A Beginner’s Guide For Crypto & Blockchain Marketing

The crypto and blockchain marketing space is exploding with numerous information sources and endless opportunities. 

But, in the times when every software company is launching their cryptocurrency and are being snapped up left and right by major corporations, it’s crucial to navigate the landscape effectively.

Whether you're about to launch a blockchain initiative or rebrand your crypto startup, you can use this guide to figure out the best approach.

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This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about crypto and blockchain marketing– including why you should invest in it, how to make a successful crypto and blockchain marketing strategy, and how to convert customers into advocates.

Let’s get started and see the best approach to building a strong crypto community across the internet.


What is Crypto and Blockchain Marketing?

Crypto and blockchain marketing aims to promote and sell the services of a crypto or blockchain product. To do this, the marketing strategy and efforts are focused on raising awareness about the product, engaging the audience, and driving the growth of the business.

Crypto and blockchain marketing is different from any other product marketing because it demands more data-driven analysis and technical understanding to shift public perception. 

While the world has woken up to crypto, there are still some who haven't. Or are confused with the whirlwind of information. Your efforts should speak to such customers to stand apart from your competition.


What are Popular Types of Crypto and Blockchain Businesses?

1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The products that allow their users to deal with regular capital and cryptocurrencies are called exchanges. 

They charge a nominal fee for each transaction and let the users convert their assets in real-time.

Example: Binance, Coinbase

2. NFT Marketplace

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are crypto-assets created with blockchain technology. Each NFT asset is identified with its unique identity code and metadata.

Platforms that allow the selling and buying of these assets among the public are called NFT marketplaces.

Example: Blockdaemon, OpenSea

3. Crypto and Blockchain Informational Websites

Since cryptocurrency and blockchain can seem complicated to the audience and hinder them from taking any action, some businesses set out to tackle this problem. 

They create a digital platform, usually websites, where they break the complex topics into digestible bites. People reach out to them for a better understanding and insights into the current trends.

Example: Coindesk, CoinMarketCap

4. Cryptocurrency Mining Business

Mining is generating and transacting cryptocurrency with the help of decentralized computer networks. 

And some mining softwares lets the users consume their resources to scoop verified cryptocurrency.

However, since many countries have banned cryptocurrency ownership and mining, the audience needs to be adequately analyzed.

Example: EZ Blockchain, CGMiner

5. Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies thrive when people buy or sell them. If your business has its own cryptocurrency, then marketing it becomes even more crucial for keeping it a hot stock.

Example: Dogecoin, Tether


Why is Traditional Marketing Ineffective for Crypto and Blockchain Businesses?

1. Customer’s Skepticism 

It’s clear that technology can’t be stagnant, and every invention will take its time to become routine for the users.

So is the case with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This relatively new technology is still warming up its audience, and therefore you can see some doubts and hesitation among them to invest in it.

And since your prospects aren’t entirely convinced or educated about these buzzwords, you can’t rely on traditional marketing strategies to convert them into customers.

"Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.”

alan-kay -Alan Kay

2. Inadequacy of Paid Advertising

Due to a significant increase in crypto and blockchain scams worldwide, tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have revisited their ad operations for this industry.

It has introduced stricter guidelines and verification checks for ads to reduce scam instances. But its effects resonate among genuine businesses, too, whose outreach is significantly restricted due to this.

Crypto scammers ripped off a whopping $14 billion in 2021.

3. Strict Regulations

Many countries are still deliberating over the effects of introducing cryptocurrency. That’s why they have implemented restrictions on the advertising of crypto businesses.

For example– India’s advertising council has banned the terms like ‘currency’ and ‘securities’ from being used in the ads. It has also asked every social media post to have a disclaimer added that informs the audience about the risks of transactions.

In such scenarios, the marketing options get further diminished for the crypto and blockchain businesses.

4. Unpredictable Market

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are new and undergoing constant changes because of policymakers. 

Amidst the industry's volatility, you can’t wait for a long-term crypto marketing strategy to work. You have to be quick on your feet and stay updated with the latest market news to work on a daily plan.


