect landing page copy will automatically insist visitors take action. The day you start seeing results, you have written a killer landing page copy. 

Tip #12. Publish Case Studies To Showcase Your Expertise

Case studies are the best way to show how your services help your existing client. You can share their reviews and how satisfied they were with your services. Not only this, you can share and demonstrate a lot about your services with the help of case studies. 

Case studies are actionable and help prospective clients understand how these tactics can help grow their businesses. You can ask visitors their email addresses within the case study to send case studies straight into their inboxes. 

You can use case studies as social proof. A perfect case study shows what the problem was and how you solved it efficiently on behalf of your client. This shows that you are an expert dealing with problems in your domain. 
Click here to view this video which can be helpful to choose amazing case study templates for your WordPress site.

Tip #13. Optimise Your Landing Page for Mobile

Today, more than half of all web traffic originates from mobile phones. Considering the fact that most users are going to visit your landing page from their smartphones it’s essential to optimise your landing page for mobile to let them easily see the page without any issues. 

If your landing page is not optimised for smartphones, users won’t be able to reach the subscription form. And this will lead to low conversions. 

Wrapping Up

For a brand, it is essential to build an email list on WordPress. Businesses use email lists as a backup plan. Even in the slow season, they have a list of customers interested in their products and services. 

We know that building an email list is quite a challenging task. But, the tips we mentioned to build an email list on WordPress will help you a lot in this process. These are proven and actionable tips on email list building.

So, start implementing these tips and record excellent results

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Nick Huss

Nick Huss is a digital entrepreneur and business enthusiast who is constantly seeking and testing new ways of doing business better. When not doing business Nick plays soccer, travels the World, and writes books.