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Mayank is an email marketing expert & co-founder of SendX. SendX is an intuitive & affordable email marketing software.

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Ellen Davis, was the senior VP of research & strategic initiatives for the National Retail Federation (NRF) when he coined the term Cyber Monday in 2005.

He had been noticing a recurring spike in online sales on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

People were making purchases from their work computers where they had faster internet connections so that their kids couldn’t get a sneak peek at their gifts.

That year The NRF branded this day as Cyber Monday!

Fast forward to 2019, Cyber Monday is expected to generate $7.8 billion in sales, up nearly 18% on last year, which would make it the biggest online shopping day in the U.S.

Intrigued by this we at SendX thought to do something special on this historic day. We went on a mission to collect all the Cyber Monday Deals happening in the SaaS world.

Everything (well, almost) has been compiled and the top SaaS Cyber Monday Deals of 2019 have been chosen!

Cyber Monday 2019 SaaS Deals 

1) SendX 

SendX is an Email marketing software that help's businesses run email marketing campaigns at scale. With its Opti-Send technology, SendX can drive up to 2X more open rates for your email marketing campaigns.

Deal - 40% OFF (save $1200+) across all annual plans.

Valid for Cyber Monday

2) Salesforce Essentials 

Salesforce Essentials is a combined sales and customer relationship management (CRM) software optimized for small businesses. Its features include data analytics, email templates, account management, contact management, and more that will help your small business grow in an organized way. Want to try it out? Get a free trial below.

Deal - 14 Day Free Trial

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

3) Grasshopper 

Ready to take your business communication to the next level? Grasshopper is great for small business owners or solopreneurs who need a competitively priced business number for their mobile phone or landline but don’t want to invest in additional equipment like desk phones. Get $75 off an annual plan or $25 off your first month with a monthly plan below!

Monthly Deal: Up To $75 Off Phone Plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

4) Hibu 

Turn your social media into social marketing. Get help with your Facebook Business Page and carefully craft targeted ads that will keep visitors coming back. Click below to get in touch for a free consultation about your digital marketing from the experts at Hibu.

Deal - Free Digital Marketing Consultation

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

5) Whatagraph 

Whatagraph is an automated reporting platform for digital agencies and marketing teams. Track, analyze, and share your marketing performance data with visual, engaging, and easy-to-read reports.

Deal - Get 20% off any subscription plan

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

6) Optuno 

Click here to save 25% off of your full-service custom website design subscription, for life! Optuno offers search engine optimized, custom website design at just one low monthly fee. Hosting & Maintenance Included.

Deal - 25% Off Custom Web Design For LIFE

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

7) Dreamhost 

Designing your website? Dreamhost helps you succeed. With a super easy to use control panel, reliable hosting and 24/7 expert support you'll have all of the tools you need to design your website. Click below to enjoy special discounts on domain registrations and yearly plans.

Deal - Save Up To 56% on Web Hosting

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

8) Constant Contact 

Send emails that pop and track your success with real-time metrics. Tie your message together with the most effective and aesthetic emails. Click below to get started with a free trial; buy Constant Contact now and save 20% for 6 months.

Deal - 20% Off for 6 Months

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

9) BlogVault 

BlogVault is the go-to for WordPress backup, staging, migration & security. Trusted by over 200,000+ websites, it can backup or migrate a 300 GB site without overloading your server. It also boasts of the fastest website recovery tool (< 5 mins) and powers migrations for popular web hosts like WPEngine, FlyWheel and Pantheon.

Deal - Flat 40% off Annual Plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

10) Pulno 

Pulno is a comprehensive tool for website analysis and SEO audits.  With Pulno, every SEO specialist or website owner can find those elements of their websites that can still be improved, such as missing keywords, duplicate content, broken links, long page loading time or problems with images. Moreover, Pulno provides clear suggestions on how to fix a problematic issue quickly and efficiently.

