Wix Email Marketing Vs Mailchimp: Which Is Best For Your Business? [2024]

Email marketing solutions help you develop, plan, and execute your email marketing campaigns. Millions of businesses use email marketing software as an easy and cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers.

According to Radicati Group, over 196 billion emails are sent daily and 109 billion of those emails are business emails.


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The return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is unmatched by any other marketing channel. Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 you spend on your email campaign.

At the cost of a few dollars per month, email marketing solutions help you build email lists, create newsletters, and analyze your email campaigns.

There are over 30 renowned email marketing tools, however, in this article, we will only compare Wix email marketing versus Mailchimp. They are both popular and are at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

The return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is unmatched by any other marketing channel. Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 you spend on your email campaign.

At the cost of a few dollars per month, email marketing solutions help you build email lists, create newsletters, and analyze your email campaigns.

There are over 30 renowned email marketing tools, however, in this article, we will only compare Wix email marketing versus Mailchimp. They are both popular and are at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Wix is a website builder that has a built-in email marketing service. With a Wix website, you get access to an email marketing service that helps you create effective email campaigns and engage your audience.

Mailchimp is a popular marketing automation and email marketing platform. It also integrates seamlessly with all the major website builders.

Below, we will examine the key factors that make an email marketing software great and compare both solutions.

How Do Wix Email Marketing and Mailchimp Compare?

We will pit both Wix Email Marketing and Mailchimp against each other and compare them based on the following factors:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Deliverability
  • Apps integration
  • Customer Support

Pricing: Wix vs Mailchimp

Wix Email Marketing Pricing

Undergoing significant changes to their service architecture, Wix decided to phase out Ascend, their independent email marketing solution, effective from February 1, 2023. This strategic move was a part of Wix's ongoing initiative to simplify and enhance their service offerings.

In this restructuring, Wix incorporated key business tools from the former Ascend package into their Premium plans. These additions ensure that top-requested business features, such as Live Chat, Social Posts, and Promotional Videos, will be automatically available on every site under these plans.

Additionally, Forms, another important tool, transitioned to the Wix Premium plan framework. However, the available limits and features will vary depending on the chosen plan. Wix continues to provide access to four forms per month free of charge.

Simultaneously, Wix launched standalone plans specifically tailored for Email Marketing. These plans come with varying email sending limits, enabling users to choose a plan that best fits their needs. The free plan saw a revision in the email sending limit, reducing it from 5,000 to 200 emails per month. Nevertheless, Wix has lifted the cap on the number of email campaigns a user can send, provided they stay within their monthly email balance. It's noteworthy that any automated emails will be counted towards the monthly email balance.

These changes collectively aim to make Wix's service more efficient and effective, aligning with the evolving needs of their users.

Wix has 4 plans with different quota of emails you can send each month —

Here's how they're priced and each upgrade comes with not just more emails but new set of features too —

Wix email marketing pricing

Let's take an example to show how the change from previous plan might affect someone sending low volume of emails —

So let's say you're someone who only sends out a campaign once a month, but to a mailing list of around 2 thousand. Their existing free plan of 5000 emails (limited to 3 campaigns a month) was great for you.

Now, to send the same number of emails, you would have to upgrade to their "core" plan at $24/month, paid for a year at a time. So, basically, $144 per email campaign if you kept the average pace of 2 campaigns a year.

Mailchimp Pricing

Below is an overview of Mailchimp’s pricing packages:

Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp essentials ($15/month):

The Essentials Plan is an affordable entry-level option designed for users who require more capabilities than the Free plan.

Features include access to all Mailchimp email templates, A/B testing, the ability to preview how emails will appear in different inboxes (with 25 previews per month), and delivery scheduling by time zone. It also removes Mailchimp branding from your emails and offers chat and email support.

However, there are certain limitations, such as a maximum of 50,000 contacts, 3 audiences or lists, and a cap of 50,000 emails per month. It does not offer multi-step automations.

Mailchimp standard ($25/month)

Standard Plan: The Standard Plan is a step up and offers advanced features, such as multi-step automations, advanced CRM capabilities, the option to import your own HTML email templates, and more sophisticated automation workflows.

It also offers retargeting ads for social media platforms.

This plan limits you to 100,000 contacts and 1.2 million emails per month, and up to 5 users.

Mailchimp premium ($420/month):

The Premium Plan is the most comprehensive and expensive option. It offers advanced segmentation options, allowing for complex segmentation based on user behavior, and comparative reports for in-depth statistical analysis. Multivariate testing is available, enabling the simultaneous testing of multiple variables.

This plan also provides unlimited users and role-based access, as well as phone support in addition to email and chat.

Mailchimp free ($0/month):

Mailchimp offers a Free Plan that provides a basic set of email marketing tools suitable for small businesses or those just getting started with email marketing. You can maintain an audience list of up to 500 contacts.

