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A Quick Guide To Automation and Its Uses.

SendX allows you to create automations to truly turn your marketing efforts into auto pilot mode. Automations are simple rules made up of Triggers and Actions that allow you to do certain activities within SendX.

Some of these activities include:

  • Starting a drip sequence on a successful lead capture.
  • Addition of a tag on successful lead capture.
  • Stopping a drip on receiving a reply.

How does an automation work?

An automation typically consists of two set of rules.

  1. The first set of rules called Trigger, specifies a specific activity, which on occurring will make a second set of activity happen.
automation work

2. The second set of rules is called Action, which is typically the resultant activity you want to make happen on receiving the trigger.

choose an action

For Whom Does An Automation Work?

Automation is great for business owners and organizations who want to leverage automated marketing campaigns to make sales, and keep their audience engaged. You cannot truly scale up an online business without leveraging automations. If you have multiple lists, drip sequences and are making use of tags and segmentations, you will need to use automations to seamlessly connect them.