Deal - 30% discount for any Pulno Plan


Valid from November 29 - December 02, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

11) CloudWays 

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform known for providing the best hosting solutions for all PHP based apps which can be used on top-of-the-line cloud infrastructure providers such as DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vultr and Linode.

Deal - 40% off  for 3 Months on All Plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

12) Helpninja 

Helpninja - Simple and affordable helpdesk system. Handle Blackfriday and Cyber Monday month support request with Helpninja!

Deal - $1 for 2 months (Samurai Plan)


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

13) Adzis Inc 

With AdZis app, you can get product descriptions for your store in seconds.

Deal - 92% Off on Shopify Product Description Generator App*, Annual Package for the Price of Monthly Plan

* For selected shopping categories

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

14) SalesHandy 

SalesHandy is an email automation tool that provides you with email recipient's engagement reports and helps you get more done through emails. You can track unlimited emails for free, schedule emails to be sent later, attach and send smart email templates, automate follow-up emails, schedule personalised email campaigns and get behavioural insights from email communications faster.

Deal - UPTO 50% off on Annual Subscriptions

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

15) Sotrender

Sotrender is a social media analytics and Facebook moderation tool. From the analytics perspective, users can analyze their social media metrics, compare their profiles with their competition's, and schedule autogenerated reports to save time. It can be used as a Facebook moderation tool for answering users’ comments under regular or sponsored posts as well as replying via Messenger.

Deal - Get 30% off on all subscriptions and custom reports. Just message the Sales team through the chat or send us an email at


Valid from November 29 - December 06, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

16) TweetFull 

Get More Traffic From Twitter. TweetFull is a tried and tested growth tool by over 40,000 businesses. We have users in almost every country in the world and from every walk of life. If you have customers on Twitter we can help your business grow faster.

Deal -  50% off on all our plans

Valid from November 28 - December 01, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

17) Stripo 

Stripo, a drag-and-drop (WYSIWYG) and HTML email template builder, helps you create high-quality interactive emails twice faster. The vast majority of the Stripo’s features are meant to automate email production; personal content library for storing the most frequently used email elements; 300 sophisticated ready-to-use templates that serve as the base for future campaigns; banner generator for designing multi-layered banners.

Deal -  50% off on Annual Agency Subscription for new users

Code: BFSO9E3XeS

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

18) MeetFox 

MeetFox makes meetings seamless with easy scheduling, online video calls and secure client payment with invoicing. We Make Meetings Easy.

Deal -   60% off for 1 year

Code: 'blackfridaymf19'

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

19) Volopay 

Volopay is an expense management solution that uses smart corporate cards to make business spending easy and smart.

Deal -  50% off on our Business Pack

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

20) Mindbowser 

Mindbowser is a digital transformation services provider working with global brands aiding on their journey to digital transformation. Mindbowser offers a suite of products and services around user experience, automation, analytics, and mobility that in turn helps businesses become more efficient and improves profitability.

Deal -  25k to 100k cloud credits to all business we will work within this month

We give credits to you as we sign the contract to work on your app, web, or anything related to technology.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

21 Publist 

Publist connects with all of the apps you use so you can find, organize, and store all of your files in one place.  Whether a file is sent in an email or slack, stored in Dropbox or Google Drive, or used in another app like Trello or Docusign, you can find it on Publist.

Deal -  20GB of free cloud storage

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

22) LiveAgent 

LiveAgent is a simple and intuitive multichannel helpdesk software that helps businesses provide excellent customer service across all channels – social media, phone, email, and chat. All streamlined in one place.

Deal -  $100 credit for new customers

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

23) Post Affiliate Pro 

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software that runs and automates your entire affiliate program.

Deal -  $100 credit for new customers

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

24) Gist 

Gist is an all-in-one growth and support tool that provides over 20,000 small and medium businesses with live chat, email marketing, customer support and much more for their site — all from a single dashboard.

Deal -  77% off on annual plan

Pay just $297 right now for an entire year (valued at over $1300 annually)

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

25) WordLift 

WordLift, a semantic SEO tool that uses natural language processing and linked data publishing for automating structured data markup. WordLift analyzes articles and transforms text into machine-friendly content to improve the audience engagement and to increase the organic traffic of a website. It also provides support for content recommendations.

