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Reach your subscribers by sending bulk emails with SendX. Design, schedule and track bulk email campaigns at scale with excellent email deliverability.
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Send Bulk Emails

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Send Bulk Emails

Reach your email subscribers

Send Bulk Emails

Design, schedule and track bulk email campaigns.

When you need to communicate a message to a large number of people in your email list, bulk emails are the way to go. 
Want to send a newsletter that will be valuable to everyone? Want to send out an announcement about a new feature on your app? Want to promote a storewide sale? The solution to all these is bulk email.  
Once you have decided what you want to communicate and crafted your message, the next big thing is to actually get that into people’s inboxes and make them open it. Even if you have a compelling offer or most valuable content it would be unfruitful if it doesn’t reach your audience. 
If you are thinking all your emails actually get delivered to people’s inboxes then you are wrong. Your emails are never 100% delivered.
But the good news is that you have control over the delivery rate if you choose the right email marketing software. 
SendX offers a complete package to ensure that you execute your email marketing strategy with ease and get the best returns.

Excellent Email Deliverability

Best of breed email deliverability

Get Excellent Email Deliverability

We send millions of email marketing campaigns every month on behalf of customers. With powerful features for reputation, email clients like Gmail and Yahoo are less likely to flag your emails or stop from getting delivered. That’s why our delivery rates are the best in the industry.

Get upto 50% more email opens using SendX 1-Click Resend to Un-openers feature. Leverage Geo Send (email send optimization based on geo location) & Smart Send (email send optimization based on past opens, click behaviour) to get better open rates.

Send Bulk Emails And Do Reporting

Measure & grow

Intuitive Reporting and Analytics

We can talk at length about all the things you need to do to send bulk emails the right way, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how valuable or optimized your emails are if you can't see the outcomes of your efforts. 
That’s why SendX provides extensive reporting on your campaigns. You can also see click heatmaps which give you a quick visual insight into which CTAs are working. All of this can help you refine your strategy.

Email Marketing Software with Drag and Drop Editor and Free Templates

No need to know HTML to design emails

Design with Drag & Drop Email Editor

With SendX you can design professional-looking emails. Without knowing HTML. Without spending hours figuring out the user interface. All this is done with a library of templates that are beautiful and responsive. You can also see an instant preview for mobile and desktop screens.

SendX drag and drop editor is meant for marketers to design professional looking with ease.

  • Pre-built email templates
  • Personalization
  • Count down timer, images, buttons
    and more...
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Send Bulk Emails with great customer support

Never get stuck

Fast Customer support

With highly responsive customer support on phone, email or chat, SendX assures that your questions are answered promptly and you don’t get stuck at any point in your journey. 
Whether you are a small business or a large organization, you can be more efficient with bulk emails and connect with your audience beyond transactional emails.


Smart Email Campaigns

Send smart email campaigns that get upto 2X more opens using SendX's Opti-Send technology.
We ensure that your emails are optimized for opens.

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Geo & Smart Send

Send Geo optimized email campaigns. No more fiddling around with the campaign timezone. SendX is smart enough to know what is the best time to send email campaigns.

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Email Marketing Software with Free Stock Photos

500,000+ Free Stock Photos

Get access to more than half a million royalty-free stock photos for your next email marketing campaign.

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1-Click Resend to Unopeners

Increase your open rates by upto 50% by resending your email broadcasts to non-openers with a different email subject line.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get custom reports and detailed analytics about how your emails campaigns are performing. Email open, click and reply rate are all at your fingertips.

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Auto tag subscribers based on pop up they subscribe to or data they have filled. Send automated thank you email or drip nurture emails to educate & nurture them.

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Q: How can I send thousands of emails without spamming?

A: For that you need to follow the best practices to avoid getting spammed, like cleaning up your contact list regularly, avoiding spam-trigger keywords, avoiding image-only emails and more. For a detailed list, you can refer to this blog. And of course, by using a good bulk email tool like SendX.

Q: What is the best time to send a bulk email?

A: By using SendX’s smart-send feature, you can optimize your broadcast campaigns according to your contacts' open activity. You can then send them that email according to the time they are most likely to open that email based on data collected by SendX in the past.

Q: How many emails can I send using SendX per day?

A: You can send unlimited emails using SendX per day. SendX does not restrict the emails you can send per day in any way.

Q: What is considered a mass mail?

A: A mass mail is a process of sending the same email to your complete email list. And it also goes by the name broadcast, bulk email or mass email. An email blast is sent to the entire list vs a segmented one, not targeted or personalized, and sent at the same time to everyone.

Q: How can I measure the success of my bulk email marketing campaign in SendX?

A: You can measure the success of your bulk email marketing campaign in SendX by measuring the click to open rates, click-through-rates, open rates, bounce rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates. You can read more details on this topic here.