5. Cost-Intensive Process

Cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses need an analytical eye for effective marketing. That means you have to onboard an expert in your team for this. 

The cost of hiring the expert and executing the marketing strategies itself leads to mighty expenses.




How to Build a Successful Crypto and Blockchain Marketing Strategy?

The Crypto and blockchain market is seeing fierce competition, and you can’t expect to stay ahead of it unless you have a solid plan.

That’s why it’s essential to take a step back and evaluate your marketing strategy before you start the execution.

1. Know Your Target Audience

It sounds easier than it’s done. Many crypto businesses fail just because they aren’t selling to the right audience.

Start from the basics like gathering demographics, key purchase drivers, and aspirations. Then use artificial intelligence to drill down the behavioral pattern of your ideal customers.


2. Research and Stay Updated

The best place to start your research is by checking what your competitors are doing.  

Explore their website, blogs, and social media to see what new value they are offering to the customers. 

Also, subscribe to industry newsletters to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the crypto world.

3. Rely on SMART Goals

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

These are highly important to prioritize your tasks, have more precise goals and track your progress.

Unless your goals pass all of these parameters, keep working on creating better ones for yourself and your team.


4. Choose Right Marketing Channels

No matter how much resources you spend, if you are betting on the wrong marketing channels, it isn’t helping your business much.

Sell where your customers are. Mix and match relevant mediums like emails, blogs, podcasts, etc., to boost your brand outreach.

5. Leverage Your Creativity

There isn’t a hack to success for crypto businesses.

You’ll have to experiment, innovate, and unlearn certain things to shine through the competition. Building your crypto marketing strategy around customers will reap great benefits, so use referral and loyalty programs to attract customers.

6. Track Your Performance

Use clear and accurate metrics to track the performance of each marketing effort to monitor your progress.

Unless you spare some time for this, you won’t realize what needs improvement and which strategy works for you.

You can learn in detail about crypto marketing strategies through this link.



Why Should You Invest in Unconventional Crypto Marketing Strategies?

Crypto and blockchain businesses need to go beyond the product to make their way among the audience.

Since cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts rely on community support for authentic information, it makes perfect sense for you to invest in being a part of such online communities. It will build trust for you among the audience, eventually leading to better conversions.

Also, unconventional crypto and blockchain marketing strategies are highly effective and affordable, making them usable even by businesses that have just started budding.




Crypto and Blockchain Marketing Ideas

Most of the time, cryptocurrency and blockchain customers are updated with the industry news. 

It’s both good news and bad news. Since your target audience is already aware, you might have to work less, but it also means you’ll have to figure out new ways to provide them with something new and of value.

Here are some promising crypto marketing tips you can try right now.

1. Optimize Your Website

Your website is the first thing any prospect will visit to authenticate you.

  • So, start updating your website with the latest information and an appealing interface.
  • Include vibrant images with structured information blocks.
  • Build an extensive resource section with relevant blogs and case studies.
  • Include client testimonials to build trust instantly.

2. Write Guest Posts

Collaborating with other crypto and blockchain businesses is a great way to tap into a wider audience without spending additional resources.

You get a platform where you can connect with the audience to convey your message effectively. 

  • Research the relevant businesses who aren’t your direct competition but share the same audience as you.
  • Send requests to write a guest post for them.
  • Prepare a suitable topic that the platform’s audience will enjoy reading and where you can subtly plug your services.
  • Add necessary hyperlinks to your website to bring the traffic home.

3. Manage Brand Reputation

Since crypto businesses run on trust, it’s essential for you to build and manage a positive public image.

  • Regularly check your online reviews. Revert to all positive and especially negative ones to accept accountability or explain your side of things. 
  • Provide case studies and customer testimonials on your website.
  • Hold public events, seminars, and social cause campaigns to connect with the audience.
  • Hire PR for conducting press conferences and publishing news pieces.

