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Quick guide to integrate popups on your website

By the end of this short guide, you will be able to effortlessly create your popup, and display that popup on your web page.

  • To create a popup you can refer here.
  • To add the popup on your website, go to settings, and you have to install the following snippet of javascript on every page of your website right before the closing </body> tag.
site code page
  • Once you have added the snippet of javascript, you can customise the Behaviour of the popup according to your requirement.
new pop up form
  • To have the popup in your website, edit the popup and selecting the Targeting Section. Under the Targeting, paste your website URL and Submit the popup.
URL submit page
  • Keep in mind to add .* before the URL of the website, and keep the status active.
new popup form

In this way, you can integrate the popup on your website and grow your subscribers base.