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Unique clicks definition and calculation

What are unique clicks?

Unique clicks are the total number of subscribers that have clicked on any link in your campaign. It does not count how many times each subscriber has clicked on a link.

Even if a subscriber clicks on the link twice, it will be counted only once.

Total clicks definition and calculation

Total clicks are the total number of clicks received on your campaign. These clicks can come from the same subscriber or different subscribers.

Multiple clicks from a single subscriber will be counted as many times as the link is clicked.

Unique clicks will be less than or equal to the total clicks.

Examples of difference between Unique Clicks and Total Clicks

Example 1:

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume 1 subscriber opened the email and clicked on it 6 times.

In this case,

Unique clicks = 1 (Repeated clicks are not counted as unique)

Total clicks = 6

Example 2:

Now, let’s assume a total of 4 subscribers opened the email.

Out of those 2 people clicked the link only 1 time.  The other 2 clicked the link twice each.

Unique clicks = 3 ( Remember the definition above Total number of subscribers that have clicked on any link in your campaign )

Total clicks = 1+1+2*2 = 6

Why Unique & Total Clicks Are Important?

Unique clicks & total clicks help you to understand if your email content was engaging and exciting enough for people to take further action.

Unique Click-through rate helps you get a clearer picture of your audience - their interests and what it takes to convert them. Total Click-through rates thus give you an idea about the repeat engagements and retainment of your subscribers.

Both of these metrics are part of the Click-Through-Rate metric that you will see in most analytics dashboards, like in the image below:

Total Clicks vs Unique Clicks
Unique Clicks and Total Clicks

Here’s a step by step guide on how to check Unique Clicks while using SendX.