Email Marketing

Use Cases

Email Marketing Packages

A quick reference to sell your Email Marketing Services with SendX as a tool and create recurring revenue.
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CRM Email Marketing

Integrate email marketing with CRMs like Zapier, Intercom, Pipedrive and others.
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Email Autoresponder

Put your email marketing on autopilot mode using SendX automation.
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Wordpress Autoresponder Plugins

Discover the top 5 Autoresponders for WordPress with features & pricing.
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Amazon SES Email Marketing

Know how to go about connecting SendX with Amazon SES and do email marketing.
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High Volume Email Marketing

Learn what high volume Email Marketing is and the best practices to send high volume emails.
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Send Bulk Emails

Learn how to design, schedule and track bulk email campaigns at scale.
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Send Email Newsletters

Reach your subscribers better by sending beautifully crafted email newsletters.
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Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Learn how tocreate and send better email marketing campaigns in order to maximize your ROI.
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Email Response Rates

Learn the 8 strategies you can use to help you increase email response rates.
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Video Email Marketing

A guide on why and how to use video in your email marketing efforts.
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Email Marketing Pricing And Plans

Discover the 3 major factors that influence the cost of your email marketing, and how to plan and budget better.
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Email Marketing Funnel

Learn how to build and email marketing funnel with 8 examples of emails in a sales funnel.
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Affiliate Income

A guide on how to increase your affiliate income via email marketing.
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Asking For Reviews Via Email

Discover the techniques you can adopt to gather insights from current and prospective customers.
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Cart Abandonment Infographic

Learn why cart abandonment occurs and why cart abandoners are more likely to buy with re-marketing.
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Permission Based Email Marketing

Learn why permission-based email marketing is good for your business, and how to get permission.
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