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With email marketing softwares, a lot of variables like the number of subscribers, types of features, and number of emails influence the final bill. So in this guide, we have decoded the pricing structure of Campaign Monitor from plans to discount.


Campaign Monitor has 3 plans: Basic ($9/mo), Unlimited ($29/mo), Premier ($149/mo).

Prices are based on a combination of number of subscribers & the features you get. You can send unlimited emails with Unlimited and Premier plans. The cheapest is the basic plan, billed at $9/mo, for 500 subscribers with a limit of 2500 emails. You can also opt for a 'pay per campaign' plan which costs $5/campaign and 1cent per recipient.

Free Trial / Forever Free Send to 5 subscribers for free, then you choose a paid plan
Lowest price plan $9/month ( 500 subscribes)
Charges for Unsubscribers or unconfirmed? No
Discounts Annual billing discounts can be discussed with their sales team 15% discount for nonprofits
Refund Policy No Refunds
Price Compared to SendX SendX is 116% cheaper

Now, let's dive deeper into each of the plans.

Campaign Monitor Pricing Plans

Basic Plan

Price: $9/mo (500 subscribers )

Limit of emails: 2500

The most basic plan from Campaign Monitor offers 3 basic functionalities:

  • Core email marketing features: Drag and drop email builder, pre-built templates
  • Analytics: Dashboard to access basic email marketing KPIs (Open rate, click through rate, unsubscribers etc.)
  • Marketing automation: Automated welcome journey to keep your subscribers engaged when they join your list.
  • You get email support on any queries you have.

This plan is great if you are just starting out or running a newsletter and you are building your audience as you go, as it provides basic things to get you started - email builder, analytics and welcome automation journey.

Unlimited Plan

Price: $29/mo (500 subscribers)

Unlimited emails

This plan includes everything in the basic plan - core email functionalities, analytics and welcome automation.

In addition to that, you also get these functionalities:

  • Unlimited inbox preview: See how your email will look like in different email clients and devices even before you send it out to your audience
  • Time zone sending: Schedule emails to be sent according to the time zone of subscribers to get better open rates.
  • Unlimited spam testing:
  • Countdown timer: Insert a live updated timer right inside your email that you can customise with colors, text to be displayed after the timer expires and timezones.
  • You get premium email support, meaning your queries will be prioritised.
Campaign Monitor pricing
Source: Campaign Monitor

Premier Plan

Price: $149/mo (500 subscribers)

Unlimited emails

This plan has everything from the first two plans and adds advanced marketing features like advanced link tracking, segmentation, send time optimisation, and additional phone customer support.

But yes, it doesn’t come cheap at $149/mo which is quite a jump from $120/mo from Unlimited plan.

With the increase in cost comes these features:

  • Pre-built engagement segments: You can divide your subscribers into groups called segments and have better engagement with targeted emails
  • Send time optimisation: Campaign monitor selects the best time to send your emails to individual subscribers based on their previous interaction
  • Email builder section locking: Ensure that your emails are always brand aligned by controlling who can edit your templates and sections like header and footer

Pay per campaign plan

If you send email occasionally or seasonally you can opt for a pay per campaign plan where you don't pay a subscription fee but a fee per recipient you send the email to. Campaign monitor has a fixed charge of $5 per campaign and then 1cent per recipient.

Try me, before you buy me

They don't have a free trial to test out the platform with a large number of subscribers. You can test out the platform by sending email to 5 subscribers. After that you will have to choose a payment plan

Does Campaign Monitor charge for Unsubscribed, Duplicates or Unconfirmed Contacts?

Campaign monitor doesn't charge for unconfirmed contacts, or unsubscribers.

Email addresses on the unconfirmed list will not be sent any emails, and they are not counted towards your list size for billing purposes

Only active contacts count toward your contact limit (the number that is used to determine your billing plan).

Discounts Offered

Campaign Monitor doesn't have monthly and annual plans. They offer pricing for only monthly billing. If you wish to commit for a year, you will need to contact their team to discuss those prices.

For non-profits, offer a 10% discount. You can just contact them with proof of non-profit status.

What happens if you outgrow your subscribers’ limit?

If you are close to approaching your contact limit, you will get an email notification to upgrade your account. Or you can choose to pay for the additional emails you sent and then upgrade from the next campaign onwards.

Refund Policy

There are no full or partial refunds offered by Campaign Monitor. So before you make a commitment, try it out for free by testing all campaigns, segmentation, automations etc. with 5 subscribers on the list.

Wrap up

Campaign Monitor is great for small to medium business and growth stage startups. It is easy to see which plan and pricing will suit you best if you determine the number of subscribers on your list and the features you need. Although prices get steep if you need slightly advanced features.

If you want all features of Campaign Monitor plus simplicity and affordability, you can check out SendX.

Before you go and add numbers, I have done some maths for you comparing Campaign Monitor and Sendx - Sendx is 116% cheaper! It will cost you only $7.49/mo for 1K subscribers with SendX. You can send unlimited emails at this pricing. But the incredible part is, it includes more features like advanced segments and email templates at this cost.

Please note: We make our best effort to keep the pricing information updated but in case it changes, rather than tweeting nasty things about us, send us a sweet message about it so we can update it and both of us will earn good karma in the world