Ever been waiting in line to get into a club and the bouncer didn’t let you in for some oddball reason? Well, spam filters are somewhat like the unreasonable bouncers for an E-Mail Marketing Campaigner. But, fret not! Because there’s a workaround. Your influential friend, a spam checker! Spam checkers help you analyse if you’re going through the tunnel to reach every customer, or if it’s going to get spammed. All you have to do is run-by your campaign E-Mail through the spam checker along with the subject line, and it will help you improve your hit-rate (not at the club!).

Image Credits: Mailgun

There are a host of spam checkers available online.

GlockApps provides you with real-time valuable suggestions, to help you get through the fine mesh. You can detect and fix potential issues, and also evaluate your online spam reputation before you send the message out for delivery.

IsNotSpam is yet another tool with the same capabilities that provides an in-depth report for your newsletter. IsNotSpam performs SPF Check, SKIM Check, Sender-ID Check, SpamAssassin Check and DomainKeys check so that you know for sure that spam filters don’t mistake your identity.

Litmus.com allows you to find out if your server itself is blacklisted, and also provides a dashboard analytic tool that will help clean up your E-Mails, similar to GlockApps.

Mtoolbox, UltraTools & MailGun also provide similar services.

Websiteseochecker.com provides you with a tool that simply gives your Newsletter a score, for the nuanced campaigners & writers who just want to do the final check. Spamanalyse is a free service of the same sort.

While it may seem like too much of a challenge to meander through these rules & regulations, spam filters (much like bouncers) are here for a reason. Spam filters help keep the system clean while help report abuse. With Omnivore, Mailchimp’s abuse-prevention platform, you can be assured that you reach out to every single customer at the right time and the right rate.