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Get A Dedicated IP
Take Full Control of Your Deliverability
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Get A Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP ensures that you are not sharing the email delivery infrastructure with anyone else.

A dedicated IP works best if you are sending consistently high volume of emails typically over 200k emails a month.

Best of breed email deliverability

Fully Control Your Email Deliverability

Since you are not sharing the IP with anyone else this ensures that you are in complete control of your email deliverability.

All this is managed by SendX for you.


Maintain Excellent Sender Reputation

Maintaining a healthy domain reputation requires comprehensive monitoring and improvement strategies. SendX helps ensure that.
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What is a dedicated IP in email marketing?

Emails need to be sent out from servers having public IP addresses. If exclusively your emails are being sent from an IP address, it is said to be a dedicated IP.

What is the difference between a dedicated IP and a shared IP from an email marketing standpoint?

Email marketing providers or Email Service Providers(ESPs) assign one or many IP addresses for your emails to be sent from. These IPs internally can send your mails along with mails from other senders. In that case, this IP is a shared IP. In case yours are the only emails being sent from an IP, it is a dedicated IP address.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated IP vs shared IP, for email marketing?

It is suggested to use dedicated IPs since you’d want your domain reputation and campaign performance not be affected by other senders in a shared IP. For example, if you are sending to corporate domains where IP address whitelisting is needed for regular email-sending, a dedicated IP is very useful.

On what basis should I decide if I should go for a dedicated IP for my business?

If you have a steady mailing volume and are sending over 100k per week, it is suggested to use dedicated IPs to send emails. Sending too few emails can reset the IP reputation over time.

Can I achieve full control over my email deliverability using a dedicated IP for email marketing?

Yes. Since you are not sharing the IP with a bad sender this ensures that you are in complete control of your email deliverability. But, if you have an irregular email sending pattern, it is suggested to use a shared IP to avoid IP reputation reset.

How many dedicated IPs will I actually need?

The need for IPs is determined by your list size and your practices. Most providers recommend 1 dedicated IP for every 25,000 to 100,000 emails you plan to send to at the same time.

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I have been shut down by email autoresponders who say I have violated affiliate policies when I know that I haven’t.

I have a bigger list now thanks to working with a CPA network and this is a friendly resource for me to use.

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80% opens in some campaigns

Our open rates are phenomenal. We get as high as 80% opens in some campaigns. We are using SendX for the past 2.5+ years. SendX works very well and perfectly fulfills the requirements of our marketing campaign.

Shreyas D.SendX User


Please use this tool once, I bet you won't shift to any other competitor.

Awesome tool for email marketing. It's too smooth, no training required if you have the basic knowledge.

Kartik W.Sr. Associate Customer Marketing

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