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Email campaigns are the first digital marketing format, but longevity doesn’t make the strategy any less vital or relevant in 2020. On the contrary, emails still dominate the marketing landscape and generate standout results.

According to the report, a typical business earns $42 from every dollar invested in email marketing. It’s a sensational ROI, but how do you get to the point that you can run email campaigns like a true digital marketing expert?

You can do it in many different ways, but we will give you seven highly practical tips on how to act like an email marketing expert or will remind you of important things if you are one already. Let’s take a look!

1. Write Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

You only get one chance to make the first impression, so you better take advantage of it. The only way to do it in email marketing is to write attention-grabbing subject lines and encourage recipients to read your messages.

What makes a standout subject line?

First of all, it must be short enough for a user to see it in its entirety. Jake Gardner, a copywriter at the  essay paper, says it should not go above 40 characters: “That way, every user on every device will see the full line of text.”

Secondly, a subject line should be direct and informative. Leave no room for confusion and doubt, but rather show receivers’ the reason to read your email immediately. Bryan Clayton, CEO at GreenPal, has the same opinion: “You really need to put yourself in the mind of your customers when crafting your emails”.

Please refer to the examples below to make sure you implement it in a proper way:

Good subject line: 3 email marketing trends you must know (all relevant information is included).

Poor subject line: GET RANK ON FIRST PAGE IN GOOGLE (too general, no context).

2. Segmentation Is Mandatory

Stay an expert, small nuances do make a difference. One size fits all is not a sustainable strategy in email marketing. On the contrary, a much better solution is to segment the audience and craft content according to the needs of a specific target group. A report even reveals that marketers who used segmented campaigns noted a 760% increase in revenue.

There are all sorts of segmentation options, but the most common tactic is to divide subscribers into different units based on their position in the sales funnel. Of course, you can also do it according to customers’ interests, niches, and so on.

3. Write Effective Email Copies

When you segment the audience properly, it is much easier to write effective email copies. You should always take into account a professional point of view. A great message is clear and concise and it leaves no room for misunderstandings.

The goal is to structure the message properly and divide it into a number of shorter paragraphs. You can make bold or highlight keywords in order to help users skim through the text effortlessly.

Besides that, we suggest inserting the so-called power words to your copies. These are the words and phrases that influence customer behavior and inspire people to take action. For instance, words such as premium, discount, because, free, and similar ones have proved to work well in email marketing. Find some effective email copywriting tips here.

4. Send Triggered Emails

Triggered emails are not generic and random, but rather personalized in a way that suits a given consumer. You can automate your emailing system and let it send messages as soon as it notices a predefined trigger.

For instance, you can send a welcome email to the new subscriber to explain what your business is all about and what they can expect from your newsletters. Another option is to send retargeting emails to people who abandon your shopping cart.

As an example, Jeff Moriarty, the Marketing Consultant at Jmoriarty Marketing, shares his experience, that even to set up an automated email sequence for a specific customer, that includes an invitation for a phone call or online demo of the product  may bring a great outcome and will be highly valued by a customer.

The bottom line is that triggered emails reach users at the right moment, so they are most likely to react positively to your message.

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5. Beware of Timing and Scheduling

Speaking of sending a message at the right moment, you should also keep in mind the issue of timing and scheduling. Why is that so?

Well, if you send messages randomly, you can hardly maximize the effect of your campaigns. This is exactly why email marketing experts analyze the habits of their subscribers to figure out the best time of day to send emails.

Apart from that, it is also useful to create a schedule and send emails periodically. For example, you can send a newsletter once a week – it’s enough to keep subscribers interested in your business, but it’s not overwhelming or intrusive.

6. Improve Campaigns with the Right Tools

The 21st century marketers cannot function without a whole range of tools and apps, so you definitely need to select the finest options for your campaigns as well. Sujan Patel, co-founder of WebProfits, a growth marketing agency, confirmed the importance of the right tools to make sure your emails actually reach your intended target. We can give you a few interesting suggestions:

  • Mailchimp for email marketing management and automation
  • Dissertation writing services for effective copywriting
  • SurveyMonkey for the creation of email-based opinion polls
  • Constant Contact for smarter decision-making in email campaigns
  • SocialPilot for combining social media and email marketing.
  • SendX, if you are looking for an intuitive and affordable email marketing software

7. Don’t Add More Than One CTA

Finally, the last tip on our list is to leave room for one call to action (CTA) exclusively. Some marketers make the mistake of adding two, three, or even more CTAs. This confuses the audience and makes it wondering what to do after reading a message, so they usually end up taking no further steps.

You should be smarter than that and concentrate on a single goal. It’s good to repeat your CTA throughout the copy, but make sure that it’s the only invitation to action your subscribers will see.

Also make sure you include the proper links and your links work. For example, you send an Email with broken links and you miss the opportunity if the customer decides to go for your CTA or visit your website. According to Mary Cochran, Co-founder of Launching Labs Marketing, if the links don’t work, you may as well not send the email.

The Bottom Line

Email campaigns are a mandatory business tool, but they demand a lot of strategic thinking and flawless execution. And to execute them well, you need a good email marketing software. We recommend SendX, which comes with a 14-day free trial, and no credit card is required.

This is a robust list of tips and tricks, but there are plenty more you could use to gain great results. But most important is that using the tips we discussed above, you can easily nail being an email marketing expert and  make the most of your email marketing campaign.

Will you seize the opportunity and start planning email marketing campaigns like an expert?  You will be able to help your business thrive in the long run. Just remember to make sure that all your emails are reaching the subscribers, that you're producing and delivering personalized content, and that you're constantly generating new ideas.