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When you are conducting a mass marketing campaign over email, it is important that you keep track of how effective your campaign is turning out to be. It has to be effective, and visible to the people receiving the email – else, there is no point in sending out all these emails.

Email open rate is one such metric which can help you out in understanding how effective your campaign is turning out to be. Simply put, it is the percentage of the total number of recipients who are opening the email that you sent them. Having a high percentage, obviously, is the most beneficial for your business and your end result.

For example, having a 50% open rate means that for every hundred emails that you sent out to people, 50 were opened and read by the recipients.

There are many ways to increase the mail open rate of your campaign when you are marketing your business. The rates usually vary depending on the subject line and the relevance of the subject matter of the email. An email open rate of around 20 to 40% is considered to be a healthy one in most mail marketing campaigns.