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7 Best Email Autoresponders - A Thorough Comparison

Autoresponders are a series of emails that are automatically triggered based on certain events. The events can range from a new subscriber signing up to your email list, a purchase from your online store, or even your subscriber’s birthday. 

Autoresponders are a must for your email marketing. Why?

  • Most important reason is that you can SAVE TIME. And focus on what matters more- Marketing.
  • There will be room for lesser errors as the emails will be sent automatically.
  • Your customers will feel like there is a relationship between businesses as you will send out customised emails, birthday emails and more.

Table of Contents

7 Best Email Autoresponders

Email Marketing Tool



Best Suited For

Starting Price

Free trial / Free plan?


Unlimited Email Campaigns, Best Email Deliverability

Doesn’t have advanced workflows

Bulk Email Marketers


14-day free trial 


Templates, Reporting, A/B testing

Complicated pricing structure, Complex features

eCommerce and Retail industries


Free plan, up to 500 contacts 


List Management, Automation, FB Ads

Difficult set up, Basic plan lacks features

Small and medium-sized businesses


Free plan, 300 emails/day

Constant Contact

Event Management, Deliverability

Difficult to use

Event management companies and Nonprofits


60-day free trial, send up to 100 emails


Smart designer, Email builder

Limited Segmentation

Small businesses and Online bloggers


Free plan, upto 500 subscribers 


Autoresponder, Billing flexibility

Limited Customer Support

Small businesses and Freelancers


Limited free plan


Web Push, Chatbots

Email builder needs improvement, Speed

Marketers and Developers


Free plan, up to 500 subscribers 


Autoresponder Features:

  • You can’t make out the reason why your subscribers didn’t open a particular email you sent. So with a single click SendX lets you resend the unopened emails with a different subject line.
  • You can auto tag subscribers based on a pop-up they subscribed to or some data they have filled. And then group them to only trigger emails that will interest them.
  • If you think a particular autoresponder sequence is not working for you then you can add or update the triggers and actions as per your liking.
  • To design the emails in the best possible way, SendX provides around half a million royalty free photos so you never run out of options.
  • Every advanced feature takes a backseat when the platform is difficult to use. Therefore prioritizing the user interface, SendX is designed in a very intuitive way which is super easy-to-use.

SendX autoresponder

SendX autoresponder

All the features are accessible with all the pricing plans because SendX never lets you compromise with your email marketing.

With SendX, you can confidently send millions of emails without worrying about deliverability problems. Their technology, systems, and processes ensure that your bulk email campaigns reach their intended audience's inboxes, maximizing your ROI.

SendX Plus+ is designed specifically for businesses that need to send massive volumes of emails consistently. It provides a true white-glove experience, with dedicated experts that will work hand-in-hand with your team from day one.

The service kicks off with a comprehensive VIP onboarding process, where our specialists will set up your infrastructure, develop a customized warm-up plan, and consult on deliverability strategies tailored to your unique needs. During this initial onboarding period, you'll even receive a 50% discount on sending fees.

But SendX Plus+ goes far beyond just onboarding. Our team will provide ongoing VIP consulting with a dedicated account manager, email deliverability specialist, and a shared Slack channel for seamless communication. We'll continuously monitor your performance, make strategic recommendations, and ensure your emails consistently hit the inbox.

For businesses that rely on email as a mission-critical channel, SendX Plus+ offers the peace of mind that comes with having a team of experts proactively managing your deliverability success every step of the way.


There is only one premium plan which is based on the number of subscribers in your list.

Before you commit, you can take a 14-day free trial and get access to all the features.

SendX pricing

SendX pricing


Autoresponder Features:

  • You can easily create autoresponders which include welcome emails to new customers, date-based emails for birthdays and anniversaries, RSS for sending blog updates, etc. This is a good way to engage with your customers.
  • Not just that, you can also go for more advanced options like autoresponders for e-commerce which includes abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, order updates and more.
  • If you use a particular layout for your autoresponders or if it includes some content you like, then you can save it as a template to use it again with other campaigns and automation.
  • You even get a detailed report of all your emails that are sent by the autoresponder sequence, such as geo-locations, heat maps, and also the basic metrics like open and click rates.

