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Q: Why should I use readymade templates for designing an email newsletter?

A: While creating an email newsletter, there are many steps involved such as background, font type and size, depending the vertical and type of audience for which you send the email newsletter. Using a readymade template saves you the time and effort involved in defining and implementing these manually by deciding what should fit best for the various factors involved in the newsletter you are sending.

Q: How should I approach creating an email newsletter?

A: In order to create an effective email newsletter, you need to be certain about a few things such as the goal of your newsletter, type of your content, newsletter size, subject line, legal compliance, and browser and device compatibility.

Q: How do I determine the goal of my email newsletter?

A: You need to consider certain factors and that will help you decide the goal of your email newsletter. Is it meant for generating leads alone, or just to send traffic to your website? The open rate is an indicator, but click-rates are important also. Ultimately, you need to judge how your email newsletter is supposed to help you achieve your high-level business goals.

Q: How can I ensure that I am legally compliant when it comes to sending email newsletters?

A: While there are many laws governing email sending, the biggest ones are the CAN-SPAM act and GDPR. For instance, CAN-SPAM needs you to display a footer in your email with your address, and it should be easy to unsubscribe. GDPR says that while collecting subscribers from your website, the"opt-in" box cannot be checked by default. The subscribers must deliberately and intentionally check this box.