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If a subscriber clicks on the link inside your email copy at least once, then it is counted as a Unique Click. When he goes back, revisits the same link, it won’t be counted as a unique click this time. In short, multiple clicks do not attribute to unique clicks.

Let us say you’ve sent an email campaign to 20 recipients and 10 of them have opened it. Of these 10, three individuals click on the link inside your copy twice while the other two clicks on the link only once. The total unique click, in this case, is only 5.

Here you can find more details and the difference between Unique Clicks and Total Clicks.

Total clicks

Few thoughts and tips on Unique Clicks

  • Unique clicks vary from campaign to campaign. Your initial campaign might have a higher unique click whereas the following ones might reduce. This phenomenon is quite natural as people get excited when you roll out a newsletter and the interest drops over a while. A right email marketing tool like SendX with a blend of efficient customer support and valuable insights from working with many businesses can help you better here.
  • Another efficient way to improve your unique click rate is to focus on your content or email copy. Here are 5 tips that can help you create engaging content and retain your subscribers.
  • Unique click rates can help you understand your audience - their interest, requirements, attitudes, and behavior. This can further help you segment your audience and achieve more conversions.
  • Efficient and effective newsletters for the right audience can help you boost your unique click rates. Here are a few types of email newsletters with examples of content and audience that you can try.