Email Marketing Metrics


Key Email Marketing KPIs

Learn the 5 Key Email Marketing KPIs to track in your campaigns.
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Clicks Per Unique Opens

A ready reference to what Clicks per Unique Opens are.
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Unique Clicks Vs Total Clicks

Know the difference between Unique Clicks and Total Clicks.
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Click To Open Rates

Know how Click to Open Rates are calculated and learn how to improve them.
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Unique Clicks

Find here a few thoughts and tips on Unique Clicks.
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Click Rate Vs Open Rate

Understand the difference between Click Rates and Open Rates.
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Metrics To Understand The Status Of Your Emails

Learn the 5 top metrics to understand the status of your emails.
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Unsubscribe Rate

Learn what an Unsubscribe Rate is and how to calculate it.
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How To Reduce Unsubscribe Rate

Discover the 10 solutions to reducing email Unsubscribe Rate.
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Email Marketing Analytics

Discover the most important Email Analytics and how to measure them.
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Email Analytics For Better Conversions

Learn how email analytics can help you choose the right techniques, understand your leads’ behavior, and focus on the most effective features of your marketing campaign.
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