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Click-through rate or CTR is a significant metric that gives you an idea about the performance of your email marketing campaign. There are two types of Click-through rates - Total Click-through Rates (TCTR) and Unique Click-through Rates (UCTR).

Total Clicks or Total Click-through Rates - It is the total number of times your subscriber has clicked on the links in your email copy.

Unique Clicks or Unique Click-through Rates - Whereas unique clicks are the total number of subscribers who have clicked on your link only once.

For example, if 10 recipients have opened your email and three of them clicked on the links inside your copy twice, then your total clicks are 6 while unique clicks would be 3.

Effectively, this can be the measure of clicks you had received for the link from multiple devices, or from subscribers who are revisiting the same link out of attraction and popularity. Total Click-through rates thus give you an idea about the repeat engagements and retainment of your subscribers. Measure this metric to know the traffic generated by your email campaign.

While Unique Click-through rate helps you get a clearer picture about your audience - their interests and what it takes to convert them.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to check Unique Clicks while using SendX