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Mayank AgarwalOct 7, 2021 1:58:34 AM< 1 min read

How To Add New Members To Your Team

A Step-By-Step Guide To Adding New Team Members In SendX.

SendX allows multiple users to manage and control your Marketing Campaigns. This can be extremely useful when you have a large number of campaigns, offers and leads to manage or if you want to hire an external agency to handle your marketing. You can add a new member to your account with just a few clicks:

  • In your SendX Dashboard, click on the Settings button on the top right which looks like this.
  • Go to the Members & Teams tab.
  • Under Invitations, type the email address of the member you want to add. Assign a suitable Role for him.
Invitations text page
  • Click on the Send Invite button to send out an invite to the member's inbox. The member just needs to create a free SendX account and login to be able to access your SendX account (according to his role).

Congratulations! You now have a new team member all set to take action with SendX!


Mayank Agarwal

Mayank is an email marketing expert & co-founder of SendX. SendX is an intuitive & affordable email marketing software.