Get started with a click

Get started with a click

1-Click Install

You can install our WordPress email marketing plugin for enabling lead generation i.e popups, widgets on your blog, or WordPress website.

Integration is easy even for non-technical email marketers. There are only 4 simple steps to follow:

And you are ready to automate your email marketing!

Grow your audience

Grow your audience

Popups + Embedded forms

Build your email list using high converting email popup forms, inline forms, and landing pages to own your audience.

  • Hello bars: Sign up bar on top of your WordPress site. It has a one line message, a field to enter details and a button to submit that detail. 
  • Modals: Short popups that can appear on top of your page's content. It can be triggered by a click or after a few seconds of page load. 
  • Full Page Takeovers: These are full-page popups. These allow you to show your promotion, subscription form, or any other advertisement without any distractions.
Automate and Customise

Automate and Customise

Automated & Brand Aligned Marketing

Some of the benefits of using SendX integration:

  • With the popups and embedded forms, every new subscriber will be added to your mailing list without any of your intervention or monitoring. 
  • Send a series of welcome emails to your contacts or subscribe them to drip sequences eg: upsell funnel, using SendX automation.
  • Customize these according to your brand by changing fonts, colors, adding or removing the fields.

All SendX Features

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Reach your subscribers by sending unlimited email campaigns with best of breed email deliverability.
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Embedded Sign Up Forms

Embedded Sign Up Forms

Easily create elegant embedded email sign up forms to grow your email list. Choose from a variety of high converting themes.
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Email Drip Sequence Campaigns

Email Drip Sequence Campaigns

Nurture your leads with email drip sequences. Auto tag subscribers based on their activity and start, stop or exclude them from email sequences.
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Email Pop Up Forms

Email Pop Up Forms

Easily create beautiful pop up forms to grow your email list. Choose from a variety of high converting themes.
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Email Automation

Email Automation

Powerful automation tools to put your email marketing on autopilot.
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WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Email Editor

WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Email Editor

Design beautiful email newsletters even if you don't know HTML.
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Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP

Take full control of your email deliverability by using a dedicated IP for your email marketing.
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APIs [Javascript + REST]

APIs [Javascript + REST]

SendX APIs enable you to push events and add custom data to your contacts. Orchestrate email marketing automation using super simple Javascript and REST API.
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No credit card required. Instant setup.


Q: How can I install the SendX WordPress email marketing plugin?

A: You need to follow the below steps:
1. Activate the Email Marketing by SendX plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
2. Configure the plugin by going to the SendX page that appears in your Settings menu.

Q: What are the benefits of installing the SendX WordPress email marketing plugin?

A: The Email Marketing by SendX plugin for WordPress makes sure that even the non technical marketers can integrate SendX with their WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Q: What will it cost me to integrate my WordPress website with SendX?

A: There is no additional cost involved in integrating your WordPress website with SendX once you subscribe for SendX.

Q: How can I configure the SendX WordPress plugin in WordPress?

A: You need to perform the following steps to configure the SendX WordPress plugin in WordPress:
1. Download the Email Marketing by SendX plugin for WordPress.
2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New on the left side pane.
3. Click on the Upload Plugin button next to Add Plugins.
4. Click on Choose File and upload the plugin file that you downloaded. Click on Install Now.

Q: How can I embed a form on my WordPress Website or Blog in order to collect leads?

A: Firstly, you need to make sure you have the SendX Plugin For WordPress installed in your website. Then, on Submitting the Form in SendX, you will be taken to a page confirming that the Form has been created successfully. Below, you will get your own unique Embed Code. Copy that code, and paste it wherever you want to show the form on your website or blog. You now have your Form embedded into your WordPress website, all set to collect leads.

Q: How can I work with tables, charts and data management?
A: You can use a Wordpress table plugin to work with tables, charts, and data management. There are quite a few good tools out there, like

Q: What is a WordPress theme and how does it work?

A: A WordPress theme is a collection of template files that work together to provide all of the front end styling of your website. Here is an example of a website offering a corporate WordPress theme.

