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Email Marketing for Manufacturers: Things You Must Know


If you are a manufacturer who has landed on this page looking for better ideas to leverage email marketing, you have already taken the first crucial step.

What is that? Acknowledging how necessary email marketing for manufacturers is!

email marketing for manufacturers
Email marketing for manufacturers

Manufacturers, cutting across domains and niches, have traditionally refrained from email marketing as there is a general idea that garnering leads from this channelis difficult & resource-consuming. 

Well, that is not true. In fact, with a proper email marketing strategy that is designed to supplement other modes of marketing, your sales team will have another potent weapon to help your company stand out.

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It is estimated that by 2025, more than 4.6 billion email addresses will be active. This multitude of active Internet users is a blessing in disguise; it helps you narrow your target audience and succinctly deliver your message.

A recent survey by HubSpot identifies how the manufacturing industry seems to be on the rising front when it comes to generating results via email marketing. The average open rate for manufacturers was at 23%, higher than industries like media, business, and even electronics!

So, what’s the secret sauce?

Are some industries not inherently suited for email marketing? Do some entities try and oversell their wares? Do some companies lag because their sales pitch is too loud and too pushy?

There are several answers to these FAQs. Meanwhile, let us quickly show you why you, as a manufacturing company, should focus more on email marketing now than ever before.

Why Do Manufacturers Require Email Marketing?

Manufacturer email marketing

Manufacturers have to stay relevant in a market that witnesses increased competition every year. They must appeal to their present- and potential- customers to remain connected with them. Most importantly, they must nudge a customer entering the sales funnel to complete the transaction.

This next section deals with a few of them.

1) Sales processes are dynamic/unpredictable: Ask any sales manager if the tactics they use now are different from those they used five years ago, and the odds are that they will agree! A good example is the personal hygiene market.

Pandemic-stricken consumers flocked to buy disinfectants, antiseptic wipes and sprays, masks and plastic baggies, and a whole family of handwashes across the world. Reliable reports suggest that the global personal hygiene market will touch the US$ 2.3 billion mark by 2027.

If this proves anything, it is that product sales do not generally follow a set pattern. When you engage in a nuanced email marketing plan that is spread across seasons and covers the entire year, your customers are in the know of what you are offering and when.

2) Improves organic traffic figures: Your company requires organic traffic to thrive; email marketing is a great way to attract it. For this, however, the emails you send have to appeal to the recipients. Enter personalization. Once you segment your customer base, each such group must receive different emails framed unlike one another.

Once this happens, you can make the end-user feel special. There are more chances of word-of-mouth publicity. 

3) Email marketing is affordable and brings better ROI: You will find several studies which suggest more than 300% higher ROIs using email marketing. There is no other marketing channel that even comes close to such numbers.

4) Such campaigns can be automated: This is a superb advantage that is often overlooked. Using services like SendX, for example, you can set up a pre-programmed emailing strategy. At certain intervals, customized emails will be delivered to the inboxes you wish to reach out to. 

It certainly does help you save time which you can utilize on strategizing and adding more value to these emails.

Add More Value to Email Marketing

Now that you have a better grasp on the why you need to identify the how

Like every other marketing strategy, this one takes time and sustained effort. It also requires imagination and an understanding of your target demographic. 

Let us give you a few pointers to make the most out of your digital campaigns.

1. Segment Your Target Audience According To Who They Are And What They Want

Your target audience is a complex network of individuals who are often completely unlinked.

For example, here are some sections of people who might express interest in your products:

  1. Decision-makers: They are mostly the top-level management of other businesses. When you’re drafting an email for them, stick to the barebones template because they will probably know about the market as much as you do.
  2. Influencers: Influencer marketing is currently adopted by a whopping 86% of global manufacturing giants, reliable surveys suggest. Also, Forbes estimates the influencer marketing industry will break the $22 billion mark by 2022.  

        Brands like Nivea, Nike, Bonobos, Sephora, Amazon’s Audible & SmarTrike have used influencers to good effect.

         Short on budget?

         Take a shot at Nano-influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and the flock. An ideal email to influencers must include a description, pros & cons, and customer reactions.

         Plus, nano-influencers have better engagement rates!

    3. Influencers very close to conversion: These are customers who have almost made up their minds but still have questions. You should tailor your emails to encourage them to ask what’s on their minds.

       Don’t push them; goad them

2. Focus On Your USPs First

This might seem like a generic pointer, but it’s essential for manufacturers like you.

Consider a scenario:

Your company manufactures eco-friendly LED lighting solutions meant for every home and every budget. The LED industry worldwide will be worth more than $90 billion by 2022. Your rivals include giants like Mouser Electronics, Bisco Industries, OSRAM, JKL, & NPR Global. 

What do you do?

Compile a list of advantages your products possess. They can be longer service lives, better illumination, a slew of models for homes to businesses & everything in between, reliable customer service, and a lower price tag.

Compile these USPs, assimilate them in the emails, add raw data or third-party, independent reviews, and send them to a selected group of consumers. 

3. Educate Your End-users

This strategy takes time; still, it is an avenue worth trying. You can embellish your emails with many outbound links to other well-established and popular websites where they can read blogs, articles and skim through technical content. 

We suggest that you redirect your audience to only cornerstone websites; National Geographic, The Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, etc. Such an email should start with your latest launches, then with these educative links, followed by a subtle CTA.

When done right, such an email can work wonders.

Just do not be condescending!

4. Weave Stories & Incorporate Pop Culture Wherever Possible

Storytelling is an art, and it goes well with long-form communications like emails. 

Instead, appeal to your recipients’ needs and how your products can realize them. 

For example, if you manufacture a range of toys inspired by Marvel/DC comic book heroes, you can time the emails to coincide with the release of their big-ticket movies.

Never forget or underestimate the power & the magnetic pull of live-action movies of the superhero genre. 

Get this: the DC movies (and their animated counterparts, TV series, games, collectibles & other media) have amassed more than $5.5 billion globally

And they are not finished yet!

Before We Part…

Before we leave, we would encourage you to go for an email automation software suite such as SendX - one of the best service providers for this purpose out there. The marketing software has everything you require: High-quality images, templates, storage, world-class customer service, audience segmentation, and much more.

Once you have a grasp of what you are doing, improvise. Keep it simple! Got any questions, advice, or suggestions? Do let us know!

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