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Funny email subject lines
Priya NainFeb 14, 2024 3:27:50 AM6 min read

Funniest Email Subject Lines That Drive Open Rates Up

In the crowded marketplace of the inbox, humor stands out. Funny email subject lines can significantly increase open rates by appealing to a reader's innate desire for a light-hearted break from the norm. The psychology behind this is sound: laughter triggers positive feelings, creating an instant connection between sender and receiver.

This blog dives into the art and science of using humor to capture attention and why a touch of wit can make your email the one they're excited to open. We have examples and practical tips on how to weave in comedy without compromising professionalism. Get ready to infuse your email marketing with a dose of fun that delivers results.

Table of Contents

Why Do Funny Email Subject Lines Work?

Humorous email subject lines slice through the monotony, spark curiosity and tap into the reader’s reward center. Let’s see how they accelerate your email marketing efforts.

  • Increased Engagement: Humor can pique curiosity, prompting recipients to engage with the content out of a desire for entertainment in addition to information.
  • Emotional Connection: Funny subject lines can evoke positive emotions, fostering a personal connection and brand affinity, which are key to customer loyalty.
  • Higher Open Rates: A subject line that makes someone laugh is more likely to be opened, as it stands out from the typical transactional or promotional language.
  • Memorability: Humorous content is memorable. A recipient who enjoys a laugh is more likely to remember the email and the brand that sent it.
  • Stress Relief: In a busy workday, a light-hearted subject line can be a welcome stress reliever, making the recipient more positively inclined towards the sender.
  • Viral Potential: Funny subject lines have the potential to be shared among colleagues or on social media, extending the reach of your email beyond the original recipient.

Examples of Some Funny Email Subject Lines

1. Blending Humor with FOMO

Subject lines that combine fun with a sense of urgency.

  • Tick-Tock: This Email Self-Destructs at Midnight
  • Alert: Your Cart's Having Separation Anxiety!
  • Whoops! Almost Missed This Email? So Did Your Chance at 50% Off!
  • Missing Out Might Haunt You More Than Ghosts 👻
  • Act Fast! These Deals are Slipping Away Quicker Than Your Socks in the Laundry!
  • Exclusive Peek: Deals So Good, We Almost Kept Them to Ourselves!
  • Like a Good Secret, This Deal Won’t Last Long

2. Re-engagement Emails With a Pinch of Humour

There is no better way to rekindle the old connection with customers than indulging in some giggles.

  • Miss Us? We've Been Lonely Without Your Clicks!
  • Long Time No See – Did You Forget Your Password or Just Us?
  • It's Not the Same Without You: Come Back for a Surprise!
  • Been a While! We Promise We're Still Cool 😎
  • Ghosting Us? Here's What You've Missed!
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Let's Reconnect Over a Deal!
  • Our Inbox is Lonely Without Your Replies 🥺
  • Like a Good Neighbor, [Brand Name] is There – Remember Us?

3. Invite for an Upcoming Event

A fun and catchy way to build hype and excitement for your event.

  • Mark Your Calendars: This Event is Cooler Than Your Fridge
  • No Couch Potatoes Allowed: Our Event is Too Exciting to Sit Through
  • Be There or Be Square - And Seriously, Who Wants to Be a Square?
  • Countdown to Awesome: T-Minus 3 Days to Our Epic Event!
  • Our Event's So Bright, You'll Need Shades 🕶️
  • Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept: Attend Our Epic Event!
  • This Event Is Trending More Than Cat Videos!
  • Join the Party – We Promise No Awkward Small Talk!

4. Sales Promotions That are Too Good to Resist

Add a funny twist to the subject lines, highlighting dramatically lowered prices.

  • Prices So Low, We're Practically Giving Stuff Away (No, Really)!
  • Our Sale's Bigger Than My Coffee Addiction – And That's Saying Something!
  • Breaking News: Our Prices Have Fallen and Can't Get Up!
  • Buy Now or Cry Later: Epic Deals Inside!
  • Prices So Sweet, You'll Think We Made a Typo!
  • Blink and You'll Miss It: Sale Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!
  • Shop Like You're Famous, Save Like You're Frugal!

5. Funny Subject Lines for Welcome Emails

A humorous and confident affirmation of the customer's choice to join.