4. Introduce Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is connecting with other marketers or businesses and offering them a commission for every product sale done by them.

  • Enroll the marketers who have a significant customer base.
  • Discuss and decide the sales revenue portion you’ll be handing as commission.
  • Ensure that the marketers are sharing truthful information about your product.

5. Network With the Experts

Connect with the right professionals in your industry to learn and upskill yourself.

  • Use social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to find like-minded people.
  • Attend fairs and events to meet new people.
  • Invite experts for an interview session or a quick discussion about cryptocurrency or blockchain.

6. Use SEO 

Search engine optimization is a skill you can learn to improve the visibility of your content and website to make it rank higher in the web search results.

It helps your audience find you easily before clicking on a competitor’s link.

  • Investigate the search terms and keywords.
  • Analyze your competitors for their keywords.
  • Use long-tail keywords to build more relevancy.

7. Record Podcasts

People might get bored and overwhelmed with all the written words. So, you can amp up your marketing efforts with different content formats, like podcasts.

  • Bring the relevant people to share their opinions and insights.
  • Keep the podcast exciting and short for easier consumption.
  • You can promote your business in the podcasts to boost conversions.

8. Create Message Groups

Chat groups on platforms like Telegram are popular among crypto and blockchain users to get instant updates and information.

  • Telegram bots can help you quickly answer the user’s queries if combined with FAQ banks.
  • You can even blast information to all the subscribers with a click.
  • Telegram keeps your communication secure and safe from snoopers.
  • For inspiration, some telegram channels you can follow are Crypto.com, DeFi million, and Binance English.

9. Maintain Regular Communication

If you want to instill trust among the audience, it’s important to maintain frequent customer engagement. 

It not only keeps you fresh in their memory but also helps you share relevant information on a timely basis.

  • Use email marketing or email blasts to reach your audience quickly.
  • Share your success and news about upcoming projects with readers.
  • Engage on platforms like Reddit and Quora by answering cryptocurrency or blockchain questions.
  • Post on social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Medium, and use available features to churn popular forms of content.

10.  Announce Airdrops

Airdrop is a popular crypto marketing tactic where free crypto tokens are distributed to some people if they have completed some tasks or are just part of the community.

  • It’s a great initiative to build loyalty and brand awareness.
  • Keep the tasks short and simple so that more people can engage and participate.
  • Use Twitter or other public platforms to announce airdrops with necessary details. It will give more coverage to the contest.
  • Ensure that you are delivering your promise.

You will see a lot of freeloaders engaging with the announcement who might not be serious customers. You’ll have to be cautious and filter the leads accordingly.


By no means is this an exhaustive list. These are some of the ways you can build your brand credibility and reach your target audience.

If you want to dive deeper and explore some more tips, you can check the details here.



How Does Crypto Email Marketing Work?


You must have heard a lot about the benefits of email marketing, and chances are you must already be using it for your crypto business.

But unlike other businesses, crypto email marketing needs special attention because of the following reasons.

  • Many ESP (email service providers) don’t support complete services for crypto businesses.
  • You might not have an updated mailing list of your subscribers because crypto users don’t trust unknown brands with their personal information.
  • And even if you get the above two sorted, you might get stuck when it comes to actually designing an email that drives conversions.

First of all, let’s start with the right tools.

Research the market for the ESP that provides a fully functional system to crypto businesses. You can try Sendx, which can help you automate your email sequences and send unlimited campaigns in a few simple steps. 


1. Decide the Email Objective

Customers aren’t always interested in buying more.

So, sending only offers and discounts can quickly irk them. To ensure customers look forward to reading your email, make it a bit unpredictable.

Use your emails to educate, inform, as well as entertain the reader.

You can also segment your mailing list based on the customer journey for sending personalized messages.

Based on your intent, decide whether you want to go ahead with designing a newsletter, promotional email, or just fun engagement content for your subscribers.

2. Structure the Outline

An email outline decides what needs to be placed where in your email. It will differ depending on what kind of campaign you are running and its goal.