Deal -  50% on 6 months subscription

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

26) Tars 

Tars is a CRO and web-based chatbot tool that helps businesses increase their conversion rate through automated conversations between businesses and their ad-click prospects.

Deal - Get 30% off on all plans


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday


Infinity is a completely customizable work management software that lets you organize any type of data, all in one place.  Due to its flexible structure and versatile customization options, Infinity allows you to build your own system and organize your work however you want.

Deal - Lifetime Deal starting from $99

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

28) Learn Worlds 

LearnWorlds is a top-rated all-in-one platform to create, market and sell online courses. Build a beautiful online school and turn your knowledge and experience into a successful online program without any tech hassle. LearnWorlds enables creators, educators and organizations to create unique, interactive and social learning experiences.

Deal - 50% discounts starting Monday, November 25, 2019. Plus you get a bonus of nearly $1,000 in premium training.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

29) Landingi 

Landingi is an easy, drag and drop landing page builder designed for business owners, marketing experts and agencies alike. Packed with useful features and third-party integrations, Landingi works perfectly for anyone who doesn’t necessarily have to know how to create a landing page in Wordpress. Use one of 200+ landing page templates, create popups, optimize your pages with A/B testing feature and more to make the most of your marketing campaigns!

Deal 1 -  Lifetime Deal for Landing Page Builder Basic plan for 222 USD
Deal 2 -  Annual Landing Page Builder Create Plan for 429 USD (111 USD discount)
Deal 3 -  Annual Landing Page Builder Automate Plan for 486 USD (222 USD discount)

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

30) EmailThis 

EmailThis removes ads & distractions from web pages and lets you save beautifully formatted articles to your email inbox.

Deal - 50% off on EmailThis Lifetime Plan


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

31) kiwiHR 

kiwiHR is an easy HR software that empowers small and medium businesses to efficiently manage human resources. With digital employee records, automated time off management, time tracking, HR reports, as well as onboarding checklists and an integrated DMS, kiwiHR digitises your HR admin.

Deal - 20% off  on our Plan

Code: black20

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

32) Elementor 

Elementor, a leading global WordPress website builder platform with over 3.5 Million sites built, is making web design even easier. For Cyber Monday, Elementor is offering up to 30% discount on its premium plans for new customers, as well as on upgrades for existing customers.

Deal - 30% off  on our Premium Plan for New Customers, as well as on upgrades for Existing Customers

Throughout the promotion period, Elementor will also be running a giveaway for 88 contestants to win prizes and free one-on-one sessions with leading experts from the Elementor team.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

33) Group Leads 

Group leads helps Facebook group owners to instantly convert new facebook group members into leads in Google sheet as well as their favorite email marketing software.

Deal - 50% discount


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

34) Wingman 

Wingman is a real-time sales coaching tool that gives sales reps the right information at the right time, while they are on a call. Wingman automatically joins sales calls and based on the conversation, cue-cards show up to help sales reps with customer objections, questions and behavior suggestions. The call recordings, transcript, and analysis are also available in a dashboard for Sales Management & Sales Enablement for review and coaching.

Deal - 50% Off on Wingman for 6 months

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

35) Plugmatter - GDPR Bot 

Plugmatter GDPR Bot is an all in one GDPR / ePR compliance solution. It is designed to give you a complete hands-free and stress-free compliance experience. Right from regular cookie audits, cookie consent popups to privacy policy generator.

Deal - 50% of all plans


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

36) is a social proof platform that combines several tools (testimonials, reviews, star ratings, conversion notifications, social media followers count) to turn your website visitors into customers. It offers everything you need to perform every marketing activity there is, without hiring a marketer.

Deal - 50% of on all Annual Plans

Valid from November 29 - December 02, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

37) Delesign

Delesign allows you to complete all your design projects by sharing a vetted senior-level Delesign designer.

