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Email Marketing for Florists: 5 Quick Tips to Increase Your Client Base

Being a florist, you must have ensured a setup that caters to all people who need to make a statement with flowers, be it attending a prom night or getting a bouquet for someone's big day. You have begun your business believing that your quality of service will draw in busy customers.

Florist email makreting

Of course, you have tried using traditional marketing strategies such as asking customers for referrals, getting your setup advertised in newspapers and magazines, social media platforms. You might have also invested good money to create a beautiful website for your business. Even after so much, you cannot achieve good results. 

Does this situation sound relatable?

If yes, there is nothing too strange about this. In this age of technology and digital marketing, it would be too much to expect your customers to reach out to you for your service quality. So, what can be the solution here?

A fruitful technique, which can answer all your worries would be email marketing. From keeping your customers updated about your business to help you identify and reach out to your potential customers, it can be the best-suited way to achieve your business goals.

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Some Easy Email Marketing Techniques for Florists

Now that you have decided to get into email marketing platform for your business, it's time you have a clear idea of certain aspects. These include the people to whom you would send the email, the content of the email, and ensuring all other sides so that the strategy doesn't go wrong.

We know you're already thinking about - "what should you write in these weekly or monthly emails?" Though you may feel that you might run low on information to disseminate to your subscribers, in reality, there are a good number of things that can be conveyed via email!

If you're still not sure how to go about it, here's something to help you start. These smart email marketing techniques can help you increase your client base in no time. Let’s get started! 

1. First Things First, Build an Email List

Even before you delve into building a great email list, you need to make sure that your business website's landing page is exceptionally user-friendly and leads the customers to an easy sign-up page. The steps involved in the sign-up process should not be too long as that may drive away your subscribers.

After this, get into building your email list. A great strategy, right at this point, would be to send your new subscribers some nice and warm welcome messages. In these emails, inform your readers about your business, and do not forget to add some good pictures. 

2. Personalization is the Mantra!

No matter how far you have reached with your content plan, always keep personalization in mind. That's because not all your customers or subscribers will need the same kind of bouquets or require the exact offers simultaneously. 

Therefore, put in some diligence here and keep track of the subscriber data. With this, get into sending mail to your customers, making them feel special and get them thinking that you are responsible for their needs.

To draw a vivid idea, you can follow Teleflora's marketing trends, a renowned florist brand in the US. They get in touch with the customers via email, where they send warm greetings along with informing them about the collections they hold all around the year.

3. Your Email Copy Needs to Create a "wow" Moment

Without flowers, our earth would have been a duller place! And, now, it's time you put this beauty into use to spice up your business. Incorporate some beautiful images of your collection to create a soothing and comforting email copy. 

But, only adding pictures will not get the work done. Create engaging copy along with actionable CTAs that nudges your customers to go further down the sales funnel. 

For inspiration, look at how popular floral companies such as or Proflowers send beautiful floral email copies to their customers. Not only does it look enticing, but it also resonates with their brand perfectly! 

4. Never Forget to Inform Your Subscribers About Special Offers

The beauty of flowers is such that you can use them in all events, be it a birthday or a wedding or funeral. Therefore, keep offering your customers good discounts on bouquets that sell best during a specific season.

Or, if you want to become a little innovative here, then provide them tips on the flowers they can choose according to the occasion. Along with these tips, try offering discounts on referrals, special festive offers. Over time, these regular discounts will of course keep them running back to you.

5. Keep the "Unsubscribe" Button Available

While you get into your email campaign, you need to ensure that you send emails to relevant and interested customers. In this way, you will know that your strategies are healthy, and your potential customers are those who get into action after receiving the emails and, in return, get you new subscribers. 

And, the best way to achieve this would be to have a clear "Unsubscribe" option. By this, the ones not interested will no longer block places in your email list. 

Having an unsubscribe option readily available also helps your customers understand that they have a free hand in leaving whenever they want without being constantly spammed. Already dealing with your emails being marked as spam? These solutions should help.

Key Takeaway

Be it a floral business or any other; you need to be dedicated to fight the challenges and achieve your goal. A full-proof strategized email marketing can help you a long way in reaching your goal.

Getting to follow the above steps can be overwhelming if you're a newbie, but you'll be surprised to garner impressive results in a short time. Still, if things sound crazy, try using email marketing software, which can help you manage all your work.

One such software that can cost-effectively ensure good results is SendX. This email marketing software is intuitive, feature-rich, far more economical than other reputed giants, and what's more, it comes with a 14-day long trial provision. 

With SendX, you can enjoy complimentary access to high-quality email templates to help you impress your subscribers. Moreover, it comes with a highly user-friendly interface that can help even a novice drive solid ROI in a few clicks. 

Not a techie when it comes to HTML? Not to worry, our drag-and-drop email editor feature can help add a professional touch to your email campaign. 

What are you waiting for now? Make the best use of email marketing strategies with this software and set a great example in the floristry industry. 

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