Email lead is any person who has given their email address to you for sending updates, promotional emails, or any marketing content. It is usually done via an opt-in form that is integrated into an email marketing software that stores these email IDs. Usually, the email is given in exchange for some value (discount code, free workshop, templates, demo, etc.)

The email leads can unsubscribe from your list at any time after which you will not be able to send them any more emails (legally).

Email leads are not yet your customers and are only potential customers. They need to be nurtured to be converted to paying customers.

How do you get email leads for your business?

1. Identify your target audience & offer something of value

The first step in generating email leads is knowing the kind of audience you want to target. You can create your ideal customer profile and identify what are their pain points or needs. Then create something of value for them - something that will help them do their job better, faster, easier, or with lesser money.

Once you have identified what your ideal audience needs, exchange value in return for their email address. You can use landing pages & opt-in forms provided by SendX to do that.

2. Create referral programs

If you are providing valuable content to your existing audience, and they seem to be engaging with it, make a request to share your subscription form or landing page with their friends and family.

You can incentivize it by giving out exclusive gifts or coupons for a certain number of referrals.

3. Promote your newsletter on social media

Social media can be helpful to generate awareness about your brand. On your social media, you don't have to optimize for likes, followers, or comments all the time. You can use these platforms to direct people to your newsletter or email list.

You can do this by putting the link in the bio or creating regular posts that you have an email list that people can join for more content.

4. Promote your lead magnets via paid advertising

Running paid ads to promote your free PDF, industry report, workshop or blog can be a good way to build and collect email leads.

It's valuable to promote a freebie rather than anything that people need to pay for because people coming through ads might not know enough about your brand yet to buy from you. Offering a freebie in exchange for an email address is a relatively easy ask.