You're allowed to send up to 1,000 emails per month, with a daily sending limit of 200 emails.

The Free Plan includes access to Mailchimp's Marketing CRM, which can help you organize your audience data, understand audience behavior, and gain insights to improve your marketing.

Wix Vs Mailchimp: Pricing Winner?

It's too close to call, so Wix and Mailchimp are tied when it comes to pricing.


Features: Wix vs Mailchimp

An important factor in the success of your email marketing campaign is the breadth of features provided by your email marketing solution. We will examine both solutions on five key features, and they are:

Wix Email Marketing Features

Intuitive Email Editor:

Wix offers a user-friendly email editor that allows you to create attractive, mobile-optimized emails in just a few minutes. You can start from scratch or personalize one of their professionally designed email marketing templates. This feature gives you the freedom to adjust fonts, colors, backgrounds, and even add videos to your emails, tailoring them exactly to your liking.

Promote brand awareness

Time-saving Email Automation:

With Wix, you can set up automated email campaigns to keep your customers updated about events, online store discounts, and more. The ability to use dynamic values means you can personalize emails with your contacts' names, which can significantly increase open rates and engagement.

Contact list

Automated Email Campaigns:

This feature helps you to stay connected with your customers without the need to manually send out each email. Once set up, these campaigns can send out emails automatically based on certain triggers or schedules, saving you time and ensuring your customers are regularly engaged.

Advanced Data Analytics:

 Wix provides real-time analytics to track the success of your email campaigns. Metrics include delivery rate, open rate, and click rate. Additionally, the platform offers split testing capabilities, enabling you to understand which content performs the best and thus optimize future email marketing campaigns.

Advanced analytics

Designer-made Email Templates:

Wix offers a wide collection of templates suitable for various occasions, enabling you to create emails that stand out in your subscribers' inboxes.

Mailchimp Features

Drag-and-drop editor:

Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop editor gives you lots of options. You can easily add text, images, social icons, and buttons. The editor saves your designs every 20 seconds, and this removes any worries about losing your template.

Also, you can save any template you create for future use.Drag and drop editor


Mailchimp offers hundreds of pre-designed templates for a wide variety of industries. There are templates for promotions, sales, and newsletters.

You choose from any of these templates or customize a blank template using the Mailchimp editor. Mailchimp also lets you code your templates, and you can’t do this with Wix.

Segmentation and personalisation:

Mailchimp helps you sort your contacts into segments and target them with ads or email campaigns. Also, you can save contact segments for future campaigns.


With Mailchimp’s advanced segmentation, you can target specific contacts on a granular level. This feature requires a $420 per month Premium subscription.

A/B Testing:

Mailchimp makes it possible for you to test different versions of an email to see what works and what doesn’t. You can use different subject lines, images, CTAs, content, and more.

AB Testing


Mailchimp provides robust automation, and many automated features are available in the free plan. For example, you can set up a series of automated onboarding emails to welcome your new customers.


You can organize your contacts into different buckets using tags. One contact can have multiple tags so you can know their interest and send relevant campaigns.


Wix Vs Mailchimp - Features Winner?

Mailchimp wins this category. Its features are more robust and it also offers A/B testing, & smart tagging which is not provided by Wix Email Marketing.

Email Deliverability: Wix vs Mailchimp

Deliverability is the ability of your email marketing solution provider to deliver your emails into the inboxes of your contacts and not the spam folder.

You want your emails to get to the inboxes of your subscribers, so the deliverability rate of the email marketing solution you choose is very important.

Wix Email Marketing’s Deliverability

Wix does not provide data on deliverability rates of its email marketing service, but you can monitor the delivery results of your email campaign on the platform.

Wix tracks the following:

  • The number of emails that were delivered successfully
  • The number of emails that were opened by the email recipients
  • The number of email recipients that clicked a link in your email.

You will get these metrics in percentages and this helps you track the deliverability rate of your email campaign.

Email statistics

An alternative email marketing solution that offers the best open time deliverability rates is SendX. The platform is focused on email deliverability and it provides a one-click capability to resend unopened emails.

Another relevant feature is automated geo-targeting, which gives you time-zone deliverability. Migration from your existing email marketing solution is completely free.

Mailchimp’s Deliverability

Just like Wix, Mailchimp hasn’t provided a deliverability rate for its platform.

However, Mailchimp takes deliverability seriously, and it is registered with all the major Internet Service Providers (ISP) to ensure it receives alerts anytime an email campaign is marked as spam.

Such spam email is removed immediately to prevent it from affecting the reputation of your IP address. Mailchimp also provides detailed campaign reports for your email campaigns. These reports help you track the delivery progress of your emails.

DeliverabilitySource: Rank Ranger

Wix Vs Mailchimp - Deliverability Winner?

