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4 Quick Ways To Pace Up Email Marketing for Printing Services

The 3D printing and the digital drawing industry is a fast-growing industry with a valuation of $11.58 billion in 2019 making 3D designs a hot selling item on the rack!

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If you own a company in this segment, we don't need to remind you how important it is to get good leads on clients to propel your business in the right direction. Keeping this in mind,  it's paramount that you run an email marketing strategy that can help you generate more leads and drive sales.

So, let’s get started!

1. Defining the Plan

Define email marketing plan

First, make a strategy and set targets for your email campaign. As a printing business, you're ideally looking to aim for some of the corporates, so they use your business in bulk. There are a wide variety of services that you can provide them, but before all that, the first thing you need to fulfill is reaching out to them.

It will seem easy, but it is a crucial move. Consider what you want your email to accomplish. Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your website? Do you want to increase your sales? Or acquire 500 subscribers?

Setting straightforward, actionable objectives makes creating a strategy to achieve them much easier. As a novice, make objectives that are in your grasp. Rather than striving for 2,000 subscriptions in 30 days, focus on the first 100. You'll be inspired to keep going once you've accomplished your initial goal.

Remember that you want to keep adding new customers to your list even though you've met your targets.

However, you must not be discouraged by unsubscribers. It's normal to be upset when someone unsubscribes from your mailing list. We've all been in that situation. Make it a point to go into the campaigns knowing that this will happen at some point and still transform it into a positive experience. 

Whenever anyone unsubscribes from the mailing list, it simply means they aren't part of your target market. You will now devote more time to meeting the expectations of your loyal customers.

2. Showcase your Catalog

showcase your catalog

Printed catalogs are still among the most common resources for companies to sell their physical goods, even though we live in the digital era. They can be easily incorporated into any promotional campaign because they are easy to use and tactile.

A printed company catalog is a powerful tool for promoting your goods and services. With an excellently published catalog, you can quickly meet large audiences and capture their interest. 

As a printing business, you need to showcase your abilities, and an emailer is the best way to do that. It allows you to embed some of the best-printed art and other work that you've put out so that potential customers can use it smartly. 

3. Use Lead Magnets Wherever Possible

Use lead magnets

Consider the following scenario: Why should a customer sign up for your email newsletter? A generic "Join our Newsletter" line could pull in a few readers, but you'll need to attract your followers with a prime opportunity to jumpstart your category's growth.

Create a compelling opt-in application that continues to bring your bid in return for your visitors' email addresses. The form where users can join up for the mailing list is your opt-in form in online marketing.

As a printing business, one of the most lucrative spots where you can make money is bulk orders. If you can get a company to use your services to print bulk, then half your battle is already won. It's highly crucial that you're able to do this because only then you'll see some revenue or traffic from your email campaigns. 

What characteristics distinguish a strong lead magnet? Since you're offering a tangible object with printing services, a fantastic deal could be:

  • A discount on their first purchase (keep it about 10-15% to avoid losing too much money)
  • Subscribers only get exclusive offers.
  • First look at emerging goods and services

4. Showcase your Reputation

Although the information on your site is significant, there is another form of digital content just as important: online reviews. This can be an excellent way to use email marketing to showcase your brand's credibility. Online reviews for printing business are one of the only ways a new lead can understand all about your business and how they can use it to their advantage.

Most services, like print services, are also subject to online feedback. What people say about you in such comments has a significant impact on whether they want to work with you.

It all begins with your service. Recognize that your marketing is influenced by everything you are doing for clients. Customer relations must now be ingrained in a company's culture. When in doubt, prioritize the consumer needs. People will be blown away by your service.

Often, follow up with people and see if they want to write a review for you. Mention it in follow-up phone calls. Once they do, design it on the website, and you'll soon be able to see how much it can make a difference.

Best Practices

While the above tips are helpful enough to get you rolling with your first email plan, we don’t want you to lag behind on good etiquettes when you start your email marketing practice. This is why we’ve listed down a few best practices you can pursue to ensure that your recipients read your emails. 

  1. Unsubscribe mode: Clients must have the choice to opt out of your newsletters under the CAN-SPAM and GDPR rules. This is critical because they would only be allowed to select the types of emails they want to receive in their inboxes if they have this option.
  1. Organic expansion: You should expand your emailing list organically, using only intelligent marketing strategies. Organic email addresses can yield better results and real numbers, so don't rely on random lists to spam, as they will report you if you use their emails without authorization.
  1. Easy sign-ups: Since you won't be buying email lists, you'll want to make things as easy and appealing as possible for people to sign up for your newsletter. Here are some suggestions:
  • You should place Signup CTAs throughout your website or blog.
  • In addition to every other form where people enter their email address, have a pre-checked checkbox (such as a member registration or checkout page).
  • On your Facebook profile, have a signup form.
  • Tweet a link to your subscription page regularly.

Wrapping Up

With these tips, you'll be able to use email marketing to your advantage for your printing business. Your business needs to be managed on a platform that allows you to smartly integrate a slew of email additions, which can be done on an email service provider. The right email service providers make it easier for you to design and deploy emails quickly without worry. And, this is where SendX can come to your rescue!

Just ensure that the content you put out is interesting enough to read, with the opening message and the headers made attractive enough for a customer to open. Use these tips, and you'll soon notice the difference in the way customers engage with your printing business.

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