Email Marketing for Art Galleries - A Beginner's Guide

Artists are constantly searching for avenues to promote their work, and art galleries are the most popular platforms for it. As an art gallery owner, you will always be hosting art exhibitions, and you need to be able to attract the best artists’ work, so that you may put it on display and for sale.

In order to cater to the patrons’ appetite for aesthetic fulfilment, the kind of art you put up, whether it is paintings, figurines, crafts, or even hand looms needs to be top class.

Sure, you may have a great platform where you can collect the best art for display and sale. You have even created a superb website with a history of your previously successful art exhibitions, and vivid pictures and descriptions of the artwork on display in your art gallery.  But is that enough to earn sizable profits?

The fact is that people don’t enjoy investing too much time and effort in finding a place which they need to personally visit and buy things - even artwork. It’s not much of a priority anymore. In such a situation, how do you remotely attract art patrons to visit your art gallery? The challenge is really to make them come.

The answer to this challenge is email marketing which fetches an astounding return of investment of 4200%.

Here’s how you can attract the best artists, art dealers, and visitors to your art galleries using email marketing.

1. Easy Sign Up Process

Leverage your gallery’s website content and place a really easy to sign up form on your landing page. Offer them something like a postcard or a high quality image of a new painting in return for signing up. Just make sure you deliver it in your welcome email and the emails that follow.

2. Design and Send Great Content

As an art gallery, your content will probably be curated. But this shouldn’t stop you from designing it well and making it really attractive. An efficient email editor which you can use without having to learn HTML will do the job.

You will not be short of great quality images of artwork as an art gallery, but the challenge is designing emails that will really catch the reader’s imagination. Readymade email templates can come in really handy for this.

art gallery email marketing
Email marketing for art galleries

3. Nurture your Leads

Not all readers are ready to buy. So instead of directly adding a call to action to purchase, you need to gently prepare your readers to buy. A drip email campaign can work wonders.

Pro tip: Regular email newsletters are a superb way to keep your audience engaged.

4. Segment and Personalize

All artists, patrons and pretty much all email recipients want to feel that they are special, and in a way, they are. So make sure you show that you respect that. Using email personalization techniques will help you nail it. Sending the right content to the right audience at the right time will really skyrocket your email marketing efforts.

5. Optimize for Mobile

More and more people are viewing their emails on mobile devices. So even if your emails look great in your editor at first glance, chances are that they won’t look so great on the reader’s mobile device. Do this part well by optimizing your emails accordingly, and your readers will be really happy with you.

6. Avoid Spam Traps

Your emails will go to spam if you do not follow the email marketing best practices. Most of them are based on common sense and easy to follow. But knowing them and executing your campaigns in line with them to ensure good email deliverability is critical.

7. Comply with the Law

Make sure you know the laws around sending emails, such as the CAN-SPAM Act. Provide an easy to find unsubscribe button and a hassle free unsubscription process, which will ensure that your email list is kept clean and consists of interested readers only.

8. Know How your Email Campaigns Performed

There are quite a few key performance indicators to help you know how you fared with your email campaigns. Some top email marketing KPIs are bounce rates, open rates, and unsubscribe rates. Once you are able to measure the success of your email campaign, you will be in a position to work on your content and revise your approach.


Wrap Up

As an art gallery, once you get yourself an easy to use email marketing software, the next step is to execute your email marketing strategy that really works. We recommend that you try SendX, which comes with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

So go ahead and impress your target audience with great emails, and help them develop a taste for the artwork you are selling, and they will be happy to visit your art exhibitions.



1) Why do art galleries need to go for email marketing?

Email marketing fetches an astounding return of investment of 4200%. You can attract the best artists, art dealers, and visitors to your art galleries using email marketing at a very low cost.

2) What are some top strategies that we can adopt as art galleries to maximize returns from of email marketing?

To get the best results out of email marketing, as an art gallery you need to look at the following things:

- Build an organic email list

- Designing articulate email copies with high quality and relevant images

- Segment and personalize your emails according to the customers, whether they painters, sculptors, etc.

- Maintain your email list by cleaning it regularly.

3) How can I build a great email list for my art gallery?

In order to build an organic email list for your business, you need to have an email sign up form on your business landing page. But to actually get the visitors to sign up, you need to offer some incentive, like a discount on tickets to an exhibition - something that saves them time and money.

4) What kind of content should we send as art galleries, to our subscribers?

As an art gallery, your content will probably be curated. But the challenge is designing emails that will really catch the reader’s imagination. Readymade email templates and using a WYSIWYG editor can come in really handy for this.