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Design Giveaway Campaigns & Lead Magnets

Grow your audience

Grow your email list

Grow Your Readership

Grow your readership by growing your email list. Easily design high converting email subscribe forms and landing pages.

  • Ready made themes
  • Integrates with any website
  • Reports to measure conversions
    and more...
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Create Giveaway Campaigns & Lead Magnets

Use free content to acquire more readers

Create Giveaway Campaigns & Lead Magnets

Want to give away a sample chapter of your upcoming book to get in front of more readers? With SendX you can easily create a giveaway form and hook it up with the email.

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Easily Create Engaging Emails

No knowledge of HTML required

Easily Create Engaging Emails

Design emails without HTML. SendX drag and drop editor is meant for authors to design professional looking emails with ease.

  • Pre-built email templates
  • Personalization
  • Count down timer, images, buttons
    and more...
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email campaigns

Reach your reader and subscribers

Reach Your Audience

Design, schedule and track email campaigns.

  • Send broadcast email campaigns
  • Send newsletters
  • Reports to measure clicks, opens and more...
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Drag & Drop Editor

Drag & Drop Editor

Design newsletters without HTML. SendX drag and drop editor is meant to design professional looking emails with ease.

Free Responsive Email Templates

Free Responsive Email

Get access to 50+ engaging and high converting templates for a variety of use cases.

Never get Stuck

Never get Stuck

Get 24x7 assistance from our Customer Success and Support teams. You no longer have to wait for days to get your support ticket answered. Get instant help on chat.

Unlimited Email Sends

Unlimited Email Sends

Every SendX plan comes with unlimited email sends to your opted-in subscribers. We only charge you for your subscribers. There are no hidden email limits whatsoever.

Best Of Breed Email Deliverability

Best Of Breed Email Deliverability

SendX optimizes your email campaigns based on 30+ parameters including past open behavior, timezone, domain name, email client, ISP etc.

Email Marketing Software with Free migration Service

500,000+ Free Stock Photos

Get access to more than half a million royalty-free stock photos for your next email newsletter.

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Q: Why do I need an email marketing tool as an author?

A: Well just subscribe to an email list of a successful author and you will notice why they use email marketing. They keep their name in your mind by showing up on your inbox at least once a month or maybe more when they have cool things to say. That approach usually creates loyalty or at least creates informed subscribers that know exactly when your next book is dropping.And you may use it to be close to your fanbase, responding to their queries, every single person would love some response from their favorites authors once in a while.

Q: I would like to tease my readers with some exclusive content or even the first chapters of my book when they subscribe. Can I automate the process?

A: Yes, you can. Set up drip campaigns for when people subscribe to your list to receive some bonus content like the first five chapters of your new book, one chapter a day, for example.

Q: I use my blog a lot and my content usually has a lot of comments, how can I grow my list with that?

A: What you are looking for are pop-ups that you can incorporate into your blog, we have several of them, we even have those less invasive on-page forms that you can incorporate into your blog posts so it can feel more natural for people. They are subscribing because they like what they are reading, after all.

Q: Usually, I use plain text emails to communicate with my readers, it's simpler to express my ideas. But sometimes I need a well-designed email to announce a book or an event, will I need to know HTML and CSS for that?

A: Oh my God no! If you know HTML and CSS, more power to you. But if don't… no worries, we got you covered. We have a simple to use drag-n-drop email editor, and if you don't have time to create something from zero, we have a plethora of email templates that you can choose from and tweak.

Q: Sometimes I use my book events to collect contacts from my readers. I would like to segment them on lists to send them nice things over the emails, like discounts or alternative endings of my book. If the contact is repeated in different lists, do I have to pay more?

A: We sure could make more money by charging for lists instead of contacts, but we DON'T do that. Segment your lists, and give your readers the best experience possible, the same contact on different lists still counts as one contact for us.

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Jon Buchan Uses SendX for his Email Marketinge
"I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. The team are also superb - helping me with my requests very quickly. I have to say that SendX is the best email marketing software I have used till date."
Jon Buchan Uses SendX for his Email Marketing
Jon Buchan, Marketing Influencer, Founder @ CharmOffensive
Steve uses sendx for email marketinge
"I've been using SendX for about 11 months now. Can't speak highly enough about it. I was looking for an alternative to MailChimp - it's easier to use, and with more features. I think most impressively, the support has been excellent."
Steve uses sendx for email marketing
Steven K, Marketing @ Communicate Jesus
Furlenco uses sendx for email marketinge
"Great value at great price. I love SendX's ability to create segmented nurture streams based on products our customers are buying on Furlenco."
Furlenco uses sendx for email marketing
Sreeram - Marketing Manager @ Furlenco
Driverzy uses sendx for email marketinge
“Got amazing support from SendX team. They helped me setup the tool. Setting up drip campaigns is extremely easy and it is extremely easy to import/export contacts and setup campaigns. I can tell that this is easily among the best of all similar tools available in the market.”
Driverzy uses sendx for email marketing
J Dugar, Marketing @ Drivezy
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Users in 93+ countries

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