Deal - 60% off  for the first month of Delesign


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

38) Adzooma

Adzooma’s AI and machine learning based Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads platform, offers simple campaign management, 24/7 optimisation and time saving automation, all in a single interface. The platform includes many features including scanning for 50+ improvement opportunities, many of which can be actioned with a single click, tracking PPC performance and highlighting over/under spending to improve your quality score, conversions and ROI.

Deal - Secure Adzooma account from just $19 p/m until November 29, 2019

Price will increase to $49 p/m after Cyber Monday

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

39) Castr

Live Stream To Social Media Platforms Simultaneously + Pre-Recorded Live.

Deal - Get 65% on BROADCAST X2 plan (Yearly) Our most popular streaming plan for just $69.99! Save $110

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

40) Audiencefy

Audiencefy is a one-of-its-kind enhanced customer analytics platform for Shopify users. Until now, targeting right audience and managing purchase data has been difficult and complicated — Audiencefy makes it easy. You can segment your purchase data with over 20+ unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred marketing platform. For each segment, see insights including Lifetime Value, Revenue, Average Order Value, and the Most Commonly Purchased Products. Audiencefy also allows you to create extremely personalized campaigns for your customers by segmenting your Shopify customers into predefined audience segments. It not only increases your brand’s engagement but also improves the conversion rates exponentially.

Deal - Lifetime Deal for $49

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

41) Codegrip

Codegrip is an automated code review tool that gives overall code quality reports that include bugs, code smells, vulnerabilities and duplication in the code.  CodeGrip makes secure code review easier, instant and less costly.

Deal - One-Month All-Access Free Trial for everyone

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

42) Paperflite

Paperflite is a marketing collateral and sales content management platform. With Paperflite marketing teams can curate, organize and distribute their content to sales teams, customer success teams and channel partners. Sales reps get real-time engagement analytics on internal and external user interaction for their content so they can prioritize leads and know when to follow up.

Deal - Get 40% off on all our annual plans.


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

43) Vyper

VYPER is a marketing tool that allows brands to build and run giveaways, referral and reward programs. Connect VYPER to your email service provider and eCommerce store to track growth.

Deal - Lifetime Access to VYPER Pro Account for $499

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

44) Recast Studio

Create videos fast and easily by using pre-built templates and intuitive interface.

Deal - Get 50% off on the Professional Plan. Original Price: $14/month, Deal Price: $7/month

Code: RECAST50

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

45) Weblium

Weblium is the most convenient website builder, powered by AI Design Supervisor and trusted by more than 35,000 creators around the world. In the Weblium editor, you can choose from 168+ pre-designed templates that are completely customizable and based on the best niche sites. AI Design Supervisor will adjust the visual look of your site during editing, while our helpful support will assist you along the way. Your website will be hosted on Google Cloud, secured by SSL certificate, and automatically optimized for all devices. Weblium has all the necessary SEO settings so your site will be indexed really fast and ranked high by Google.

Deal - Upgrade your website to PRO with an amazing 25% discount


Valid until November 30, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

46) Boost

Boost is a unique email list building tool that allows you to quickly create opt-in links by integrating with various social network APIs without any coding required.

Deal - 60% Off On All Plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

47) Super Monitoring

Uptime & performance monitoring for websites and web applications.

Deal - 50% off on all plans (one-time)

Code: BFCM2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

48) TemplateMonster

Find everything for your website with 50% Discounts on TemplateMonster Marketplace: website templates, Elementor & WordPress themes, plugins and graphics for any taste. Join the wishlist and get a Free Xmas Graphics Bundle!

Deal - 50% off

Valid from November 21 - December 03, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

49) Avaza

Avaza is the leading all-in-one platform for running productive teams. Avaza seamlessly integrates your choice of Project Management, Time tracking, Expense reporting, Resource Scheduling, Quoting, Invoicing and unparalleled Reporting. You don’t need subscriptions for 5 separate products any more!

