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Email Marketing for Confectioneries: Quick Tips & Tricks

Be it a birthday or a wedding, cakes, and candies are some items without which the occasions are just not complete! Suppose you attend an engagement party, will you not be waiting for the couple to cut the cake, and then, you get a bite, maybe? We all will!

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Well, we all know how important a role these lovelies play in our lives. But, now, our love for these is also giving rise to a massive number of small and big confectionary chains in and around the city. As per Small Business Development Center, more than 2,800 bakeries are functioning in the U.S alone.

This, in turn, leads to tight competition and makes it difficult for many to have a good client base, despite delivering the best quality.

Are you one of these confectionaries who is striving hard to reach out to people? Well, then it’s time you start making the best use of marketing with emails.

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Why Email Marketing?

Keep all your dilemmas aside for a while and see why we suggest email marketing for your confectionary business.

  • Email marketing lets you pay attention to your customer’s needs. For example, if you noticed a customer coming back to you for your gluten-free bread, you can convey news on the latest additions in that zone through emails.
  • You can wish your customers on their special days via emails. Given that events like birthdays and anniversaries are not complete without cakes, sending additional discounts on their favorite flavors would readily make them reach out to you!
  • With a proper email marketing strategy, you can turn your subscribers into loyal and repeat customers. Staying in touch via properly segmented and personalized emails can make you stay on top of their mind and get back to you whenever they need confectionery goods.

Well, these are just some of the benefits you can get out of email marketing communications. There are a lot more advantages you can unfold once you start using it. If this is your first time, we suggest you begin with small steps and implement some smart moves that can guarantee you effective results in no time!

Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Confectioners Can Use

Add Photos That Are Tempting

Well, be it any food item, lasagna, or pastries, colorful, high-quality pictures can get people drooling! Therefore, when it comes to confectionery, you have to add great photos, no matter the email topic.

Source : Pinterest

For example, when talking about the latest additions to your pudding section, your email should have pictures of the new items as the highlight in your message. 

But, please make sure that they match your products. When you send emails on special offers in black forest cakes, you need to add pictures of the designs you offer. Your customers finding out a different shape or style of garnishing can be a big setback!

Don’t Miss Out On Special Events

When it comes to confectionaries and bakeries, you will have to make better use of special occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many like these. You know these are the times people will get cakes to celebrate. You need to plan these events and tell your subscribers why they should visit you and not the other shops.

For example, to make your subscribers visit you this Easter, you can chalk out an Easter-themed email campaign. You can make some themed additions to your confectionery, such as cute bunnies lying on cakes, or you can also make some bunny-shaped cakes. Now, add these pictures to entice your subscribers to make a purchase. Well, we hope you don’t forget to add special discounts!

To gain more insight, see how Bockers and Pony, an Australia-based luxury gift brand, has incorporated images of some super cute chocolate eggs in their mails on the occasion of Easter.

Source : Milled

Give Them A Sneak-peek Of The Products In Store

Now, like adding pictures and being extra vigilant during the holidays, you also need to help your subscribers have a good idea of the items you sell, the best sellers, and the latest additions.

But do not send them a picture of the entire menu card, please! You can make separate sections with some catchy headings. For instance, make a separate section for the best sellers and then add some attractive images along with these. Talk about how fresh your ingredients are! Mention the pricing. All these summed up will create a positive impact on your customers.

Likewise, if you have many branches, make sure you mention that in these informational emails. Also, if your best sellers keep varying in different branches, your customers should know of that, too! 

Segment, Segment, AND Segment Your List!

If you want to witness the magic of email marketing, you have to make sure that you are segmenting your email list right! Now, you can segment on various parameters such as delivery area, food preference, and many more.

Say you are sending emails in bulk to all your subscribers on some special offers on gluten-free products. Now, the question is, do you think all out there require gluten-free products? We don’t think so. So, here you understand that people will only reach out to you when they find offers suited to their needs.

Likewise, if you notice a customer checking out birthday cakes but not making a purchase, you can reach out to that specific customer (and not all!) and persuade him to get a cake. You can also offer him discounts saying it’s a birthday present from your confectionery. Now, can anybody resist special discounts as a birthday perfect gift!

Flaunt Those 5-star Reviews

When it comes to food, reviews go a long way. No matter how loud you shout that you serve the best donuts, your customers saying it will have a different effect on your subscribers. Therefore, when you send emails promoting some items, you can mention the feedback to create a better impact.

Also, feedback works great when you see your subscribers hesitant to make a purchase. For instance, if you notice somebody eyeing sourdough bread but not placing an order, you can send them the reviews you have received on this bread. This works!

Key Takeaway

Source : Qsrmagazine

As evident, beginning with these baby steps can go a long way in helping you achieve your business goals.

But, after all the chores related to your business, we are pretty doubtful if you can manage the time and effort required to handle these email campaigns. So, we recommend you use an email marketing software.

An email marketing software that will ensure you result in no time, that too, at affordable rates is SendX. Our software provides users some attractive features such as access to high-quality, premium email templates, multiple logins, automated email sequences, and many more. With this, having no idea of HTML will also not be an obstacle in designing emails.

Above all, you get to work with software that has been trusted by more than 3000 brands such as Furlenco, PDFSimpli, and so many more!

So, get started on these hacks right away with us and see your confectionary store become popular in no time!

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