Q: What are the benefits of bulk email marketing?

A: Reach your audience at scale anytime you want with a high ROI. If you use google/facebooks then you spend a lot of money. Compared to that, email marketing will make you big bucks because a relationship with the opted-in subscriber already exists.

Q: How can I send bulk emails for free?

A: By bulk email, if you mean more than 10000 emails, then it is mostly paid across all ESP’s. In this case, you would do well to try SendX, which is one of the most affordable solutions for this out there.

All SendX Features

Email Marketing Features - Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Reach your subscribers by sending unlimited email campaigns with best of breed email deliverability.
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Email Marketing Features - Embedded Sign Up Forms

Embedded Sign Up Forms

Easily create elegant embedded email sign up forms to grow your email list. Choose from a variety of high converting themes.
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Email Marketing Features - Email Drip Sequence Campaigns

Email Drip Sequence Campaigns

Nurture your leads with email drip sequences. Auto tag subscribers based on their activity and start, stop or exclude them from email sequences.
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Email Marketing Features - Email Pop Up Forms

Email Pop Up Forms

Easily create beautiful pop up forms to grow your email list. Choose from a variety of high converting themes.
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Email Marketing Features - Email Automation

Email Automation

Powerful automation tools to put your email marketing on autopilot.
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Email Marketing Features - WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Email Editor

WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Email Editor

Design beautiful email newsletters even if you don't know HTML.
Learn More

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Email Marketing features Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP

Take full control of your email deliverability by using dedicated IP for your email marketing.
Learn More

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Email Marketing Features - Advanced Reporting & Analytics

APIs [Javascript + REST]

SendX APIs enable you to push events and add custom data to your contacts. Orchestrate email marketing automation using super simple Javascript and REST API.
Learn More

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Best email marketing software
"I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. The team are also superb - helping me with my requests very quickly. I have to say that SendX is the best email marketing software I have used till date."
Jon Buchan Uses SendX for his Email Marketing
Jon Buchan, Marketing Influencer, Founder @ CharmOffensive
Alternative to MailChimp
"I've been using SendX for about 11 months now. Can't speak highly enough about it. I was looking for an alternative to MailChimp - it's easier to use, and with more features. I think most impressively, the support has been excellent."
Steven K, Marketing @ Communicate Jesus
Great value at great prices
"Great value at great price. I love SendX's ability to create segmented nurture streams based on products our customers are buying on Furlenco."
Sreeram - Marketing Manager @ Furlenco
Easily among the best of all similar tools available
“Got amazing support from SendX team. They helped me setup the tool. Setting up drip campaigns is extremely easy and it is extremely easy to import/export contacts and setup campaigns. I can tell that this is easily among the best of all similar tools available in the market.”
J Dugar, Marketing @ Drivezy
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Q: We see this all the time, accounts from people in the crypto industry getting banned from email marketing services, will SendX do the same to us?

A: No, Jesus Christ no! If your business is legal and you play by the rules, there is no problem at all. Use your email marketing like any other business use it, don't spam your email list and we will all be friends.

Q: I have this ICO coming and I need to spread the word, should I buy an email list to start?

A: ICOs are about trust, right? So why do you expect people to trust you and take on your ICO if you are going to show uninvited to their inbox offering some crypto that they never heard about?
Don't buy a list, grow it instead, create a community first.

Q: This crypto & blockchain industry moves fast, a lot of changes every single day and we would like to keep our subscribers informed about them, how often should I send emails?

A: The one million dollar question. Think like this: if it is relevant it is not spam. As long as your list thinks that the message is important, informative, and entertaining it should be ok. But instead of sending an email every single time you have something to say, just let them become like 3 or 4 things before you blast an email.

Q: Ok, SendX won't ban me, but will my email deliverability be affected because of my industry?

A: From our end? No! We will provide you with our great service, you are really proud of our capacity to deliver emails. Like we already said: play by the books and you will have a great experience. We promise.

Q: I have this strategy of communicating with people according to their skills - a message to a crypto veteran would be different than a message to someone that is still learning his way in the crypto world. Can your platform segment contacts?

A: You can automate everything if you like to, but we all know that you need that human touch from time to time. So you can automate things like welcome messages when someone sign-ups to your list, a thank you email when someone donates, your newsletter so people can be informed, or even a drip-email campaign to explain to the people what you are about.

Q: I am truly a fan of gut feeling, but sometimes I don't like to leave things to chance. Can I test my subject lines before I send my emails to all my subscribers?

A: Sure. That's why we have the A/B test feature because we understand that sometimes just creativity won't cut it. When in doubt put your subjects lines to a test, send them to a small percentage of your list and see how it goes.

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