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Saying Thank You matters a lot whether you say it to your boss, your colleagues, your clients, or your friends, it’s a gesture of gratitude. A Thank You page is known as the page where subscribers are allowed to get redirected immediately after they buy a service or product from you.

Some other Thank You pages or pop-ups are also found upon submitting information in an opt-in form, subscribing to the newsletter, or downloading a free product.

In simple terms, we can also say that a Thank You page appears at the end of the journey of the buyer, who is following CTAs from your landing page.

In this article, we will discuss the essential elements of designing a perfect result orientated Thank You page that you could use to generate leads.

Why is there a Need for a Thank You Page?

Thank You page is known as an essential page to have on your business site. Apart from thanking a subscriber for signing up on an email list, one of the primary uses of a Thank You page is also to provide all the basic instructions as to what happens next, as well as present the options that the site visitors follow to get in your sales funnel.

The significant benefits of a Thank You page are

  • A perfect Thank You page records the completion of the opt-in form;
  • It upsells/Cross-sells other products;
  • Thank You pages also encourage the users to stay on your page;
  • It keeps the site visitors engaged;
  • Thank You pages provide the best chance to keep advertising your products;
  • It allows visitors to get more information regarding the subscription;
  • Thank You page also improves the conversion rate;
  • It directs the attention to the next step as well as other relevant products and services you offer to the customers.

However, for an online instructor whose primary goal is to increase sales or investing in marketing, as well as generating leads being a priority, Thank You pages do all of that while filling necessary voids.

The Basic Structure of a Thank You Page

While designing a Thank You Page, following a complete set of frameworks helps you a lot. Here are some basic things which are considered essential for a perfect Thank You page.

  • Write a thank you message  
  • Details of the conversion
  • Communicate if there is a need for any further actions, such as stating any guidelines a user must follow  
  • Brand contact details
  • What should the visitor do next? It should define the goals of your thank you page

Elements of a Perfect Thank You Page

Keep in consideration that three essential factors make the thank you page better than a simple acknowledgment. These ideas are to increase engagement and conversions. Here is the list of ideas to consider adding to your thank you page.

Beyond that, also think about how these ideas can work for your company as well as how you can implement them into your page. Let's have a look at some of these ideas.

1. Thank or confirm

There is a need to reiterate whether to include a thank you or confirmation message. However, it should be as clear as possible. It also lets all the visitors know they have completed the required action and they can also expect whatever it is they have signed up for.

2. Provide clear instructions

There is a great need to make sure that you provide the value you promised and your visitor knows how to get it.

If it’s a free ebook, you have to include a large button on the thank you page to say “Download your free guide”. In this way, the visitors will understand right away how to get it. Along with this, if you are sending it through email, tell them that and when to expect it.

3. State the value of the original offer (again)

Next, there is also a need to restate the value of the original offer. For instance, if there is an ebook, you should mention what it is, what is included, and what the visitor will learn by reading it.

Make sure all the visitors read the ebook they just signed up for. You had spent a lot of time creating it. Moreover, there is also a great chance to educate your audience and position yourself as an authority.

4. Recommend additional articles

Keep in consideration that your page can be great to direct people to further content. They can find your offer enticing enough; they will likely be interested in others.

You may also consider adding some of the most popular posts to the page. Moreover, you can also get a bit more specific, like adding content that relates to the offer. Additionally, if any visitor just signed up for the product, you may include resources to get started, FAQs, and other help related pages.

You also want to consider how your thank you pages fit into the overall content strategy. For example, you want to create content specifically for these visitors. It might be an article, a further free offer, or an exclusive video course.

5. Add social sharing buttons

It is the perfect place where a lot of pages fail since it’s very simple to set up. It is fascinating to know that adding social sharing buttons to your page makes it easier and simpler for the visitors to share your offer.

If you have included social buttons on the landing page, it's a perfect idea also to include them on the thank you page. There is no need for thinking about sharing until after they sign up to complete the form to see the next step.

6. Invite to follow you on social media

This tool is considered a simple strategy that more companies don't implement as the visitors are already engaged with your content or company. Thus, they are more likely to follow you on social media.

You can easily give the visitor a chance to easily follow your brand by including few links to your social media profiles.

7. Refer a friend bonus

This method is very helpful and instrumental. As we have seen with the hugely popular cloud storage platform, Dropbox. The initial idea was to offer the visitor extra value to refer a friend and get them to sign up too.

It's a good strategy that you can implement into your thank you page. Offer an added value such as a coupon code, extended free trial, free sample, extra credits, and additional free content in turn for referring a friend. You can easily encourage the visitor to share your offer.

8. Conduct a Survey

Conducting a survey is one of the best ways to get insights from your users. This insight will help you understand user goals as well as the weaker areas that you need to overcome. Posting analysis of the survey could help you in creating laser-targeted marketing campaigns.

It is important to understand how you conduct the survey. Asking the right questions after subscribing to the newsletter could be a better approach as it shows that the user takes an interest in what you do.

9. Add a human touch

Your thank you page will be read by humans, and not the robots. You can include a picture of the CEO, video of any team member talking, the team, or a human signature. It also adds to the credibility of the website.

You could set some customized message that gives the human touch, and the user feels like the business is thankful for the actions the user took on the site.

How to Increase the ROI of Thank You Page

The primary goal of a thank you page is to express gratitude to a person for making a purchase as well as taking the desired action on your site. Furthermore, it also pushes them to the next stage, such as increasing the chances of converting again.

Several ways allow you to increases the ROI of your Thank You Page such as:

1. Show Some Enthusiasm

Don’t make your letter boring! Try to go through some power words like Congratulations or Success, or you have successfully Done it. It makes the user feel happy and wanted.

2. Display Your Ongoing Offers

Keep in mind that showing all your ongoing offers and social icons to the customers on your thank you page is considered as one of the best ways to push repeat purchases that increase social media engagement.

Wrapping it Up

This was our brief guide on Thank You pages. Make sure you don't overuse and bombard the user with unnecessary details and try to be clear, courteous and concise in designing a perfect thank you page!