Mailchimp autoresponder

Source: Mailchimp

Most of the autoresponder features are available with premium plans.


Mailchimp has four main pricing plans - Premium, Standard, Essentials, and Free.

The pricing depends on the number of contacts in your email list.

You can also go for ‘Pay as you go’ plan, which allows you to purchase email credits as and when needed. Each email costs one credit, which expires after 12 months.

Using the Website and Commerce features, you can build sites with unlimited pages, SEO tools, and more, even with the free plan.

Mailchimp pricing

Source: Mailchimp


Autoresponder Features:

  • You can send out a good range of autoresponder emails with Brevo, including welcome emails to new subscribers, birthday and anniversary emails, and e-commerce like product recommendations, abandoned cart and more.
  • As soon as someone subscribes to your email list, they receive a subscription confirmation email from Brevo. Which ensures that you have a genuine list of subscribers.
  • Brevo lets you choose the specific day and time for the follow-up emails, which then will be sent in the exact sequential order you decided.
  • Brevo has different infrastructure for transactional emails in contrast to the marketing emails. But you can send transactional emails too. And if you want, you can even send SMS for some extra cost.

Brevo autoresponder

Source: Brevo

However, the best part is you can use the autoresponder with the free plan as well.


The plans are:

  1. Free - starting at $0/month with unlimited contacts. The Free plan provides basic features like 300 emails/day, customizable templates, a drag & drop editor, and more.
  2. Starter - starting at $9/month with unlimited contacts, ideal for growing businesses. The Starter plan adds features like removing the Brevo logo, no daily sending limit, basic reporting & analytics, and email support.
  3. Business - starting at $18/month with unlimited contacts, built for marketing managers and e-commerce pros. The Business plan further includes advanced capabilities like marketing automation, A/B testing, multi-user access, send time optimization and phone support.
  4. Enterprise - custom pricing with unlimited contacts, for large organizations with advanced needs. The Enterprise tier offers additional features and services tailored for larger organizations, including sub-account management, enterprise-grade security, advanced integrations, exclusive features, tailored onboarding, and personalized support.

Source: Brevo

‍Constant Contact

Autoresponder Features:

  • Constant Contact lets you send a basic welcome email whenever a new subscriber signs up to your list, birthday and anniversary emails to your subscribers, confirmation email on signup, etc, on the premium plan.
  • You can set up your own autoresponder series and select which lists you want to send the emails to. You also have the option to add multiple lists to your autoresponder series.
  • After sending out these emails, it’s important to check whether they are working or not. So you get reports containing the queued contacts, sent, opens, and clicks for all the emails in your autoresponder series. This helps you figure out strategies that perform the best.
  • Of all the emails that the subscribers receive, they usually don’t check all of them due to a number of reasons. And sometimes, an important email might get lost. Constant Contact allows you to trigger an email that automatically resends the missed emails without you having to figure it out yourself.

Constant contact

Source: Constant Contact

But, the autoresponder feature is unavailable in a trial account. You will have to upgrade your email plan to get access to this feature.


There are 3 plans - Lite, Standard, and Premium.

  • Lite Plan: Priced at $12 per month, it's the starting level and offers basic email and social tools to begin marketing efforts. Prices vary based on the number of contacts.
  • Standard Plan: This starts at $35 per month. It provides more advanced marketing tools to help businesses acquire more customers and improve customer engagement.
  • Premium Plan: At the top tier, with a starting price of $80 per month, it includes the most powerful tools for automation, segmentation, and more, aimed at maximizing growth and expanding reach.

Constant Contact pricing

Source: Constant Contact


Autoresponder Features:

  • AWeber is the pioneer of good autoresponders, and it’s still popular among email marketers.
  • AWeber’s user experience might be a turn off at times but the autoresponder is decent. You can create a sequence of emails that will be sent as per your chosen schedule. It includes a Welcome series for new sign-ups, product launch series for eCommerce businesses, customer onboarding sequence to tell your new contacts about your brand, services and products.
  • Using AWeber you can segment your contacts using tags and trigger the right emails at the right time to drive sales and boost engagement.
  • You can track the statistics of your emails using AWeber’s analytics platform to know how your emails are performing by analyzing opens, clicks and engagement reports.