Both platforms provide you with reporting and analytics to track your email deliverability, but neither has provided official deliverability rates for their platforms. This is a tie.

Third-Party Apps Integration: Wix vs Mailchimp

Third-party integration lets you share data with your email marketing platform without the stress of manual input. Integration lets you link a stand-alone email marketing solution like Mailchimp with your website.

Both platforms offer integration with third-party apps, but Mailchimp stands out. Mailchimp offers hundreds of integrations including eCommerce platforms, website builders, CRM software, Analytics, and more.

Wix Apps Integrations

Wix offers numerous integrations to enhance its website building capabilities. Here are a few key categories:

E-commerce: Wix can integrate with various payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square, allowing businesses to manage online transactions effectively.

Marketing Tools: Wix integrates with marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Mailchimp, enabling businesses to analyze their web traffic, track conversions, and manage email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Platforms: Wix allows integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, helping businesses share content easily and connect with their audience on these platforms.

Booking and Reservation Systems: Tools like Wix Bookings allow businesses to manage appointments and reservations directly from their Wix site.

Video Hosting Platforms: Wix integrates with video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, enabling users to easily embed and share videos on their website.

Customer Support Tools: Wix integrates with customer support tools like Wix Chat for instant customer interaction.

Mailchimp Apps Integrations

Mailchimp offers a variety of integrations with other platforms and services to enhance its email marketing capabilities. Here are some notable ones:

E-commerce platforms: Mailchimp can be integrated with a variety of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and others. These integrations allow businesses to synchronize their customer data, automate targeted campaigns, recover abandoned carts, and more.

CRM platforms: Mailchimp integrates with CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot, allowing businesses to sync their contacts and data, create targeted segments, and track campaign performance.

Social Media Platforms: Mailchimp can connect with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, providing capabilities such as social media advertising, tracking social media performance, and audience targeting.

Website Builders and Content Management Systems (CMS): Integrations with platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix help businesses to embed sign-up forms, pop-ups, and also track website traffic data.

Apps and Web Services: Integrations with apps and web services like Google Analytics, Slack, Canva, and Eventbrite enhance the functionality of Mailchimp. These integrations can provide various features, such as tracking website traffic, team communication, designing images for campaigns, and managing event registrations.

Survey Tools: Mailchimp integrates with survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Typeform,

Mailchimp markets

Wix Vs Mailchimp - Integrations Winner?

Mailchimp is the undisputed winner of this category. Mailchimp’s integrations directory remains unmatched by any other email marketing solution provider.

Customer Support: Wix vs Mailchimp

Online software platforms are not perfect and issues will inevitably arise that will affect your email marketing efforts. A good email provider will offer 24/7 customer support to give you the help you need when you need it.

Also, online documentation and resources should be available to walk you through the process of using the platform.

Wix Email Marketing Customer Support

Wix offers the following customer support services:

  • Support tickets

  • Social media channels that are actively monitored while community managers are happy to answer customer questions

  • An online knowledge base called Wix Help Center that contains how-to tutorials about every facet of the Wix platform

Mailchimp Email Marketing Customer Support

Mailchimp provides the following customer support resources:

  • 24/7 Email & Chat support (only for paid plans)

Email and chat support

  • Social media channels are also actively monitored and representatives are often available to answer customer inquiries
  • An online resource that is easily searchable and contains text and video tutorials

Mailchimp support

Wix Vs Mailchimp - Customer Support Winner?

Wix wins this category. Wix offers 24/7 callback service and support tickets for free. However, you need a paid plan to enjoy Mailchimp’s email support and live chat.

Which Is The Best Email Marketing Solution For Your Small Business?

The best option for your business is Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a purpose-built email marketing solution with all the bells and whistles needed to run a successful marketing campaign.

Wix is different, it is primarily a website builder, and its email marketing functionality is designed to complement the user’s website. This is reflected in the relative limitations of its email marketing features.

For a small business owner on a tight budget, the Mailchimp free plan has all the features you need to test the waters and learn the ropes of email marketing.

When you have successfully gained 2,000 contacts and you are generating revenue from the success of your email campaigns, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

But we also suggest that you try an alternative like SendX, which is affordable and intuitive. You can go for a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.


1. What differentiates Wix email marketing from Mailchimp?
Mailchimp is a purpose-built email marketing solution with all the bells and whistles needed to run a successful marketing campaign, whereas Wix is primarily a website builder, and its email marketing functionality is designed to complement the user’s website.

2. What alternative to Wix email marketing and Mailchimp would you recommend?
SendX would be an ideal alternative to Wix email marketing and Mailchimp both, because SendX is affordable and intuitive at the same time. SendX’s pricing starts at $7.49 for 1000 subscribers and you can go for a free trial. No credit card required.

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