Q: What is the payout cycle for the SendX affiliate program?

A: Sure we can. You can easily implement giveaways for your email lists and in case you want to capture emails from your website offering some of these free resources, we have these emails pop-ups you can use to get the email, and then use automation to send the resource to the inbox of the new subscriber.

Q: Can you suggest some WordPress plugins to speed up the WordPress websites?

A: Yes. In addition to the free plugin offered by SendX, you can also try some suggested speed optimization plugins in WordPress to optimize website speed.

Other SendX Integrations


Connect with 1000+ apps and automate workflows using SendX's Zapier Integration.
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Connect SendX with Wordpress using our Wordpress plugin "Email Marketing by SendX". You can use this plugin to add SendX forms and pop ups on your Wordpress blog or site.
Use the Plugin

Medium (Via Upscribe)

Connect SendX with Medium using our partner Upscribe. This lets you add beautiful Upscribe forms on your medium articles and grow your email list. All the data, of course, syncs with SendX in real time :).
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Connect SendX with marketing automation software Intercom. This integration will allow you to push all your lead and user data from Intercom to SendX.
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Connect PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) with SendX. Use this data and run dunning and payment reminder email campaigns.
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Connect SendX with Stripe. This integration will enable data flowing from Stripe into SendX for analysis of a customer's Lifetime Value and tracking every transaction on Stripe. You can use this integration to run dunning and paymenemail campaigns.
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Do you run an online store using WooCommerce? Run personalised email campaigns by connecting your WooCommerce store with your SendX email marketing account.
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Do you run an online store using Shopify? Run personalised email campaigns by connecting your Shopify store with your SendX email marketing account.


Connect webinar software Demio. With this integration you can collect contacts from your SendX popups or forms for your webinars.


Connect your Pipedrive CRM with SendX. This integration will help you in pushing your email leads data from SendX to PipeDrive at the right time (using SendX automation rules).
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Connect SendX with visitor engagement software Convertbox. With this integration you will be able to collect leads from your ConvertBox forms and they will automatically be added to SendX.


Connect Samcart and SendX and push all the the data to SendX as soon as a customer is created or places an order on Samcart.
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Connect SendX with landing page software Instapage. With this integration you will be able to collect leads from your Instapage landing pages and automatically push them to SendX.
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You can use our JS API to add contacts and trigger emails or initiate drip sequences to them. JS API can also used to add tags based on user actions and update custom fields.
The API has only two functions and is super easy to get up and running.
Learn More


We have API clients present in the following programming languages along with detailed documentation and examples:
- Python
- Java
- Ruby
- NodeJS
- Golang
We also have a API playground where you can play without REST API endpoints.


What our customers say...

Jon Buchan Uses SendX for his Email Marketinge
"I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. The team are also superb - helping me with my requests very quickly. I have to say that SendX is the best email marketing software I have used till date."
Jon Buchan Uses SendX for his Email Marketing
Jon Buchan, Marketing Influencer, Founder @ CharmOffensive
Steve uses sendx for email marketinge
"I've been using SendX for about 11 months now. Can't speak highly enough about it. I was looking for an alternative to MailChimp - it's easier to use, and with more features. I think most impressively, the support has been excellent."
Steve uses sendx for email marketing
Steven K, Marketing @ Communicate Jesus
Furlenco uses sendx for email marketinge
"Great value at great price. I love SendX's ability to create segmented nurture streams based on products our customers are buying on Furlenco."
Furlenco uses sendx for email marketing
Sreeram - Marketing Manager @ Furlenco
Driverzy uses sendx for email marketinge
“Got amazing support from SendX team. They helped me setup the tool. Setting up drip campaigns is extremely easy and it is extremely easy to import/export contacts and setup campaigns. I can tell that this is easily among the best of all similar tools available in the market.”
Driverzy uses sendx for email marketing
J Dugar, Marketing @ Drivezy
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Users in 93+ countries

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