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Some Guidelines To Keep In Mind

- The content should be at least 1200+ words.

- We only accept actionable, well-researched content which is easy to read and written in short sentences and paragraphs.

- Add adequate examples to present your point. The best performing content always provides the readers with top notch practical examples.

- Make sure you're linking to the source of whatever you're claiming. The source should be relevant and non-promotional.

- Make sure the backlinks you add are contextual. Promotional backlinks will result in your article getting rejected. Also, we allow a maximum of 3 backlinks only.

- Ensure that you do not include any CTAs (Calls to Action)

- Read our full list of guidelines here.

What To Write About

Our audience primarily consists of email marketers, digital marketers and small businesses. So make sure the content is written for them. Here are a few topics we accept:

- General Email Marketing
- Email Newsletters
- Email Sequences
- Email List Building
- Other Digital Marketing Articles which incorporate Email Marketing in it naturally. For ex: How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Email Subscribers

Note: We write heavily competitive content optimized for SEO. So ensure the topic you pitch has relatively high search volume and low keyword difficulty on Google. The keyword difficulty should be no more than 20 (per Ahrefs), and the keyword volume should be at least 100 (per Ahrefs).

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Q: Why should I write for SendX?

A: Our audience primarily consists of email marketers, digital marketers and small businesses. So, if you think you have quality content for them, then writing for SendX is the way to go.

Q: What is guest blogging?

A: Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third party website or blog to promote their personal/corporate brand - or in some cases, to simply make some extra money from writing for a given company.

Q: What is the minimum keyword search volume you are looking for at SendX for guest blogs?

A: A keyword search volume of at least 100 (according to Ahrefs) is expected for guest blogs.

Q: What is the maximum keyword difficulty you are looking for at SendX for guest blogs?

A: The keyword difficulty should not exceed 20 (according to Ahrefs) for guest blogs.

Q: How can I speed up the approval of my guest blog with SendX?

A: In order to speed up the approval of your guest blog with SendX, you need to make sure you have a good compliance level with our blog content guidelines, which are listed here. Plus, having the right keyword search volume with low keyword difficulty will help.

Q: I have some other partnership / comarketing query. How can I reach you guys?

A: For any partnership / comarketing query, you can write to SendX at marketing@sendx.io.