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Mayank AgarwalOct 6, 2021 6:23:52 AM4 min read

How To Use The Drag And Drop Editor

Table of Contents

What Is A Drag And Drop Editor?

A drag and drop email editor in email marketing is a tool that helps you create responsive emails by adding pre-built blocks of text, button or image in a canvas and customising them according to your brand and email.

Think of it as a shortcut to creating emails that you would have otherwise created in HTML with coding. With email editors, there is no CSS or HTML required. It's like a GUI, but for email creation.

An email editor helps you to:

  1. Create emails quickly and easily. This will help you scale your email marketing strategy by reducing the time and effort to create an email
  2. Create richer experience for your audience by creating interactive, designed or animated elements in your emails
  3. Keep the branding of your email aligned with your whole brand as it provides you various customisation opportunities ranging from the format of the email to color of the text.

What To Expect Inside An Email Editor?

An email editor has two sections:

  1. The main section where you see the email being created as you drag and drop the elements such as buttons, text or image placeholders.
  2. The section on the left from where you will pick the elements to create the email.

The section on the left generally has three sub-sections:

  1. Content : Here you can find a new content element (a button, an image, a text block, a transparent or solid divider, social media sharing, etc.) and add it to your email canvas.
  2. Rows: Choose a layout style and customise the format of your email
  3. Settings: Customise the full email body. Here you can modify Content area width, content area background color, default font and link color etc.

SendX Email Editor

Let's look at how to use SendX drag and drop email editor in this step-by-step guide below.

SendX features a fast and easy to use editor for emails, which turns the whole email editing process into a mere drag and drop process. You can drag and drop one of the many boxes (or placeholders) in your email body and quickly start editing your emails on the fly.

Make sure the default email editor is set to Drag & Drop Editor.

  • Create a new campaign (newsletter or drip) or edit an already existing one.
  • Go to the Content tab which allows you to view and edit emails. You will see the drag and drop editor with the placeholders and different tabs on the right, and the editable email body on the left.
SendX Email Editor page
  • Simply drag a box from the right into the body on the left. Click on the box after dragging it in, to edit it and customize the content. Clicking on it will also reveal the properties on the right which allow you to customize the look of your content. Feel free to drag and drop the boxes around within the body to fit your needs.
SendX Email Editor

The Drag and Drop Editor consists of 3 tabs:

  1. The Content Tab
  2. The Structure Tab
  3. The Body Tab

The Content Tab

The content tab basically consists of the micro content placeholders. You can directly drag and drop them into the body and edit them to create the actual content of the email.

Content Tab
  • Text box simply makes place in your email for you to input whatever text you want to put into your email.
  • Image box makes space to allow you to add your images within the email.
  • Button box allows your to add your own buttons in the email. You can associate a URL with this button and then use this button as a CTA in your email.
  • Divider is simply a piece of line to divide the email. You can adjust the thickness, colour etc and make it look native to your email.
  • Social box allows you to add social media links in your email. This increases trust with the customers and will also help get more eyeballs on your social media.
  • HTML box allows you to add hyperlinks into your email. Use this to add a link to a certain page you want to send the user to through your email.

The Rows Tab

The Rows Tab allows you to customize the basic layout of your email. Simply drag and drop your preferred layout style, and then add content boxes from the Content tab into it.

Rows Tab

The Settings Tab

The Setting Tab allows you to customize the whole body of the email. It is within this tab, where you can change the Content area width, Background color, Content area background color, Default font and Link color.

Settings Tab
  • Click Save draft, send test or Submit when you're done to save your newly created drag and drop edited email!

And that's it! Using the drag and drop editor in SendX makes the whole email writing process a breeze.


Mayank Agarwal

Mayank is an email marketing expert & co-founder of SendX. SendX is an intuitive & affordable email marketing software.