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When you are conducting an email marketing campaign, there are many features and tricks which can help you be more effective for your business.

A confirmation email is a type of transactional email which is sent to a customer after a preset condition has been activated or triggered. For example, the mail you get after placing an order at an online shopping website confirming your order is a confirmation email. Similarly, booking tickets will get you a confirmation email (with the ticket) from the online provider.

Why are confirmation emails important?

There are many reasons which point towards the fact that they are effective tools for your business. For one, they land straight in the inbox, and almost never in spam – this means that the visibility of your email is extremely high. They usually have some sort of information which is useful to the customer, which means that the click-through rate is also high. The anticipation of awaiting the confirmation email also ensure that the open rate increases. You also get the chance to upsell other products and services through the confirmation email, owing to the visibility.