Source: AWeber

The autoresponder feature is only available with the paid plan.


AWeber's pricing structure is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and needs, offering a range of plans with different features and subscriber limits. The pricing is based on the number of subscribers, with plans starting as low as $12.50 per month for up to 500 subscribers on the Lite plan, and going up to $899 per month for up to 100,000 subscribers on the Unlimited plan.

AWeber pricing

Source: Aweber

By opting for annual billing, users can save up to 33% compared to the monthly billing option. This can be a significant cost-saving measure for businesses that are committed to using AWeber for the long term.

AWeber also offers a free plan. The free plan allows users to have up to 500 subscribers and provides access to key features such as landing pages, web push notifications, and ecommerce functionality. This can be an excellent option for small businesses or startups that are just beginning to build their email list and want to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.


Autoresponder Features:

  • Along with critical autoresponder emails like welcome emails to new subscribers, etc, you can also trigger an email at a particular subscription day, like a customer anniversary.
  • You can send autoresponder emails with relevant upsell offers based on past purchase behaviour to ensure maximum engagement and drive sales.
  • You can choose from pre-designed RSS-to-email templates and send right after you publish your blogs, etc. Which will automatically be shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Other than the usual emails, you can set up a series of emails that explain and educate your audience on a specific topic to build a relationship beyond buying and selling.


Source: GetResponse

You can try out all the GetResponse features with the 30-day trial. Also, the Autoresponder is available in all plans, starting with the Basic plan.


There are three different plans: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Ecommerce Marketing. Pricing varies depending on the number of contacts in your list.

GetResponse’s pricing starts at $19 per month and is based on a list size of 1,000 contacts, and it's likely that the costs will increase or decrease based on the actual number of contacts in a customer's mailing list. Additionally, longer subscription periods (12-month and 24-month plans) offer discounts of 18% and 30%, respectively, compared to the monthly plan.

The three plans seem to cater to different target audiences - Email Marketing for basic email needs, Marketing Automation for customer conversion tools, and Ecommerce Marketing for businesses focused on online sales and e-commerce integrations.


Autoresponder Features:

  • They offer welcome emails to new subscribers, birthday emails as well as eCommerce emails like abandoned cart emails, emails based on purchase behavior and more.
  • You get access to the templates from the free library and customize them as per your liking.
  • You can even use their Chrome extension to save any email from your Gmail inbox as a customizable template in your SendPulse account.
  • You have the freedom to create an autoresponder sequence by customizing the subject line and the specific date and time.


Source: SendPulse

The autoresponder feature can be used with the free plan.


There are four different plans- Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The pricing is based on the number of subscribers.

The Free plan provides core features like up to 500 subscribers, 15,000 emails per month, 100MB image storage, 3 sender email addresses, and basic automation capabilities like 5 flows, 1 event, and 50 elements.

The Standard plan at $6.40/month is recommended for growing businesses. It increases limits on subscribers, emails, image storage, sender addresses, flows, events, and automation elements compared to the Free plan.

The Pro plan at $7.68/month offers full access to all email marketing features professionals need, including unlimited emails, 500MB storage, 300 sender addresses, and more advanced automation workflows.

The Enterprise plan at $10.75/month provides maximum advanced features for large companies, such as 5GB image storage, unlimited sender addresses/domains, and 50 website/bio link page allowances.

SendPulse pricing

Source: SendPulse

Best Pick

The thing with email marketing tools is that there isn't one that fits everyone. You will have different requirements according to your budget, business type, contact list, required features, and the list goes on…

Personally, I would recommend SendX for all the right reasons.

SendX means the most affordable email marketing platform, so no budget issues.

Whether you’re a B2B business, B2C business or a solo creator looking to leverage the best features of email marketing platforms (A/B Testing, Integrations, Pop-up banners and so much more…), SendX got your back.

SendX offers all the features with all the pricing plans.

Now I don’t see any reason why you would ditch SendX for other platforms. So go, go, go, check it out!!!

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