Emails bounces are the emails that never reach your subscribers inbox. They are classified into two types:

  • Hard Bounce
  • Soft Bounce

Hard Bounce is an email message which bounces back OR returns to the sender because the recipient's email address is invalid.


A hard bounce occurs when the email message has been permanently rejected either because: The email domain does not exist OR the username of the email address is invalid.

Hard bounces = permanent delivery failures.

How to deal with Hard Bounces in Email Marketing?

  • Use double opt-in Email List: A double opt-in email list is email list where the user is only subscribed to the list after he clicks on a confirmation link sent to him over email as soon as he subscribes.
  • Clean your Email List: Ensure that you either manually remove hard bounced email from your list manually OR use a email marketing software that prunes your list of hard bounces automatically.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your total bounce rate always below 2%. Anything beyond that, and you'll start noticing email deliverability issues.