  • Welcome to the Cool Kids Club – No Secret Handshake Required!
  • Rolling Out the Red Carpet Just for You
  • Congrats on Making the Best Decision Today – Welcome!
  • Welcome! We Promise Not to Spam You (Much) 😉
  • Welcome to the Party! BYO Smiles, We'll Supply the Deals.
  • You're One of Us Now! (Don't Worry, It's a Good Thing)
  • Welcome! Spoiler: We're About to Become Your New Favorite Email.

6. Smiles & Rewards for the Loyal Customers

Recognizes the customer's value with a witty subject line and promises a reward.

  • Thanks a Latte for Sticking With Us! Enjoy This Perk on Us.
  • You've Been Upgraded to VIP Status – Enjoy Your Reward!
  • Cheers to You! Here's a Toast, and a Little Something Extra.
  • Thanks for Not Unsubscribing! Here's a Little 'Stay-With-Us' Gift!
  • You've Stuck With Us Longer Than My Last Diet – Thank You & Enjoy This Treat!
  • You're Our Favorite (Shh, Don't Tell the Others) – Here's Your Reward!
  • Like Peanut Butter & Jelly, We're Better Together – Enjoy Your Loyalty Jam!
  • You've Earned More Than Just Brownie Points – Here's Your Sweet Reward!

7. Inform About Restocked Products With Playful Excitement

Add a touch of humor to emphasize the popularity of the restocked items.

  • Guess Who's Back? Your Favorites, Not Your Ex!
  • Back in Stock: They Missed You More Than You Missed Them!
  • Like a Boomerang, Our Best Sellers Have Returned!
  • Round 2: Missed Them the First Time? Here's Your Chance!
  • Back by Popular Demand: These Items Have Their Own Fan Club!
  • They're Baaack! More Sought After Than a Sequel to Your Favorite Movie!
  • It's Not Déjà Vu: These Bestsellers Are Really Back!"
  • Hide Your Wallets: Irresistible Items Back in Stock Now!

8. Invite Honest Feedback With Playfulness

A casual, friendly approach to ask for a customer review.

  • Spill the Beans: How Did We Do?
  • Tell Us: Love It or List It? Your Review Awaits!
  • Pssst... Your Opinion is Our Secret Ingredient!
  • Got 2 Minutes? That’s All It Takes to Drop Us a Review!
  • Did We Hit the Mark? Throw Us Your Review Dart!
  • Your 2 Cents Worth More Than Gold to Us!
  • Just Like Good Gossip, We Love Your Opinions!
  • Be Honest, We Can Take It (Really, We Promise)!

9. Maintain Positivity Despite Unsubscription

Add drama and humor to the unsubscribe process (in a good way).

  • Did We Push the Wrong Buttons? Let’s Make It Right!
  • It’s Not You, It’s Us: Can We Win You Back?
  • We’ll Miss You More Than Chocolate (And That’s Saying Something)!
  • Gone So Soon? Let’s Talk About It Over a Coupon?
  • We’re in the Corner Crying. Come Back and Cheer Us Up?
  • Oops! Did You Hit 'Unsubscribe' or Was It Your Cat?

10. Request Post Purchase Experience With Cheers

A creative approach to ask for detailed feedback on a customer's post purchase experience.

  • Love at First Buy? Rate Your Recent Purchase!
  • Rate Us: Are We 'The One' or Just Another Swipe Left?
  • We Hope We Made You Smile – Now It's Your Turn to Rate Us!
  • From 1 to 10, How Much Are You Crushing on Your Purchase?
  • Tell Us: Did We Hit the Sweet Spot or Miss the Mark?

Let’s Begin…

As we wrap up our journey through the skill of crafting witty email subject lines, remember the key to success lies in resonating with your audience.

But how do you ensure your humor hits the mark?

Here's where subject line A/B testing becomes essential.

Testing different versions lets you gauge what truly appeals to your customers, taking the guesswork out of your email strategy. This is where SendX shines, offering a user-friendly platform with robust A/B testing capabilities. With SendX, you can experiment with various subject lines, understand your audience's preferences, and fine-tune your approach.

So, as you craft your next campaign, leverage the power of A/B testing with SendX to truly connect with your audience.

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Priya Nain

A writer, content marketer, and editor with 4+ years of experience helping SaaS companies get users, and engage them. Nice girl, rarely mean.