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Sanjana MApr 1, 2019 12:00:00 AM4 min read

List of Spam Checkers to Improve your Customer Reach

Ever been waiting in line to get into a club, and the bouncer didn’t let you in for some oddball reason? Well, spam filters are somewhat like the unreasonable bouncers for an E-Mail Marketing Campaigner. But, fret not! Because there’s a workaround. Your influential friend, a spam checker! Spam checkers help you analyze if you’re going through the tunnel to reach every customer, or if it’s going to get spammed. All you have to do is run-by your campaign E-Mail through the spam checker along with the subject line, and it will help you improve your hit-rate (not at the club!).

There are a host of spam checkers available online. Check them out now.

1. GlockApps

  • Get your deliverability and spam tested in one place
  • Provides you with real-time delivery results for each seed list account. You can check whether your email landed in the inbox, the spam folder, or in Gmail’s social tab  
  • Evaluate your online spam reputation before you send the message out for delivery. Test the authentication records like SPF, DKIM, and sender IP address reputation.
  • Offers a free trial for up to three spam tests. You have to upgrade to a paid plan after that.

2. IsNotSpam

  • Provides an in-depth report for your newsletter content after you send your test email to  
  • Performs SPF Check, SKIM Check, Sender-ID Check, SpamAssassin Check, and DomainKeys check so that you know for sure that spam filters don’t mistake your identity.
  • If you are on a tight budget, IsNOTSpam can be your best alternative as it’s free to use


  • Helps you find out if your server itself is blacklisted
  • Provides a dashboard analytic tool that will help clean up your E-Mails, similar to GlockApps.
  • Litmus is not a free service.

4. Mtoolbox

  • Offers monitoring and lookup solutions to ensure you have enabled SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  • Helps you with information on the geolocation of your senders
  • Alerts you when there is a change in your email reputation
  • Free users receive one free monitor with access to the top 30 blacklists.
  • Paid users get access to multiple monitors, more blacklists, advanced email delivery tools, and tips to improve email configuration and deliverability.


  • Has a simple spam score checker - a free online tool to check your spam score and other important MOZ metrics of domains in bulk.
  • Best for the nuanced campaigners & writers who just want to do the final check.

6. Spamanalyse

  • Helps you check if your email newsletter is spam filter friendly
  • Free, simple, interactive tool. Just copy and paste the content you want to check and hit submit.

7. Spam Check by Postmark

  • Free instant checker to check the spam score of your email messages.
  • Go to Spam Check by Postmark, paste your copy including the header, to check your spam score.  

8. UltraTools

  • Complete set of free DNS and domain tools to test the health of your domain name servers, websites, and online hosting environment.
  • Testing results show you details on Parent, Name Server, Start of authority, MX record, mail server, web server, domain records, DNSSEC, and IPv6.

9. Blacklist Check

  • Blacklist Check can help you determine the status of your IP address
  • Evaluates your mail server IP address against over 100 DNS based email blacklists (Realtime blacklist, DNSBL or RBL).
  • It is essential that you check your IP address for blacklisting. Emails from blacklisted servers may not be delivered to the recipients.

While it may seem like too much of a challenge to meander through these rules & regulations, spam filters (much like bouncers) are here for a reason. Spam filters help keep the system clean while help report abuse. With the right use of these spam checkers, you can be assured that you reach out to every single customer at the right time and the right rate.


1) What is a Spam Checker?

An email spam checker is a service that runs your emails through the spam filters detecting issues like a blacklisted IP-address or email domain, inappropriate email content, etc., that might cause your message to end up in spam. Email Spam checkers help you analyse if you’re going through the tunnel to reach every customer, or if it’s going to get spammed.

2) Where can I get Free Spam Checker?

Some free Email Spam Checker tools are PostMark, IsNotSpam, and SpamAssassin.

3) What are the best Spam Checkers available?

The very best Email Spam Checkers available are GlockAppas, IsNotSpam, MailTester, Litmus, and PostMark.

4) How do I make sure my email doesn't end up in spam?

You need to follow some best practices to ensure that your email doesn’t end up in spam:

  1. Avoid having an excessive number of links.
  2. Avoid having too many exclamation points.
  3. Use classic and easy to read fonts.
  4. Don’t use image only emails.
  5. Avoid using salesy words.
  6. Avoid spammy subject lines.
  7. Avoid spam trigger words
    For a comprehensive guide, click here.

5) How will using a Spam Checker benefit my business?

Using a Spam Checker benefits your business in quite a few ways. For example, it boosts IP reputation, increases email deliverability, and keeps your business off blacklists.