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It’s easier to turn a cat into a unicorn than turn emails into money.

But that’s what Drip, an eCRM software wants to help you do - turn your subscribers into customers.

It helps you run your online store profitably by helping you identify who your best customers by segmenting and tagging, get evergreen sales through automation & build user experience on top of a variety of integrations.

It has managed to build hype by positioning itself uniquely as self-proclaimed ECRM (e-commerce CRM)

Sounds fancy. But how much will you end up paying for fancy?

Let’s dive in.

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

Drip’s pricing is based on the number of contacts in your list and you get all features in all subscription plans. 0-2000 - $49/month  2000- 5000 - $122/month 5000-10,000 - $184/month

For more than 160K contacts in your list, they would want to talk to you and give you custom pricing.

It doesn’t have a forever free plan but you can get a 14-day free trial to access all the features.

Please note that this is the updated pricing. Earlier it used to be free for up to 100 subscribers but not anymore.

Free Plan? 14-day Free Trial
Lowest price plan $49/month
Charges for Unsubscribers? Yes, till the next monthly billing cycle
Discounts 2 months free with an annual subscription
Refund Policy No refunds
Price Compared to SendX 79% more expensive than SendX

Understanding pricing beyond just numbers

The range between these numbers of contacts also looks wide. It might be justifiable for 10K list business to pay $184 but the same doesn’t make sense for someone having just 5K+ subscribers.

Drip charges based on the number of contacts you have, so that’s a good start. So as your email list grows, your plan just upgrades automatically and all features stay the same.

It offers a set of good features but their cheapest plan is already quite expensive. And once you start building adding people to your list, this tool starts getting even more expensive, pretty quickly.

What do you get for this price?

For e-commerce brands, email marketing automation is crucial and that is something Drip does very well. You can build personalized customer journeys because Drip allows you to track contacts as they interact with your website in different ways.

While it offers social integrations and some Facebook advertising features, this isn’t one of the platform’s strongest areas.

Reporting and analytics are not that extensive but you get conversion tracking, email reports, customer journey overviews, customizable dashboards.

Drip still needs some work in improving the email editor which can seem to take a lot of time and effort. Even then you might not end up with ‘what you saw and what you got’.

People in your Account Vs Your Billing Plan

What is considered as ‘people in your account’ to count against your billing plan?

Our billing works on a high watermark system, which means that you are charged based on the highest number of active people in your account for the billing period and not the number at the time of billing.

If you delete people from your list or move people from Active to Inactive during your current billing period so that you can move to a lower plan, you are still billed for the highest number of people you had during that billing period.

After that billing period is complete, your plan will be downgraded automatically for the next month’s billing period.

Upgrades and downgrades

If your Total People count account exceeds the limit for the plan you signed up for, your account will automatically get upgraded to the next most cost-effective plan type based on the high watermark of active people in your account during that billing period.  

Likewise,  you’re paying more than you need to for your package, Drip will automatically drop you to a lower-priced tier.

How does the annual billing work?

As we mentioned before that you are charged based on the highest number of people in your account in the last 30 days. But how would it work if you are paying upfront for 365 days?
Let’s see

Annual billing works on a credit system. When you sign up for an annual plan, you are charged upfront 1 year's worth of credits to your account (based on the number of people in your account).

Then deductions from these credits happen based on your total usage at the end of your billing period. Whether you run out of your annual credits early, or on the 1-year mark, Drip will automatically continue your subscription and charge the credit card on file for another year of annual credits.  


You can request a refund for annual credits within 30 days of the purchase and within 45 days of the renewal of your annual plan. There are no prorated refunds for annual credit.

For a monthly subscription, you can request a refund for your most recent payment.

What is 79% cheaper than Drip?

It’s good that Drip provides a 14-day free trial period so you can objectively make up your mind about choosing it or not. But if you do choose it, you might have to give up all your lattes or cut costs on satin bows you use for packaging stuff for your customers, when the email marketing bill starts coming in.

Every platform will be able to send people timely emails but in order to pick which one fits your business and your pocket, we have to look further.

I would ask suggest request you to checkout SendX. It has a 14-day trial period and when you move to a paid plan, you will pay 79% less than what will you pay if you use Drip.

But… does SendX cut down features if it is so much cheaper?

Absolutely not. SendX has everything you need to run an e-commerce store or even your offline store. You get a better email editor, drip sequences, automation, library of templates to do more than ‘selling’ and actually engage with the audience. You can connect with WooCommerce or Shopify and put things on auto-pilot.

Join thousands of other companies and entrepreneurs at SendX and see how much you save with them. Click this shiny link for a 14-day free trial.  

Please note: We make our best effort to keep the pricing information updated but it might change on Drip’s official website and we might miss the memo. If you happen to know it and want us to update you with all fresh info, please do let us know.