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Top AWeber Alternatives for Email Marketing in 2020

Struggling to not bite through my bottom lip, I tried to get through the clunkiness of AWeber only to find out that templates are outdated, automation is basic and it’s not so easy to use after all.

When we are already looking at thousands of robots inside warehouses packing our groceries, why shouldn’t we expect advanced functionalists & easier navigation in our email marketing platforms?

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Let’s be real: AWeber is a popular but traditional tool. They invented autoresponder but there is a serious lack of valuable updates now. You pay a minimum of $19/mo but still face some issues: 

  • Charges you for duplicate contacts and unsubscribes.
  • Outdated email templates.
  • Basic automation.
  • Limited customization options in the editor. 
  • Split testing of emails not available.

If I had to use it one more day, I would be like a kid left crying. And you better not start that. So to help you choose and alternative & make an informed decision we have three top picks for you:

#1. SendX 

The best features I like in SendX are:

  • Easy to use & feature-rich editor 
  • Powerful automation 

Easy to use editor 

This is something that you don’t get at AWeber. To use SendX’s email editor, you don’t need to know HTML or secret Sanskrit mantras. You don’t need to even start building your email from scratch.

You get a responsive, pre-built library of templates that can be customized to your brand or use case. 

The editor allows easy personalization with the recipient’s names, birthdays etc. 

You can go a step further and create any number of custom fields for your contacts and use them in your emails to make them engaging. For example, you can create a designation field, home city field or company name field.

Finally, when you are done, with instant email preview feature, you get to see how your message will look like in your recipients' inboxes on both desktop and mobile.

Powerful Automation:

Putting your business on auto-pilot is not a luxury but a necessity.

Email marketing automation can help you save time, grow engagement, and profit your bottom line.

The automation features in SendX lets you create a series of emails that are sent to subscribers when triggered by a specific time, activity, or event.

Some examples are:

  • Starting a series on onboarding emails when a user buys a subscriptions 
  • Congratulating a user for completing a milestone in the user journey 
  • Rewarding with offers on cart abandonment 
  • Stopping a campaign on receiving the required action or reply 

SendX offers a number of in-built triggers and other settings, so you can quickly find and create the right campaign for your business needs. You can also create custom automation from scratch.


This is not part of some premium package but very affordable pricing plans. SendX pricing is based on your subscribers and you get access to all features from the get-go.

AWeber Vs SendX Comparison:

Customer support 24/7 customer support on email, chat, and mobile
Pricing Compared to AWeber SendX is 90% cheaper than AWeber!
Trial? 14-day free trial with access to all features. No credit card required
Recommended if If you are looking for an easy to use editor for your bulk emails or newsletter, SendX is a great choice
Not recommended if If you’re looking for multi variant testing, workflows or e-commerce tracking then SendX won’t suffice for you. However, the team is proactive in spinning out new features so you can expect new features very soon.


Pricing Comparison:

Contacts SendX AWeber
0-500 $7.49/mo $16.1/mo
500-2500 $7.49/mo - $14.99/mo $26.1/mo
2500-5000 $29.99/mo $46.1/mo

*All prices billed annually

#2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is usually criticized for its pricing policy but hey, isn’t AWeber in the same boat? They both charge for more than just subscribers. But Mailchimp does deliver on features, sleek UI and useful updates. 

You can use Mailchimp no matter what your experience level is or what’s the stage of your business. But yes, take care that they do charge for unsubscribers. 

I would recommend Mailchimp if you are looking for :

  • Advanced reporting
  • Integrations with other platforms

Advanced reporting:

After you send an email campaign, you will be able to track and analyze data on clicks, opens, purchases and other interactions. 

For your automation campaign, you can see the monthly performance - total emails sent and subscribers who have been sent all the emails in the series, opens & clicks for the whole series. 

You can choose to get this data in an activity digest email. 


Things that MailChimp features can’t handle on its own, it helps you do so by helping you integrate with third-party tools, easily.

For example, you can integrate PayPal with Mailchimp and import contacts of everyone who buys using your PayPal into your email marketing ecosystem. Or you can create sophisticated forms and quizzes for lead generation, sales, and client onboarding on Typeform & integrate with your Mailchimp account. 


Mailchimp has a bigger selection of integrations & it’s easier to integrate. 

For some integrations, you might need to set up configurations in AWeber while Mailchimp is a pretty straightforward or default option (e.g. Shopify, Squarespace).