Deal - 50% off any Avaza paid subscription for the first 3 months of the subscription


Valid until December 25, 2019 when upgrading your account

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

50) Spocket

Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world. Join more than 30,000 entrepreneurs who use Spocket to smoothly manage their dropshipping business!

Deal - Annual Professional plan will be $324 (45% discount) and our Empire Plan will be $588 (50% discount)

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

51) Chanty

Chanty is a simple AI-powered team chat to boost communication and productivity in teams of all business segments.  Chanty allows you to - Reach your team and stay synced with text, voice or video;  Share screen, files, links or set tasks to bring more context to your discussions; Bring all the apps you use during the day to a single place; Take control over the information you get with smart notifications.

Deal - Get 75% OFF the annual Chanty Business Plan

Valid from November 28 - December 02, 2019

Sign in to your Chanty team space as owner or admin. Hit Upgrade. Discount will apply automatically.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

52) Botsify

Botsify is a chatbot builder platform let you build chatbots for lead generation and customer support without hassle.

Deal - 50% Off forever on All Plans

Code: BlackFriday2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

53) Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker is a Slack integration that helps teams all over the world request, approve and manage leave. It allows you to set your own vacation policies, leave types and track all types of time off. Keep your team informed with daily and weekly notifications, export valuable reports, integrate with your favorite calendar and more. You will have a full overview of future absences and vacation history, as well as settings where you can modify everything as per your company's policy.

Deal - 50% off for the first 3 months


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

54) Chaport

Chaport is a live chat for websites with premium quality and affordable price. It is designed as a modern messenger to make communication with customers as easy and enjoyable as chatting with friends.

Deal - Get 50% off Chaport Pro plan


Valid from November 25 - December 02, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

55) NoNoNo 

No No No helps B2C eCommerce businesses avoid negative reviews and retain more customers.

Deal - First five companies get 50% off

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday


Snovio is a cold outreach automation platform. Find, validate, track emails and send cold email sequences in one place.

Deal - 50% off annual plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

57) Fammio

Fammio is social media monitoring and online reputation management platform.

Deal - 50% off Pro Plan

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

58) Yarea

Yarea - Get closer to your customers. With Yarea, building your own Customer Portal has never been easier. Improve your customer relationship, build loyalty, gain in efficiency.

Deal - (BF Price) $49/lifetime ♟(Normal Price) $468/year

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

59) Glorify

The only easy to use design tool created for eCommerce business owners & entrepreneurs, helping them bring color to their conversions.

Deal -  75% off any Lifetime plan (normally $445)

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

60) Vouchery

Vouchery provides flexible, API-based infrastructure, that enables to automatically trigger the right promotion at every step of customer life-cycle: acquisition, engagement, referral, retention, and reactivation. At the same time, we monitor anomalies in coupon usage to prevent fraudulent redemptions. Our goal is to fully automate the process of finding and delivering the right incentive to every Customer, at the right time.

Deal -  Lifetime Deal on the Hustler Plan or 50% OFF for a year on Startup and Business Plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

61) CloudTalk

InvoiceBerry is online invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers. With InvoiceBerry you can easily create and send professional invoices to your clients as well as keep track of your expenses.

Deal -  50% on your subscription fees in the first 3 months

 Valid for the first 20 customers only (or until November 30th)

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

62) InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is online invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers. With InvoiceBerry you can easily create and send professional invoices to your clients as well as keep track of your expenses

Deal -  50% off for 6 months on all of our plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

62) EngageBay

EngageBay – An integrated all-in-one marketing, sales and support platform with a free CRM built for startups and growing companies. Streamline and grow your marketing, sales & support processes using a single software. Get a unified customer view across all the teams. Market your business like the world’s best companies, build lasting customer relationships, sell like the pros, and provide awesome support to your customers.

