A Quick Step-By-Step Guide To Setting The Pop-Up Targeting Right To Display Correctly On Your Website.

SendX provides you with the ability to target specific webpages of your website on which you want to display your popup with precision. This short guide will help you to do so effortlessly:

  • Go to the Targeting tab, while creating a New Popup.
  • Under Show to type you will have the option of whom you want to show your pop-up on.
  • Under Hide From, you have the option that to whom you DON'T want to show your pop-up on.
  • Under Where to show, you have the option of where to show your Pop-up.
  • Under Where to hide option, you get a option of customising your Pop-up like where you can hide it.
  • Check the appropriate box below in case you don't want to show the popup on Mobile or Desktop devices.

Click Submit to set the pop-up up with the targeting that you just set!