You can segment your mailing list based on their buying journey for sending personalized messages.

For example–send newsletters to your existing customers to maintain their interest. You can send some offer notifications to the prospects who abandoned the website without making a payment.

3. Craft a Compelling Copy

Note that the copy of an email starts right from your subject line. If that’s not piquing the reader’s interest, they won’t even open the email to see what’s in it. 

While writing an email subject line, keep the 4 Us in mind– unique, urgent, useful, and ultra-specific. You can use any of these Us to write an enticing subject line.

Moving to email content, ensure that it’s concise with ample breathing space. Add images to break the monotony. 

Add a strong CTA (call-to-action) that guides the reader toward the next steps.

And most importantly, maintain your email resolution for proper visibility on mobile devices.

If designing emails gives you cold feet, too, you can use your email service provider's drag and drop functionality to create emails quickly. You can even take a shortcut by using pre-built responsive email templates.


4. Measure the Metrics

“You get what you measure. Measure the wrong thing, and you get the wrong behaviors.” - John H. Lingle

The real test is when you start analyzing your performance with suitable metrics.

To up your crypto email marketing game, use at least the common indicators like:

  • Open Rate: how many people are opening the email to read it?
  • Click Rate: how many people clicked on the CTA in the email?
  • Conversion Rate: the number of people who finished the purchase.
  • Unsubscribers: people who chose to opt-out from your future email communication due to low interest.

"You get what you measure. Measure the wrong thing, and you get the wrong behaviors.”

john-h-lingle -John H. Lingle

The real test is when you start analyzing your performance with suitable metrics.

To up your crypto email marketing game, use at least the common indicators like:

  • Open Rate: how many people are opening the email to read it?
  • Click Rate: how many people clicked on the CTA in the email?
  • Conversion Rate: the number of people who finished the purchase.
  • Unsubscribers: people who chose to opt-out from your future email communication due to low interest.

Learn from those who have successfully designed some crypto marketing emails. Here are 12 inspiring examples of crypto token marketing that will get your creative juices to flow.



5 Best Recommended Crypto Marketing Agencies

A crypto marketing agency can take off your burden and kickstart your growth journey.

But it’s only possible if you have given proper thought to choosing the right marketing agency.

The notable agency will combine the power of able resources and tools to meet your requirements. You can also check what other people are saying about it online through reviews. It will give you an honest picture to make your decision. 

We have curated a list of the 5 best crypto and blockchain marketing agencies to make this easier for you.


1. NinjaPromo

Established in 2017, it assures success with crypto marketing strategies like PR, influencer marketing, and brand building. It's popular clients are TrustWallet, Polkadot, and BitForex, among others.


2. MarketAcross

A PR and branding agency that has successfully marketed crypto companies like Binance, Etoro, and Tron.


3. Coinbound

It’s one of the rare crypto marketing agencies that leverage the power of social platforms also like Reddit to scale their clients. It deals with marketing NFTs, crypto businesses, and DeFi. Its popular clients are Nexo, Voyager, and Okcoin.

4. Blockchain App Factory

It can be your one-stop solution for all crypto and blockchain marketing needs. It provides full-stack services for NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICO, to name a few. Its popular clients are DasCoin and Dash.


5. CryptoPR

CryptoPR manages strong public relations by building a positive reputation that can generate leads. It has helped businesses like HSBC and NFTTech to scale their crypto business.


You can also refer to this list for more crypto marketing agencies.



Final Thoughts

Crypto and blockchain have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It creates a perfect opportunity for businesses to fan customers' interests and help them with exactly what they need at this point– more reliable information. 

But it’s an unpredictable market; the trends might change today or tomorrow. However, if you have got your basics covered, you can come through the other side and enjoy a loyal customer base who ardently promotes your services.

To ensure that happens, start small and be persistent with the efforts. Remember, starting over from scratch is worse than failing and knowing what will not work.

So, get going today with Sendx’s 14 days free trial and push your goals toward the finish line with a dedicated crypto marketing email campaign.