Deal -  LIFETIME 40% off on all plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

63) Pixpa 

Pixpa is the ultimate all-in-one website platform for photographers to showcase, share and sell their work online. Trusted by Pro Photographers around the world, Pixpa enables you to create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes, complete with built-in client galleries, online store, and blog. With plans starting at just $6/mo, Pixpa gives you all the tools that you need to manage and grow your photography business - all without any coding knowledge.

Deal - Flat 50% Off on all Plans for SendX users

Coupon code: BFSENDX50

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

64) Nifty 

Nifty is a project management and workflow collaboration tool that aligns project teams, accelerates project cycles and automates progress reporting. Teams large and small can utilize Nifty's projects, discussions, tasks, docs, roadmaps, and team chat to manage projects, both internally and in a client-facing environment.

Monthly Deal: 40% off for the first 4 months


Annual Deal : 20% off + 2 months gratis


Deals are applied on Standard and Premium plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

65) Userlike 

Userlike is software for website and messaging support. With Userlike, you can chat with your customers right from your website and popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS. Hosted in Germany, Userlike makes data privacy a top priority and is 100% GDPR compliant. More than 20,000 sales and support teams worldwide are using Userlike to create better customer relationships.

Deal - 6 months of Team or Corporate package for free

Code: Userl1keBl4ck2019

Valid until December 31, 2019. Select monthly billing at checkout.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

66) CometChat 

CometChat is a social chat tool that let's your website users chat, video/audio call and conference with each other.

Deal - 50% off for 3 months on all monthly plans and 6 months free on all annual plans


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

67) Awario 

Awario is a powerful social listening and analytics tool. You can use the tool to monitor mentions of your brand, competitors, industry, or even set up complex Boolean queries for the less obvious use cases. For instance, Awario lets you find industry influencers, detect plagiarized copies of your content, find linkless brand mentions that you can turn into links, and more.

Deal - 50% off on monthly and yearly plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

68) Malcare 

MalCare is a fully automatic WordPress malware scanning and cleaning plugin which uses dynamic algorithm created after analysing over 200,000 websites. It uses 100+ signals to identify a malware and provides 1-click instant malware removal. With its Geo-Blocking, Website hardening and Website Management, Malcare is the Ultimate Security Plugin.

Deal - Flat 40% off Annual Plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

69) Payfunnels 

Hassle Free. Fast Online Payments. Checkout as a Service

Deal - 60% Off

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

70) Docsify 

Docsify is an email and document tracking for Gmail. It shows you who opened your emails, clicked your links, downloaded your attachments. Moreover, you'll know which pages of PDF documents you sent were read by your recipients and which were ignored.

Deal - 50% OFF on the Premium annual plan for LIFE

Code: 'Blackoffer'

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

71) Woorise 

Woorise is the easiest way to create beautiful giveaways, contests, surveys, quizzes and engaging forms. Generate leads, grow your social following and increase sales.

Deal - 92% off , a yearly Grow plan in the price of one month

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

72) Pulse 

Turn your existing beautiful web pages into editable pages with the easy CMS for designers.

Deal - 50% off plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

73) SMhack 

SMhack is a simple social media management software where businesses and agencies can manage their social media profiles from a single platform

Deal - Get 50% offer for yearly subscription

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday


Our B2B email finding tools help professionals connect and grow their business. Our features include: - LinkedIn/Sales Navigator Email Finder - Domain Search  - Email Finder - Bulk Finder Please feel free to try our tools here:

Deal 1 - Go-getters Offer: 30% off on the first three months of all subscriptions paid monthly
Deal 2 - Trailblazers Offer: 50% off on the first year of all subscriptions paid yearly

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

75) Encharge 

Encharge is a marketing automation tool for SaaS companies to increase conversions, retention, and revenue. Encharge brings in customer data from your marketing apps and sends automated messages to the right people. With deep native integrations with HubSpot, Intercom, Segment, Facebook Ads and other tools, you can create super personalized customer experiences and convert more.

Deal - Get 50% off for the first year with any Annual plan

Valid through the November 30, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

76) is a platform providing visitor tracking, marketing automation, email marketing, live chat and CRM.

