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Click to open rate (CTOR) is the measure of who opened your email, and clicked on a link inside your email copy. One of the significant and essential metrics to measure, click to open rates helps you understand how interesting your campaign was or what improvements you should make to engage your subscribers.

Track this metric closely across all/or each email campaign (if you send different types of email) to analyze and make improvements to your content marketing strategy.

How are Click to Open Rates Calculated?

Click to Open Rates are essentially the comparison between the number of clicks and number of opens.

Let us say, you got 120 clicks and 150 opens then your CTOR is 80%.  While average CTR ranges between 20% - 30%, this is bound to change depending on your industry. Check this chart from Campaign Monitor, which examines CTOR across different industries.

Why should you measure CTOR?

CTOR is the best metric to understand how your content is performing. A subscriber would want to click on your CTA only if the copy has been relevant or attractive. So, higher the CTOR better is your email copy.

In addition to content, other factors like the quality of your email list, email address of the sender and the day/time you send the email also influence CTOR.

How to improve Click to Open Rates?

Here are a few quick tips to optimize your CTOR.

  • Personalize your emails as it is one of the best ways to get your subscribers to respond to your email. Observe your readers' actions and interests in the past, send automated emails that match their needs. Check these 5 Email copywriting tips for creating engaging content.
  • Use responsive email templates and optimize your emails to render perfectly across any device.
  • Choose the right email marketing vendor (ESP), like SendX which can help you with the correct support and valuable insights to improve your CTOR.
  • Include specific and prominent Call to Action. Your CTA is the heart of your email campaigns. So choose the right placement, with action-focused words and the right color to entice the user. You can also consider using animated GIFs in your email campaigns, which can boost engagement.
  • Ensure that your copy is crisp and brief, especially if you are sending plain text emails. If you fail to capture the attention of your audience in the first two lines of your email, you will end up losing them.
  • Segment your audience list. Observe your subscriber’s behavior and send an email that they would want to read/respond to.
  • Finally, review and compare your CTOR across campaigns. This will help you gauge how relevant your content is towards the campaign. If your CTOR is high, then you can be confident that you're providing quality content and offering to your audience. However, if it’s low then it's time you take a relook at your content marketing strategy.