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Priya Nain

A writer, content marketer, and editor with 4+ years of experience helping SaaS companies get users, and engage them. Nice girl, rarely mean.

Blog Post by Priya Nain

Priya NainMay 1, 2024 5:26:24 AM10 min read

How to Promote Your Crypto Project

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, standing out from the crowd ...
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Priya NainApr 25, 2024 8:03:28 AM10 min read

Increase Salon Profit Margins With an Email Marketing Platform

Are you tired of watching your profits get snipped away by high overhead costs and ...
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Priya NainApr 19, 2024 5:12:36 AM8 min read

Email Marketing Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

It's no secret that physical stores today are up against significant challenges. With the ...
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Priya NainApr 11, 2024 5:48:24 AM6 min read

Nurture Real Estate Leads With an Email Marketing Platform

In the world of real estate, nurturing leads is crucial for success. This process ...
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Priya NainApr 4, 2024 9:37:17 AM8 min read

Use Email Marketing to Drive Business for Car Repair Shops

Think about the last time you received an email from a business that genuinely caught ...
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Priya NainMar 27, 2024 6:21:46 AM9 min read

How to Build a Community With an Email Marketing Platform

Building a community is about more than just gathering people together. It's about ...
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Priya NainMar 21, 2024 6:59:44 AM9 min read

How to Use Emojis in Your Marketing Emails (With Examples)

In the world of emails, where every message is fighting for a moment of your attention, ...
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Priya NainMar 13, 2024 8:19:42 AM9 min read

Email Marketing Benchmarks You Need To Know

To truly harness the power of email marketing, it's crucial to understand how your ...
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Priya NainMar 7, 2024 7:48:43 AM8 min read

What Is An Email Nurture Campaign, And How To Run A Successful One?

An email nurture campaign is a series of emails strategically sent to guide potential ...
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Priya NainFeb 29, 2024 6:37:36 AM7 min read

5 Best Practices to Maintain Perfect Email Compliance

Email marketers are constantly navigating the complex landscape of regulations and laws, ...
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Priya NainFeb 27, 2024 7:32:01 AM8 min read

Urgent Email Subject Lines - Do They Actually Work?

Urgent subject lines have become a common strategy in email marketing, aimed at catching ...
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Priya NainFeb 22, 2024 1:39:39 PM6 min read

How to Fix Your Email Blast Subject Line to Boost Conversions

'Last Chance'
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Priya NainFeb 14, 2024 3:27:50 AM6 min read

Funniest Email Subject Lines That Drive Open Rates Up

In the crowded marketplace of the inbox, humor stands out. Funny email subject lines can ...
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Priya NainFeb 7, 2024 7:31:27 AM6 min read

Notification Emails: Examples and Best Practices

Email notifications are like personal assistants: smart, nifty, and incredibly efficient ...
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Priya NainJan 31, 2024 8:45:00 AM5 min read

What is Email Warmup, and Why Is It So Important?

Warming up your email is like stretching before a marathon—it's essential, but often ...
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Priya NainJan 23, 2024 6:15:02 AM8 min read

Email Drip Campaigns 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Engagement

Ever felt like your inbox had a mind of its own, serving you just what you needed at the ...
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Priya NainJan 18, 2024 10:07:19 PM8 min read

Aesthetic Email Design: Making Your Emails Beautiful

Since the dawn of the digital age, emails have been the go-to RSVP for connecting with ...
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Priya NainJan 16, 2024 6:15:10 AM8 min read

Crafting Irresistible Subject Lines with A/B Testing

Your subscribers have an inbox crammed with your competition and you have about 0.5 ...
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Priya NainDec 19, 2023 7:37:34 AM6 min read

How Can Online Course Creators Leverage Email Marketing?

As an online course creator, your mission extends beyond just imparting knowledge. It's ...
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Priya NainDec 13, 2023 2:35:18 AM7 min read

How to Implement the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy for Publishers

In a world where content is king and everyone is a publisher, how do you make your voice ...
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Priya NainDec 6, 2023 5:32:54 AM7 min read

What is a Triggered Email, and How Does it Work?

If there's one type of email that can provide 3 benefits at once — enhance customer ...
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Priya NainNov 27, 2023 11:33:27 PM7 min read

Timed Popups - Definition and Examples

Timed popups are a specific type of popup window that appears on a webpage after a ...
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Priya NainNov 23, 2023 2:35:04 AM7 min read

What is a Deferred Email, and How Does it Work?

Deferred Email refers to an email that has been temporarily delayed by the recipient's ...
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Priya NainNov 16, 2023 8:15:00 AM11 min read

10 A/B Testing Ideas For Your Email Campaigns to Optimize Them For Best Conversions

In email marketing, you might be tempted to test everything from your subject line's word ...
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Priya NainNov 9, 2023 4:40:05 AM8 min read

Understanding A/B Testing for Email Marketing (Definition and Best Practices)

As email marketers, we constantly juggle with design aesthetics, captivating copy, and ...
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Priya NainOct 31, 2023 3:47:57 AM7 min read

AMP Email 101: Definition, Examples, and Use Cases

While traditional emails have long served as a static medium of communication, AMP ...
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Priya NainJul 26, 2022 4:48:51 AM6 min read

6 Common Reasons Why Email Authentication Fails

Did you know that one of the top reasons for emails going to spam is that email ...
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Priya NainJun 13, 2022 10:32:00 AM6 min read

The Top 5 Crypto Mining Software In 2024

In recent times, cryptocurrency has become a household term. Crypto trading has seen a ...
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Priya NainJun 8, 2022 11:57:33 PM8 min read

3 Unconventional Crypto Marketing Campaigns That Work Every Time

Crypto marketing solutions will grow from $4.9 billion to $67.4 billion by 2026. That ...
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Priya NainJun 2, 2022 8:27:02 AM9 min read

12 Inspiring Examples For Crypto Token Marketing Campaign

Despite crypto being the new buzzword, many people chicken out when taking action.
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