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Email Marketing for Online Gambling

SendX provides email marketing for online gambling companies. No surprises, you will never be banned for being in the business you are in.

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Trusted By 100s Of Gambling Business Worldwide

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We support every business having a legitimate email list

No Surprises.
We Will Never Ban You.

We at SendX believe every business having a legitimate email list should be provided with tools to do email marketing. A more nuanced approach is required to provide the support for quality gambling startups to thrive and weed out bad actors using it for scam or fraud.

Targeting & Personalisation

Boost Open Rates.
Focus On Conversions.

Get upto 50% more opens and 23% more sales using SendX 1-Click Resend to Un-openers feature. Leverage Geo Send (email send optimization based on geo location) & Smart Send (email send optimization based on past open, click behaviour) to get better open rates. Use them to drive more conversions.

Grow the audience of your online gambling business

Build Your Email List

Build your online gambling email list using high converting email pop up forms, inline forms, and landing pages to own your audience.

  • Design your forms
  • Ready made themes
  • Integrates with any website
  • Reports to measure conversions
    and more...
Grow the audience of your online gambling business
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Even More Features to Brag About


Free Migration for Large Volume Senders

Looking to migrate to SendX but don't have time? High-volume senders qualify for free migration services. If your list size is 10,000 or more, we’ll help you recreate your old setup and list in SendX to make the switch as seamless as possible for you.



SendX integrates via API to Amazon, CRM, Zapier, and many other 3rd party services. Our REST-based API is fully documented and supported. Learn more about integrations.


Dedicated IPs Available

If you don’t want to share your sending IP with other users, we can assign you dedicated IP addresses and then help you warm them up. Here’s how dedicated IPs work.


Unlimited Teams & Users

SendX pricing is based on list size, not the number of users. As your team grows, we will never penalize you. Invite as many users and create as many teams as you need to be successful.


Deliverability Consulting

If your needs are more complex or if you have specific concerns around deliverability, we offer professional services. Contact our sales team to schedule a call.


Resend To Unopens

Resend email campaigns to non-openers with a single click by changing the subject line. Get more opens and reach more subscribers.


I belong to the gambling industry, will my account be accepted at SendX?

Yes, of course. We believe that if you have a legitimate business and you operate in conformity with the rules, there is no problem at all. So, build your own email list, don't abuse the system by spamming your list and we will provide you our best service in return for your good behavior.

How do I build my own email list, isn't that too much work?

 We know… we know. Someone shady told you that even with a cold list you could make good money. People will convert if you make them a good offer. But what do you prefer: annoy a lot of people and make a quick buck that you will have to spend a percentage to acquire another list OR create a relationship with the people on your list, gain their trust and earn repetitive customers?

We give all the tools necessary to capture those emails once people consent to give them to you. Like what? Oh ok, let me see - popup forms, inline forms, and landing pages. Awesome, right?

Will being in the gambling industry affect my email deliverability? Email deliverability is our game, we strive for perfection and we serve our customers with the best we know. With that out of the way, the answer is no. It will not affect it. Your behaviors might do it, so watch out and never forget the best practice.
What is the best time or days of the week to send emails about gambling? I can answer that, it will be one of the biggest lies you ever read. There is no answer to that really. You have to test, test and test. Luckily we got you covered - SendX has a bunch of tools that will make your test easier, like Geo Send (email send optimization based on geolocation) & Smart Send (email send optimization based on past open, click behavior) to get better open rates and on top of that you can do powerful segmentation and target in order to achieve your goals.
Can I test my subject lines before I blast it to my entire list?

Yes, you can. You can A/B test not just your subject lines but the other things in your email as well. And you can blast your emails to your entire list, but as I said before, we have a powerful segmentation, so use it. Email marketing is more effective when you send the right message to the right customer.

So, based on your last two answers: can I send an email or a sequence of emails based on actions a customer performs in my platform? I feel like you already are an expert in SendX. The answer is a loud YES. To send auto-triggered campaigns you need to create an automation rule and specify a trigger condition to send that email.

See What Users Have to Say:

Jayarajan J.Education Technology


This has increased our revenue drastically. After testing out SendX for 1 month it was clear that this is the right system for us. We went ahead with the full implementation and did a deep integration of SendX with our in-house CRM. I would recommend anyone who has a marketing automation use case.

Software Marketer


For the cost, SendX is hard to beat. Perfect for small businesses looking for automation tools such as landing pages, leadflows, embedded forms, email marketing, drip campaigns, etc. at a fraction of the cost.

Jon B.Marketing and Advertising


Try it. Speak to the guys who run it. They are so helpful. I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. I'm able to plan my launches. I've been able to generate more sales because of this. The team are also superb - helping me with my requests very quickly. I'm barely scratching the surface as far as using the software to its fullest extent.

JiteshGrowth Marketing Manager


You should definitely try this. If you're looking for something that is easy to setup and does not take a lot of time to learn, you should definitely try this.



Great support. Great content and handholding. The email marketing software space is super crowded but SendX truly stands out with its pricing and its continued focus on improving delivery. Be it bulk email or just pure play email automation, SendX has worked well for us. + Their pricing hits the sweet spot.

Mary Thomas P.Marketing Communications Coordinator


Even for a startup company, SendX's price is budget-friendly. SendX was by far the best option for my team to use for both lead generation and increase in subscribers. The drag-and-drop editor and list segmenting features were much better than some of the competitors I have used with other teams in the past.

Users in 93+ countries

Users in 93+ countries

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