Deal - 40% off for the 1st annual payment; 25% off for monthly payments for the 1st year (only for new customers)

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

77) Avaza 

Avaza is the leading all-in-one platform for running productive teams. Avaza seamlessly integrates your choice of Project Management, Time tracking, Expense reporting, Resource Scheduling, Quoting, Invoicing and unparalleled Reporting. You don’t need subscriptions for 5 separate products any more!

Deal - 50% off any Avaza paid subscription for the first 3 months of the subscription


Valid until 25 Dec 2019 when upgrading your account

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

78) Hypegrowth 

Hypegrowth is an organic social media growth service, to grow your followers. With dedicated manager support and weekly optimizations, you will be growing your following on autopilot, saving up to 3 hours of work a day.

Deal - 20% off for 6 months on any plan (up to 358.8USD in value)

Code: "BFFRENZY20"

Valid from:  November 27 - December 07, 2019

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

79) ntile

ntile is a web service with many different edges. It helps to create public websites and catalogs, manage companies and teams. One tool instead of wasting time searching for information on google docs, emails, and different messaging app. All participants in a solid seamless context. We rethought working with information and bring some new possibilities.

Deal - 55% off for any payment


✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

80) helps to schedule meetings quickly and easily through the integration with calendars online.

Deal - 50% off on all plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

81) SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO software suite for businesses of all sizes that hope to establish and maintain a strong online presence. Expand your semantic core, track real-time keyword rankings, spy on competitors, audit your website, find and monitor backlinks, and do so much more with SE Ranking.

Deal - 30% off and get a chance to 2X your subscription for free


Just use the  coupon code at checkout and 3 lucky winners will be randomly selected! The offer ends on December 2 at midnight EST.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

82) Biteable

Biteable is the World's simplest video maker. Start with beautiful studio-crafted templates and create professional videos for any purpose.

Deal - 50% off your first payment on any plan

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday


Consolto - Videochat Directly From Your Website! Consolto is a complete communication solution for consultants, freelancers and support teams. We make videochat seamless. Add text chat and payment collection and you got a virtual office from wherever you are.

Deal - 40% off for 3 months on ALL plans

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

84) Hoppier

Looking for office snacks? Drinks? Fresh fruit? Office supplies?  Discover the easiest way to order office essentials with the Hoppier ( ordering app! Hoppier ( brings all your office needs into one place – with a massive selection of workplace items for great prices.  With thousands of healthy options, automated ordering features and a feedback portal, you and your team will love having Hoppier in your office.

Deal - $50 off your first order

Go to this link ( and simply buy what you need – the discount will be applied automatically to your first order.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

85) PlugnPaid

White Label - Agency Shopping cart platform

Deal - Electric Black Friday Deal for all sellers New Release Launching Nov 28 plug&paid 5.0 is powerful, easy to use and contains all the features you need to sell your products and run your online business.

✓ Valid for Cyber Monday

86) Freshworks

Freshcaller is a modern-day reimagining of our everyday phone system for customer support, sales, IT, and HR teams. It acts as a central hub for all phone-related activities of an organization, enabling companies to easily launch their call centers in a matter of minutes.

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87) indydesk

Indydesk Sales is a simple, easy to use, customizable sales CRM tool to manage all your leads, pipelines, tasks, & team. It covers all the major touchpoints in the sales journey from a lead to a customer. It helps you to achieve more sales with less stress.

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88) SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an end to end Conversational Experience Management Platform that helps get a 40% better response rate.

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89) SEMrush

SEMrush is an award-winning software that helps to track, analyze and coordinate all aspects of the digital marketing strategy including SEO, PPC, SMM, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, and Market Research.

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89) Better Proposals

Better Proposals is the world's leading proposal software that enables you to create modern, web-based proposals in minutes

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90) InTouchApp

World's first CRM that works within WhatsApp Web! Helps Marketing, Sales and Support teams reach customers like never before! Save & manage 1000s of unknown contacts from WhatsApp with just a click.

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