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Ensuring that newsletters reach your customers’ inbox on time is Email-Campaign 101. Despite following all the content guidelines to keep out of the blacklist, you might still face trouble with bounce-rate solely because your ESP is linked with an IP reputation that’s subpar. Low-rated IPs also increase the time taken for the e-Mails to reach your customers’ inbox. Iron out the basics by using IP reputation checkers, prior to starting off your E-Mail campaigns.


Senderscore provides a comprehensive score from 0-100 to monitor your IP Reputation.

           Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability is a great resource regardless of your score


Talos Intelligence ranks your IP reputation on a three-point scale; Good, Neutral or Poor

           Check out their real-time graphics & charts to get information on Email Reputation


If you manage your own domain, TrustedSource provides data on your Email & Web reputation.

           As with any other online tool, you must have an account to perform bulk actions.


Barracuda Networks works a binary scale. Your IP will be rated either “Poor” or “Good”

           Barracuda also maintains real-time data.


This tool by WatchGuard is the best one for larger enterprises.

           You can also check their virus threats data.


Linux magic provides BMS – Black List monitoring system

           Check their website for extensive information on what constitutes a good IP

7.    Other free IP check websites:

The websites below provide basic blacklist checks along with E-Mail & internet security products.





Spam Control has taken its toll on online legitimate marketing campaigns. Seeing your hard work not reaching its maximum potential is a sore sight. To avoid this, using an IP reputation checker on a regular basis is a must for every E-Mail Campaigner.

If you’d like to take the easy way out, SendX enables you to send bulk E-Mail and all these issues have been taken care of from scratch.