AWeber Vs Mailchimp Comparison:

Customer support Support depends on the payment plan you choose. You get 30 days of free email support to new Free accounts.
Pricing Compared to AWeber Not comparable as Mailchimp has tiers and AWeber offers all features for any size of the contact list. AWeber cheapest plan - $16.1/mo Mailchimp cheapest plan - $9.99/mo
Trial? Forever free plan for up to 2000 contacts and limited features.
Recommended if If you have a solid plan of growing your list where budget won’t be a constraint and wish to use all advanced features ranging from geo-analytics, heatmaps, and even CRM in the future, Mailchimp would be a good choice.
Not recommended if If you don’t have a huge marketing budget or plan to do affiliate marketing.


Pricing Comparison:

Contacts Mailchimp ( Essential plan) AWeber
0-500 $10.39/mo $16.1/mo
500-2500 $30.48/mo $26.1/mo
2500-5000 $51.26/mo $46.1/mo

*All prices billed annually

#3. Constant Contact 

Both AWeber & Constant Contact started around the same time, in the late 90s, but Constant Contact has been more popular compared to AWeber. See this Google Trends data:

This huge gap is because Constant Contact provides a high email delivery rate and that is what marketers care about more than anything else.

While many email marketing tools also have a cap on how many messages you can send in a month, Constant Contact doesn't.

It also fairs very well in two areas:

  • Templates & Editor 
  • Contact Management 

Templates & Editor 

Constant Contact provides a vast library of 100+ templates. You can even create your own branded templates using the template builder. All this with very few steps and almost no coding. 

For the technically savvy marketer, Constant Contact allows for complete customization of an email campaign in HTML or XHTML. 

Contact List Management & Segmentation

First of all, it’s super easy to upload your list from Excel, Outlook, your e-commerce platform ​or​ wherever you currently store it.

Next, you can assign tags to contacts, which is useful if you want to track things such as how they signed up if they are a top customer or other details. You can also create segments of users based on location, interests, and other information you have collected from your contacts. 

Their email list cleaning service will be able to remove duplicates or unsubscribers for you so you keep your list absolutely clean. 

AWeber Vs Constant Contact Comparison:

Customer support Call support is from Mon-Sat & Chat support from Mon-Fri with fixed hours.
Pricing Compared to AWeber Constant Contact is 57% more expensive
Trial? 30-day trial but requires you to signup with your credit card
Recommended if If you are a small business or nonprofit, this would be a good investment
Not recommended if If you are looking for advanced automation, testing capabilities or e-commerce tracking this might not be a great choice


Pricing Comparison:

Contacts SendX AWeber
0-500 $20/mo $16.1/mo
500-2500 $45/mo $26.1/mo
2500-5000 $65/mo $46.1/mo

*All prices billed annually

Comparison in a table

Platform Great 👍 Uh-oh 👎
AWeber Fast & friendly support. Good list management tools. Charges you for unsubscribers, old templates and not easy to use.
SendX Extremely affordable. Excellent Customer Support. Very Intuitive UI. Doesn’t have advanced workflows.
Mailchimp Many integrations. Forever free plan. All-in-one marketing platform. Pricing can get expensive as your audience grows.
Constant Contact Simple Interface. High deliverability rate. Expensive for the limited set of features offered. Only basic automation.

Best pick

All of these platforms are best in what they do but each suits a particular kind of business, stage of your email list and how you plan to scale.

If I have to look at features provided, ease of use and email deliverability I would go for SendX.

We love a good bargain — and it’s even sweeter when the best product is the one that costs the least. SendX will cost you only $7.49/mo for 500 contacts and access to all subscribers.

Psst, and unlimited emails.

Other than pricing, there are more reasons to check out SendX. So, let me repeat why you will love SendX.

💃They have a free 14-day trial that requires no credit card and enables you to check out all the features. You will be impressed with their simplicity, customer support, powerful automation tools & vast options for landing pages. Here is another chance to sign up if you press that glossy green button below. 👇

✅In a short journey of 3 years, SendX has already empowered 3000+ marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and businesses all over the globe.

And once upon a time, a genius marketer from Drivezy said the following about SendX.

“Got amazing support from the SendX team. They helped me set up the tool. Setting up drip campaigns is extremely easy and it is extremely easy to import/export contacts and set up campaigns. I can tell that this is easily among the best of all similar tools available in the market.”

So, what I am trying to say is, you should hit the shiny green button and take up the 14-day free trial. No credit card is required.

No credit card required. Instant setup.
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