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How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? 500? 800? 12000?

This is also the case for your subscribers' inbox. They get hundreds of emails everyday but only 5-10 get opened. And the ones that get opened have a catchy, power packed, irresistible subject line.

What if you could access the top 10 popular words that you can use in the subject line to get high open rates? Once the email is opened, then you will have a subscribers' full attention to deliver your message & offer.

Let's see 10 words that are powerful & effective email to get your emails opened:

10 Action Words for Your Subject Lines

  1. Improve/improved: Everyone wants to grow and move from their current state to a better state. So these words highlight how they can be better, get better things. It talks to deep human psychology to keep looking for better versions.
  2. Increase: This is a powerful word if you are talking about revenue, website visitors, quality of health etc. This should be used in combination with a benefit that your email recipients, that are your subscribers are looking for.
  3. Update: This is an eye catching word if you have an app & you keep releasing new features or bug-fixes. This also works really well if you have a public announcement to make.
  4. Join: Humans want to be part of a tribe. So use this word if you are looking to build a community, membership program or inviting people for an event.
  5. Congratulations: This word works well because everyone wants to know what's the cause of a congratulatory message and celebration and also because people expect the message to be personal to them.
  6. Last Chance: These words should be used as a reminder for an offer that is soon expiring or an event for which RSVP is soon closing. These words use the power of scarcity principle in marketing to get a response.
  7. Subscriber Name: It has been proven time & again that nothing is more eye-catchy to a reader than his/her own name. So if you are making a powerful offer or want their immediate attention, use their name at the start or end of the subject line.
  8. Ultimate: It can be used either in a promotional email or content based email. This highlights that your brand must have done an amazing job of creating the best content or offer for you. Make sure you back this up with good material inside your email
  9. Offer: Everyone loves a good offer. So this is a very obvious one. If you have a good offer, also mention the percentage of discount you are giving.
  10. Sale: This word seems to be overused these days with an excuse to host a sale coming up every month. But it still works for people who are particularly checking their inbox for discounted offers.

Words to Avoid

Below is a list of a few words you should avoid. This is not exhaustive but you can get an idea on the kind of words you should not include in your subject lines.

You should avoid these words so that spam folder filters don't block your emails from going to the inbox since these words can make your email sound too good to be true or deceptive:

  • Cheap
  • Free
  • Rich
  • Urgent
  • $$$
  • CBD
  • Secret

Also avoid using excessive exclamation marks.

Hope this quick guide helps you craft that high-opening subject line. However, make sure you run your tests to judge the type of audience you have and the kind of subject lines they like.